Top Three Reasons To Boost Your Career with BSL

Taking a British Sign Language course can boost your career in more ways than one. Whether you’re already established and working in your chosen field or you’re looking for somewhere to begin, our BSL courses can help. Here are three reasons why learning BSL can give your CV that much-needed sparkle.

1. You could become a BSL interpreter

As a freelance BSL interpreter, you could earn up to £25-35 an hour, and find yourself sought after in your line of work. Working as a BSL interpreter can be an exciting and varied career path, giving you the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients and businesses every week. Starting on the path to becoming a qualified BSL interpreter is the first step into a career that will never become obsolete and will always offer further opportunities to grow and learn.

2. Boost your CV in all kinds of fields

If becoming a fully-fledged BSL interpreter isn’t for you, a course in British Sign Language could still be a massive boon to your career. Including your proficiency in BSL on your CV could give you an edge in all sorts of fields, from education to healthcare. Schools will value your help in their hearing units, while governments, audiology departments and social health groups could all use your communication skills in their work.

3. Listen to the needs of all of your customers

Finally, if you’re already established in business and you’re keen to update your skills, a short course in BSL could be exactly what you need. All customers want to feel heard, but many people in the deaf community feel sidelined by the lack of British Sign Language promotion in this country. By learning even the basics of the language, you could do wonders for your relationship with this customer base. This is particularly relevant if you work in an industry closely related to the deaf community, such as training hearing dogs or marketing hearing aids.

Of course, learning BSL can also be a great social skill to learn that may come in handy during day-to-day life, too. If you’re tempted and think that a course in British Sign Language might be for you, just get in touch with us today to find out more.


May 26, 2022

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