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Learn professional photography techniques and see your images improving in every shot by taking this Fundamentals of Photography- Part 1 course. This professionally designed Fundamentals of Photography- Part 1 course is loaded up with valuable tips and directions to enhance your photography aptitude.

Photography is an art, and learning the workable techniques will help you achieve profitable results. This comprehensive Fundamentals of Photography- Part 1 course thoroughly introduces you to various photography techniques that you can implement to capture the perfect shots. It begins by outlining the beginner’s camera settings, guiding you through the series of more advanced camera settings and tips on posing for portraits. You will learn how to improve your images with better composition and lighting and explore some fantastic ways of getting better landscape photos.

Start from scratch and take steps towards becoming a successful photographer by enrolling today.

What will you learn in this course?

Upon completion of this course, you will learn

    • Familiarise with the beginner and more advanced camera settings
    • Learn how to improve your images using natural lighting
    • Learn step-by-step how to use lenses
    • Broaden your knowledge about flash photography
    • Be able to take better landscape photos

Who is this course for?

This valuable Fundamentals of Photography- Part 1 course is suitable for aspiring professionals interested in learning photography and taking the art of photography as their profession. It will be beneficial for

    • Students
    • Recent graduates
    • Job Seekers
    • Anyone interested in this topic
    • People already working in this field and aspiring to polish their knowledge and skill.

Why choose us?

    • Affordable, engaging & high-quality e-learning study materials;
    • Tutorial videos/materials from the industry-leading experts;
    • Study in a user-friendly, advanced online learning platform;
    • Efficient exam systems for the assessment and instant result;
    • The UK & internationally recognized accredited qualification;
    • Access to course content on mobile, tablet, or desktop from anywhere, anytime;
    • The benefit of career advancement opportunities;
    • 24/7 student support via email.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

At the end of the course, you will be required to sit an online multiple-choice test. Your test will be assessed automatically and immediately so that you will instantly know whether you have been successful. After you have successfully passed the final exam, you will be able to order an Accredited Certificate of Achievement at an additional cost of £19 for a PDF copy and £29 for an original print copy sent to you by post or for both £39.

Career path

The Fundamentals of Photography- Part 1 is a useful qualification to possess and would be beneficial for any related profession or industry, such as:

    • Photographer
    • Wedding Photographer
    • Studio/Portrait Photographer
    • Freelance Photographer
Fundamentals of Photography- Part 1
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Course Curriculum

Unit 1- Beginner Camera Settings
Module 1- Use the Exposure Triangle 00:07:00
Module 2- The ISO Setting 00:07:00
Module 3- Exposure Compensation 00:07:00
Module 4- Basic of Aperture 00:06:00
Module 5- Lense Apertures 00:08:00
Unit 2- More Advanced Camera Settings
Module 1- 5 Tips to Tack Sharp Focus 00:10:00
Module 2- Choosing Right Shutter Speed 00:03:00
Module 3- Using Histogram 00:08:00
Module 4- Depth of Field- Compacts 00:04:00
Module 5- Depth of Field- SLR 00:07:00
Module 6- Camera Shake 00:07:00
Unit 3- Improve Images with Natural Lighting
Module 1- Top Shade 00:06:00
Module 2- Dealing with the Sun when Taking Portrait 00:03:00
Module 3- Direction of Light 00:08:00
Module 4- Avoiding White Skies 00:03:00
Module 5- How to Retain Ambient Light 00:04:00
Module 6- Better Indoor Portraits Using Window Light Part 1 00:07:00
Module 7- Better Indoor Portraits Using Window Light Part 2 00:03:00
Module 8- Create a Great Look Using Backlight 00:06:00
Module 9- How to Improve the Portraits Using a Reflector 00:07:00
Unit 4- Improve Your Images Using Better Composition
Module 1- Use the Rule of Thirds for Improved Composition 00:05:00
Module 2- Better Composition Using Diagonal Lines 00:08:00
Module 3- Using Leading Lines to Create More Dramatic Images 00:08:00
Module 4- Using Repeating Patterns for More Impact 00:03:00
Module 5- Frame within Frame 00:03:00
Module 6- Blur the Background for More Impact 00:03:00
Module 7- Blur the Background to Isolate Your Subject 00:05:00
Module 8- Cluttered Backgrounds 00:04:00
Module 9- Abstract Backgrounds 00:03:00
Module 10- Shrubs Background 00:03:00
Unit 5- Tips on Posing for Portraits
Module 1- Full Length Posing Tips 00:05:00
Module 2- Family or Small Group Poses- Standing Poses 00:08:00
Module 3- Family or Small Group Poses- Seated Poses 00:12:00
Module 4 – Individual Natural and Relaxed Female Poses 00:08:00
Module 5- Ideas for Photographing Children, 4-6 Months Old 00:07:00
Module 6- