• IELTS Academic Online Course
    4.8( 8 REVIEWS )
    614 STUDENTS

    Are you struggling to revise for your IELTS exam? Do you want to achieve the standard level of English to…

  • 4.9( 7 REVIEWS )
    653 STUDENTS

    Be an excellent nail artist with the course: If you are interested to pursue a career in the makeup industry,…

  • Level 4 Diploma in Child Care
    4.8( 7 REVIEWS )
    349 STUDENTS

    Whether your professional role demands you to work with children, or you want to explore a career in the relevant…

  • Acne Treatment and Care With Diet, Medication and Healthy Lifestyle
    4.8( 7 REVIEWS )
    369 STUDENTS

    Acne may not be a serious threat to health, but a lot of people consider it to be a bigger…

  • Healthy Diet for Beauty
    4.7( 5 REVIEWS )
    377 STUDENTS

    A healthy diet is a prerequisite for healthy living. You’ve got to eat healthily in order to live healthily. But,…

  • Arabic Language Course
    4.5( 3 REVIEWS )

    There are around 300 million native speakers of Arabic around the world and over a billion people can read the…

  • Accredited-Beauty-Expert-Training-Course
    4.7( 8 REVIEWS )
    411 STUDENTS

    Whether you are starting out in the beauty industry or you want to upgrade your skills required for this specific…

  • Minute Taking Course
    4.8( 8 REVIEWS )
    600 STUDENTS

    Minute taking is an essential administrative role which plays a significant part in increasing the effectiveness of meetings. Our will…

  • Life Coaching Course
    5( 1 REVIEWS )
    392 STUDENTS

    Do you desire to do something more meaningful with your life and career? Do you have a passion for helping…

  • Makeup Artist Masterclass Training Course
    4.8( 8 REVIEWS )
    563 STUDENTS

    Looking to get started in the world of makeup? Discover a great environment to learn and excel in the beauty…