5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Nursing School

More than 2,600 universities or colleges provide nursing degrees in the U.S. As a result, selecting the right nursing school can be overwhelming. Since many programs are available, in-depth research and due diligence can help you pick one of the best. Finding the right school is the first step to enrolling in a good nursing program. Additionally, a great nursing college immensely contributes to setting your nursing career up for success. This article discusses five factors to consider when choosing a nursing school.

  1. Accreditation

Not all nursing schools are accredited, meaning their programs don’t meet the set professional standards. Accreditation is essential because it impacts various aspects of your career and education, including the ability to sit for licensing examinations and access to job opportunities, grants, and financial aid. Studying in an unaccredited school means you may not get good quality education and experience. When looking for a nursing college, ensure the school and your preferred program are accredited. 

Most schools have their accreditation listed on their websites. So, look at a potential school’s ACEN or CCNE accreditation to ensure they’ve met all the required professional standards. While this will help ascertain that you’re getting top-quality education and clinical experience that make you a competitive candidate in the nursing job market.

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  1. Financial aid opportunities

Nursing education is expensive, ranging from $40,000 to $120,000 for bachelor programs. Finding ways to lower your tuition cost can be financially beneficial. While you apply for a federal loan you repay after graduating, reducing the loan amount can be helpful. As such, ensure the nursing schools you’re considering offer financial aid options, such as scholarships and grants. Nevertheless, you should ascertain that the financial aid offered is designed for your study area.

  1. NCLEX pass rates

A potential school’s NCLEX pass rates will help discover the program’s quality and success. They show you the effectiveness of the clinical opportunities and curriculum and the nursing faculty’s dedication to preparing their nursing students for the National Council Licensure Exam, NCLEX. You can find this information on school websites or informational brochures. You don’t want to join a school whose NCLEX pass rates have been consistently below par.

  1. Cost

Cost is a key deciding factor when selecting a nursing college. It’s crucial to pick a school you can comfortably afford without financially straining yourself or your guardian. How much you pay for tuition varies depending on the type of program you want, school location, kind of institution (public or private), and more.

When considering cost, look at the assistance you can get (financial aid), the debt amount you’re ready to take on, and how much you can afford. You can also factor in any work-study programs you’re prepared to take. This will help you make an informed decision when selecting a suitable nursing institution.

  1. Location

Different states have several nursing schools. So, decide where to study when searching for a learning institution. Consider how far you wish to travel or whether you’ll commute or live on campus. Determine whether you’d like to relocate to move closer to your preferred school or join a college near your home. Location is a matter of preference. As such, these aspects will help you choose the best school location.


Selecting a nursing institution can be overwhelming. However, considering these factors can help simplify the process.

June 20, 2023

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