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PRINCE2® (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) can help you get the JOB you desire by heart. It can maximize your potential to be one of the most efficient project managers in the world.
We’ve designed this PRINCE2® Training Course to provide you with training and education for the official PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner exams for the full qualification, so you can pursue your career in project management in a very little time.

Starting PRINCE2® with our online training implies that you get access to the most in-demand project management qualification unearthed so far- PRINCE2®! Stay ahead of the competition and grab the opportunity to earn up to £60,000 as a project manager or Project Management Analyst!

Reasons to choose
PRINCE2® Training

  • The most demanding and favourite project management methodology in the UK
  • For over 30 years, applied to various projects and thus proven its worth
  • A common terminology and approach for all involved in the project
  • Regardless of size or scope, adaptable to any project or business
  • PRINCE2®, One of the most highly respected and sought-after certifications by employers in the UK

PRINCE2® Training Information

What is PRINCE2?

If you are in the project-based line of work and need to increase your ability in leadership and management of any given project, this course is a must enroll for you. Projects IN Controlled Environment, widely known as PRINCE2 is a structured program that trains Project Managers to lead and complete any project successfully. It will help you in understanding what it takes to handle any assignment regardless of its challenges. The UK government highly promotes this certification for all the Project Managers to be trained by in regards to having successful projects ensured. The certification is also now internationally recognized and even demanded by many multinational companies.  By the end of the program, you will be able to learn and apply many principles and strategies within any given project.  From your get-go, you will learn –

  • The purpose of getting PRINCE2
  • The Principles, Themes, and Processes of PRINCE2
  • Productive Project Management methodologies
  • Product-based planning approach
  • The organizational structure of the project management team, and more.

PRINCE2® Training | 2017 Update

PRINCE2 practitioners offered some responses on the program that led to a recent update in its syllabus. By July 2017 the curriculum was supposed to revise and also ready to be implemented. The principles, themes, and processes of the syllabus remained similar to the earlier version except for a few changes which included a more detailed and clarified explanation of the links. Another basic region of the refresh includes the execution of PRINCE2® structures to genuine work environment conditions. The changed adaptation of the PRINCE2® prospectus expects to give trainees increasingly broad direction with respect to genuine strategy application. Besides, the structure of all examinations has experienced minor alterations showing techniques in a likely manner. PRINCE2® 2009 Training was canceled, and all PRINCE2® Courses will be instructed with the new PRINCE2® 2017 Syllabus.

So if you would like to stand out from the competition and expand your knowledge on PRINCE2, getting this course is a no brainer.

PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation and Practitioner with Official Exams

If you’re serious about a career in project management then by far the best way to prove this is by being PRINCE2 qualified. PRINCE2 is a prestigious course – highly challenging and yet extremely rewarding. Once achieved, you can be proud to say that you are a fully qualified PRINCE2 practitioner, instilled with the knowledge and authority to deliver projects successfully.

PRINCE2 is a generic method, meaning it can be used by professionals worldwide, regardless of industry, geography, project size or importance. PRINCE2 stands for Projects IN Controlled Environments – a tried tested and proven framework for running projects. It is process-based meaning that it guides you through each of the management stages of the project from pre-project, its beginning, middle, and end whilst providing you with a checklist of activities for each of the processes within each stage. And, once these checklists are followed, it’s hard for you to go wrong.

The method is also complemented by the use of themes which are different aspects of the project that must be considered and continually addressed whilst delivering the project. Finally, there is tailoring i.e. not applying the method rigidly without tweaking it, as the framework allows, to suit the characteristics of the project being delivered.

PRINCE2® Foundation

PRINCE2 or Projects in Controlled Environment is a process-based method for effective project management that focuses on business justification through product-oriented planning approach. It will help you to know the exact definition of the organizational structure of a project management team. PRINCE2 encourages you to divide the project management process into manageable and controllable stages.

The PRINCE2® Foundation includes all the necessary information related to PRINCE2. In the course, you will learn the basics of PRINCE2 procedures, PRINCE2 Themes, and the importance of PRINCE2 and ITIL in Project Management.

The PRINCE2® Foundation is very specific to guide you how to manage a project and introduce you to different project management methodologies. It is believed that after completing the course, you will be able to handle projects successfully and efficiently.

PRINCE2® Practitioner

PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam is for the people who want to manage projects with the PRINCE2 environment. PRINCE2 is second of the two PRINCE2 examinations that you are required to pass to be a Registered PRINCE2 Practitioner. The purpose of PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam is to measure a candidate whether she is capable of applying PRINCE2 in the office environment.

The PRINCE2® Practitioner includes the pre-project stage, initiation stage, subsequent delivery stage and the final delivery stage of a project and makes you knowledgeable and skilled about the practical application of PRINCE2 methodologies in your business.

The widely used project Management methods will prepare you to run a project in the PRINCE2 environment. By the end of the course, you will be able to demonstrate your ability to use PRINCE2 in different project circumstances

PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner

PRINCE2 – short for Projects IN Controlled Environments – is the world’s most widely adopted project management method used by people and organisations in different industries. And given how important project management is, corporations are constantly on the lookout for individuals well versed in this methodology. Well with the help of this PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner course you can now be one of those people.

The course is divided into two parts – foundation and practitioner. The foundation course introduces you to themes before moving onto the PRINCE2 process that goes through managing projects through different stages, handling product delivery and stage boundary, and closing projects. Finally the foundation course will also take a look into PRINCE2 & ITIL certification. The practitioner portion of the course will help you go through the different stages of the PRINCE2 process in order to help you utilize it in your everyday life.

PRINCE2® Training Benefits for Individuals

PRINCE2 is one of the most widely recognized as well as sought out project management certification in the world. The reason for it is that it is beneficial for individuals on so many relatable levels.  Regardless of the size and complexity of any given project in any given organization, PRINCE2 methodology is ideally fitting to be implemented.

A PRINCE2® accreditation empowers people to support their venture in fueling up the project management portfolio. Therefore, people can improve their career openings and income possibilities. PRINCE2® Practitioners can earn up to £50,000 annually. What’s more, people gain broad learning and comprehension of how to apply the PRINCE2® approach to lead projects to progress.

Further benefits of PRINCE2 are as follows:

  • Improve your project management capacity
  • Comprehend jobs and obligations inside a task
  • Develop skill and trust in your own administration abilities
  • Ensure your undertaking lines up with business necessities
  • Acquire project management aptitude and polished methodology
  • Possess more control over project assets and hazards
  • Progress your profession with an internationally recognized certification

PRINCE2® Training Benefits for Businesses

The flexibility and relevance of the PRINCE2® methodology to such a large variety of industries and project types means it has many benefits for businesses. PRINCE2® ensures all employees are working towards the same objectives. This generates consensus and solidarity between team members, who adopt a common language and terminology, making certain that everyone is aware of their role and what they are accountable for. PRINCE2® also prioritizes completing projects on time and within budget, which is highly valuable for businesses as this can maximize profit. Additionally, PRINCE2® embeds the significance of being prepared for any complications that may arise, and the delivery of quality.

Further benefits of PRINCE2® for businesses include:

  • Implement a consistent, clear approach to project management
  • Gain full control over all stages of the project, from initiation to completion
  • Ensure that projects have a strong and continuous business case/justification, as this assists in reducing profit-absorbing processes and emphasizes project goals
  • Improve organizational capability across all areas of business
  • Improve communication by using a common project management language
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement by learning from previous projects
  • PRINCE2® does not require additional software to function
  • PRINCE2® is a logical, consistent project management approach
  • Identify risks via Risk Management
  • Frequent reviews of the project to analyze progression and specify resource application

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