Guide To Develop Career As a Kennel Assistant

Have you always wondered how it feels to work with animals? Have you always felt the potential of mixing your skills with fun while working for the betterment of animal well-being? Well, worry no more. We are here to help! Being around animals won’t feel like typical working at all since it is an extremely fun job as well as highly rewarding at the same time. There are many different roles within animal care. To help you understand the correct pathway, we believe that a good way to kick-start your career in working with animals is to become a Kennel or Cattery Assistant. Hence, we have arranged an essential guide for anyone interested to do well in this role.

Guide to develop a career as a Kennel Assistant 2

We have given below a quick overview of what sort of places you would be possibly working as a Kennel Assistant. This job could involve working directly with dogs or cats. You could be working at:

  • A boarding kennel or cattery;
  • A rescue centre which cares for stray/abandoned dogs or cats;
  • Other kennels or catteries.

Your daily roles will be slightly varied depending on whether you work in a kennel or a cattery. In addition to caring for dogs and cats, kennel assistants may also find themselves in contact with other pets, such as birds. General duties include:

  • keeping cages clean and sanitized;
  • walking, feeding and picking up after the animals;
  • reporting on the animal’s condition to its owner, a veterinarian or rescue workers.

Many kennel assistants are put in charge of the bathing, nail trimming and grooming of animals as well. Kennel assistants may also be expected to help with other duties, such as selling pet supplies. Overall, your main purpose will be to maintain the welfare of the animals within the cattery or the kennel you work in.

There are no formal education requirements to become a kennel assistant, though a high school diploma may be requested. This is because having a qualification in animal behaviour will surely be an added advantage and will make an application stronger. Kennel assistants must also be patient and possess problem-solving skills. Assistants who work in veterinary clinics often deal with sick or injured animals, so these workers must be able to carefully follow instructions. Because the demands of each employer differ, most assistants are trained on the job within their first few weeks of employment.

Global Edulink’s Animal Behaviour and Psychology course would be an advantage to anyone hoping to work with animals. This course will teach all the fundamentals of animal behaviour. The average salary of an entry-level Kennel Assistant in the UK is around £15,000. This will definitely increase as you gain more experience. Anyone who successfully completes Alpha Academy Animal Behaviour and Psychology course will have lots of options open to them. You could go on to further study of Animal Psychology and Behaviour. Alternately, you could begin working as a Kennel or Cattery Assistant. With the guidance of this course, you could definitely work your way up to a rewarding and successful career!

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The dog caring section teaches you the essential techniques for caring for a dog or other pets.
Dog Care and Training Course
The dog caring section teaches you the essential techniques for caring for a dog or other pets.
May 17, 2022

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