Course Overview

Microsoft Excel is one of the most used computer programs these days which plays numerous roles in our personal and business activities. It is used to calculate, analyse, and visualise data and information in a systematic manner. It engages people to maintain documents, business resources, calculations, making so many effective works at an instance. To get a grip on this fabulous program and work like a pro, all you need is proper training.

MS Excel Online Course has been introduced to provide you with due training so that you can use this program efficiently and maintain large sets of data in a list or table. You’ll also be able to learn about different issues of MS Excel including AVERAGEIF, COUNTIF, SUMIF functions and many useful techniques and tactics, such as formulas like IF, VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH functions and many more!

Learning Outcomes:

This course incorporates advanced lookup features such as VLOOOKP and HLOOKUP, INDEX, and MATCH, and difficult logical and textual functions. The purpose is to make the students expert on auditing formulas including learning the methods of worksheet and workbook safety, IF Analysis types of equipment, functions of Pivot Tables and PowerPivot add-in, use of Macros, and the assurance of data reliability in the worksheet and workbooks. You’ll be able to create dynamic reports by mastering one of the most popular tools, PivotTables, and many shortcuts, functions and formulas.

MS Excel Online Course has been introduced to provide you with due training so that you can use this program efficiently and maintain large sets of data in a list or table. You’ll also be able to learn about different issues of MS Excel including AVERAGEIF, COUNTIF, SUMIF functions and many useful techniques and tactics, such as formulas like IF, VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH functions and many more!

Course Sneak Peeks

Who Should Take the Course:

This course is perfect for anyone trying to learn potential professional skills.

There is no experience and qualification required, and it is available for all students from any academic background.


  • In order to pass the course, you have to complete an online assessment at the end of it.
  • The assessment will be an automated one, you will get to know your result right after the test.
  • If you don’t pass on the first attempt, don’t have to worry because you can repeat the assessment as long as you are not satisfied with the result.
  • All the attempts will not take any further fees, they are included on your one-time paid fee.


You will be asked to sit a multiple-choice online exam at the end of the course. Your evaluation will be checked instantly and automatically so that you will immediately know whether you have been successful. You will be able to order an Accredited Certificate of Achievement at an extra cost of £19 for a PDF copy and £29 for an initial print copy sent to you by post or £39 for both after you have completed the final test.

