Induction Level 3 award in education and training course

Welcome to Level 3 award in education and training course:

  • First Click on Getting Started Instructions page of your learning portal.
  • Then Click on “Application form for AET” and submit your application along with a copy of your photo ID. Photo ID can be a copy of your passport or driving licence.
  • After submitting your AET Application form, move to “Course Materials and Learning Outcomes section of your learning portal.
  • Assignment Help (Guidance), Module Book, Supporting Materials, Recommended Book, Sample (Model) Assignments, Your Assignments, and Awarding Body Guidance are given under Course Material section of the learning portal.
  • Video Tutorials are given next to the learning Outcomes section. These video tutorials are set up the base on selective classroom training programme and those will help you to get the further knowledge to prepare and complete the course successfully.
  • 3 Assignments you need to write are given next to the Video tutorials and “Assignment & Micro Teaching Submission” button (Link) is given next to those three assignments.
  • Click on Assignments and Micro Teaching Submission button (link) and submit your all 3 assignments and all Micro Teaching Materials including recorded Micro teaching video.
  • NB: You must submit all 3 assignments and Micro teaching materials including recorded video together and we do not accept if you submit them separately.
  • NB: You should submit all the assessments together via online learning portal only. We do not accept and assess your assignments and Micro teaching materials if you send them via email. If you have any technical difficulty when you submit your assessments via learning portal, please contact our help desk for the support.
  • NB: You can use the Email only for make inquiry regarding your course or assessments and do not submit your assessments via email.
  • NB: email address to submit your inquiry is
  • NB: You have 6-month valid online learning portal, but you need to submit your all assessments within 4 Months (120 days).

How to Prepare and submit your Micro Teaching

  • First Prepare your Lesson plan and then make your Presentation (Power-Point), handouts and other relevant teaching materials for your Micro teaching session.
  • Your Micro teaching session needs to be planned to 15-30 mins.
  • You can prepare your lesson plan to any subject or topic interesting to you and there is not the restriction for subject area or topic.
  • Select minimum two audiences (2 learners/ 2 peers) you to deliver your presentation.
  • You need to prepare your teaching background appropriately by using necessary facilities such as writing board, computer etc.
  • You need to record as a video record when you are delivering your teaching session. You can use a Digital camera or smart phone with high resolution to record the session.
  • During and end of your presentation, you can ask a question from your audience and also you can give different activities to your audience as acting you are a teacher for them. Also, you need to allow them to ask questions from you as well. Build real classroom environment by delivering a well-organized micro-teaching session.
  • End of the session, you need to distribute Peer Observation report (provided in your online learning portal) and get the feedback from your peers (Audience/learners) about how did you perform.
  • After all is done, submit your Micro teaching Video, Presentation, Lesson Plan, Peer Observation report and other relevant materials together with your 3 assignments via online learning portal.
  • NB: If you have any technical difficulty when you submit your assessments via learning portal, please contact our help desk for the support.

How to Prepare and submit Assignments.

  • Three (3) Assignments from each group (Group A, B and C) are given in your online learning portal.
  • You need to write the report for those 3 assignments are given in your online learning portal.
  • Those three assignments are;

Group A

  • Unit 01 Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training (3 credits)

Group B

  • Unit 02 Understanding and using inclusive teaching and learning approaches in Education and training (6 credits).

Group C

  • Unit 05 Understanding assessment in education and training (3 credits)
  • Each Assignment has several learning outcomes (criteria) that you need to answer one by one.
  • It is important to follow correct referencing style (Harvard Referencing) as given in your learning portal. Also, do not forget to add Introduction and Conclusion to each assignment.
  • After all 3 assignments are done, submit your Assignments together with Micro teaching Video, Presentation, Lesson Plan, Peer Observation report and other relevant materials via your online learning portal.

Submit your AET Application form:

Results and Certificates;

  • After you submitted all 3 Assignments and Micro Teaching records, results will be published in 2- 4 weeks.
  • When you are submitting your assignments and micro teaching, you need to pay assessments and certification fee as set up in your online learning portal.
  • After you passed all 3 assessments, your results will be passed to the internal verifier for internal verification.
  • Once your results are internally verified, it goes to Awarding body for External Verification (External moderation) and then your certificate is claimed.
  • This External moderation and Certificate claiming process takes about 3- 6 weeks.
  • When we received your certificate from the Awarding body, we will send you an email notification to you for the verification of your postal address that we need to post your Certificate.
  • During this process, if you have any inquiry regarding your course, results or certificate, please contact our HELP DESK.

Resubmission Procedure:

  • If you fail any assignment, you can resubmit it.
  • Resubmission fee is £25 for each assignment and no feedback is given for resubmitted assignment.
  • Resubmission form is available in your Online Learning Portal.

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