5 Tips for Changing to a Career in Medicine

Changing to a career in medicine can provide you with a rewarding career journey that will  require a significant amount of time and resources from you at first. If you have the ability to collaborate, are patient, have empathy and enjoy helping  people improve their health, a profession in the medical field might be your calling.

Pursue the Proper Education for a Medical Career

You should invest some time into researching the over 200 health care career options and knowing the kind educational qualifications they require. Depending on the medical profession  and the school you attend, your minimum training can range from six months to 15 years. Medical school can be costly, however, you can take advantage of funding options like financial aids to help make your education affordable. A medical school program that allows you to have time to work can also help you maintain your ability to pay your tuition fees.

Narrow Down Your Options on Paper

Knowing your professional objectives for wanting to change to a career in medicine can help you be better equipped to demonstrate your value as a candidate to potential employers. Once you’ve outlined your professional goals on paper, you can use them to assist you figure out your options in medicine. You can talk to other physicians or hire a career coach to help you carve out a practical strategy that can give you a fulfilling medical career journey.


Start by identifying the relevant types of positions that can be a good fit for you by analyzing the available work opportunities in medicine. Thoroughly explore your options and educate yourself in the fields as well as health topics that interest you. Your long-term professional goals will help you in becoming a physician who improves society and leaves a legacy in their field.

Evaluate Your Skill Set

You need to assess your skills to establish which ones you can apply to a medical role. For example, you can apply your ability to solve problems and excellent research skills to your career as a medical research scientist. 


If you prefer working in teams you can apply your leadership and communication skills to a medical position that requires you to work with others like being a hospital administrator or hospital CEO. Having soft skills like empathy is valuable for your medical career because it enables you to connect with your patients on an emotional level, show compassion and provide care that accounts for both the medical condition and feelings and concerns of your patient.

Research Careers in the Medical Field

You need to review some of the different jobs in the healthcare field before joining medical school. Researching the types of medical environments you would like to work in can help you learn about the different roles and responsibilities in health care like being a:


Patient care technician


Medical administrator

EKG technician

Nursing assistant


 A smart way to learn about other potential career options in the medical field is to enquire from teachers and professors at the school you would like to attend.

Have a Mentor

Having a mentor who is willing to take you under their wing can provide you with the opportunity to learn from their work ethics and gain knowledge that can help you advance in your medical career. Your medical school instructors and healthcare supervisors at your workplace are a great example of mentors who can share their knowledge and experiences with you. Your mentor can also help you network with other experienced professionals who can help you progress professionally.


You can gain valuable experience from volunteering in hospitals and clinics where you get to have hands-on experience in health matters. Having conversations with those already in the medical field can help you understand what the career is like.

September 28, 2023

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