MS Excel Online Course- Master Excel In 3 Hours



Course Curriculum

MS Excel Online Course- Master Excel In 3 Hours
MS Excel 2016 Advanced
Introduction 00:01:00
Using Advanced IF Statements
Summarize Data with SUMIF 00:04:00
Summarize Data with AVERAGIF 00:03:00
Summarize Data with COUNTIF 00:02:00
Using Advanced Lookup Functions
Using VLOOKUP with TRUE to find an Approximate Match 00:04:00
Using HLOOKUP TRUE to find an Approximate Match 00:01:00
Using the Index Function 00:03:00
Using the Match Function 00:02:00
Creating a Combined Index and Match Formula 00:04:00
Comparing Two Lists with VLOOKUP 00:02:00
Comparing Two Lists with VLOOKUP and ISNA 00:04:00
Using Complex Logical and Text Functions
Creating a Nested IF Function 00:03:00
Using the IFERROR Function 00:02:00
Using the LEN Function 00:02:00
Using the TRIM Function 00:01:00
Using the Substitute Function 00:02:00
Formula Auditing
Showing Formulas 00:01:00
Tracing Cell Precedents and Dependents 00:03:00
Adding a watch Window 00:02:00
Error Checking 00:02:00
What-If Analysis Tools
Using the Scenario Manager 00:03:00
Using Goal Seek 00:02:00
Analyzing with Data Tables 00:02:00
Worksheet and Workbook Protection
Protection Overview 00:02:00
Excel File Password Encryption 00:03:00
Allowing Specific Worksheet Changes 00:01:00
Adding Protection to only Certain Cells in a Worksheet 00:03:00
Additional Protection Features 00:02:00
Advanced Use of PivotTables and PowerPivot
Using the Pivot Tables Charts Wizard 00:02:00
Adding a Calculated Field 00:02:00
Adding a Calculated Item 00:02:00
Apply Conditional Formatting to a Pivot Table 00:03:00
Using Filters in the Pivot Table Fields Pane 00:02:00
Creating Filter Pages for a Pivot Table 00:01:00
Enabling a Power Pivot Add In 00:04:00
Automating with Macros
What are Macros 00:03:00
Displaying the Developer Tab and Enabling Macros in Excel 00:03:00
Creating a Basic Formatting Macro 00:03:00
Running a Macro 00:02:00
Assigning a Macro to a Button 00:02:00
Creating a More Complex Macro 00:02:00
Viewing and Editing the VBA Code for an Existing Macro 00:03:00
Adding a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar 00:02:00
Working with Form Controls
What are Form Controls 00:02:00
Adding Spin Buttons and Check Boxes to a Spreadsheet 00:02:00
Adding a Combo Box to a Spreadsheet 00:02:00
Ensuring Data Integrity
What is Data Validation 00:01:00
Restricting Data Entries to Whole Numbers 00:02:00
Data Validation Restricting Data Entry to a List 00:01:00
Data Validation Restricting Data Entry to a Date 00:01:00
Data Validation Restricting Data Entry to Different Text Lengths 00:01:00
Composing Input Messages 00:02:00
Composing Error Alters 00:02:00
Finding Invalid Data 00:02:00
Editing and Deleting Data Validation Rules 00:01:00
Collaborating in Excel
Working with Comments 00:03:00
Printing Comments and Errors 00:02:00
Sharing a Workbook 00:03:00
Tracking Changes in a Workbook 00:03:00
Working with Versions 00:02:00
Sharing Files via Email 00:02:00
Importing and Exporting Data to a Text File
Importing a Text File 00:03:00
Exporting a Text File 00:01:00
Course Recap 00:01:00
MS Excel 2016 Intermediate
Introduction 00:01:00
Customizing Excel
Customizing the Ribbon 00:06:00
Customizing the Quick Access Tool Bar 00:04:00
Customizing the General and Formula Options 00:02:00
Customzing the Auto Correct Options 00:04:00
Customizing the Save Default 00:02:00
Customizing Advanced Excel Options 00:03:00
Linking Workbooks and Worksheets
Linking Workbooks and Worksheets 00:05:00
Linking Worksheets with 3D References 00:03:00
Understanding the Consolidate Feature 00:05:00
Working with Range Names and Advanced Formulas
What are Range Names 00:03:00
Creating Range Names Using the Name Box and Define Name 00:07:00
Creating Range Names Using Create from Selection 00:03:00
Analyzing Data with Common Logical Functions
Working with the Most Common Logical Functions 00:03:00
Evaluate Data with the AND Function 00:03:00
Evaluate Data with the OR Function 00:03:00
Understanding IF Functions 00:04:00
Nesting AND and OR Inside and IF Function 00:06:00
Analyzing Data with Common Lookup Functions
What are Lookup Functions 00:02:00
Using VLookup 00:08:00
Using HLookup 00:02:00
Sorting and Filtering Range Data
Differences Between Sorting & Filtering 00:02:00
Sorting Lists 00:04:00
Filtering Lists 00:03:00
Analyzing and Organizing with Tables
Creation and Benefits of a Table 00:02:00
Elements of a Table 00:03:00
Formatting a Table 00:03:00
Sorting Tables 00:02:00
Filtering Tables 00:03:00
Filtering with Slicers 00:03:00
Calculating with Tables 00:04:00
Removing Erroneous Table Data 00:02:00
Exporting, Refreshing, Converting Tables 00:02:00
Using Conditional Formatting
Using Custom Conditional Formatting 00:03:00
Conditional Formatting and Highlight Cells and Top Bottom Rules 00:04:00
Conditional Formatting Data Bars, Icon Sets, and Color Scales 00:04:00
Using Custom Fonts and Colors 00:02:00
Using Custom Conditional Formatting 00:03:00
Modify or Remove Conditional Formatting 00:02:00
Outlining with Subtotals and Grouping
What are Subtotals and Grouping 00:01:00
Creating Subtotals 00:03:00
Grouping and Ungrouping Data 00:02:00
Displaying Data Graphically
What are Charts 00:04:00
Creating Charts 00:04:00
Understanding Chart Elements 00:03:00
Modifying Chart Elements 00:07:00
Changing and Moving Charts 00:04:00
Filtering a Chart 00:02:00
Formatting Charts 00:07:00
Adjusting Numbering 00:03:00
Creating Dual Axis Charts 00:02:00
Forecasting with Trendlines 00:05:00
Creating a Chart Template 00:01:00
Displaying Trends with Sparklines 00:04:00
Understanding PivotTables and PivotCharts and Filtering with Slicers
What is a Pivot Table 00:04:00
Creating a Pivot Table 00:03:00
Working with the Pivot Table Fields Pane 00:07:00
Basic Data Organization and Analysis with Pivot Table 00:04:00
Formatting Pivot Tables 00:06:00
Creating a Pivot Chart 00:04:00
Modifying and Formatting a Pivot Chart 00:03:00
Adding Slicers and Timeline Slicers 00:03:00
Formatting Slicers 00:03:00
Working with Flash Fill
What is Flash Fill 00:01:00
Using Flash Fill and Autofill 00:03:00
Filling Various Series 00:04:00
Working with Date and Time Functions
What are Date and Time Functions- 00:02:00
Using TODAY, NOW, and DAY Functions 00:02:00
Using NETWORKDAYS and YEARFRAC Functions 00:02:00
Working with Common Text Functions
What are Text Functions 00:01:00
Using CONCATENATE 00:03:00
Using Text to Columns 00:02:00
Using LEFT, RIGHT, & MID Functions 00:02:00
Using UPPER, LOWER, & PROPER Functions 00:02:00
Course Recap 00:02:00

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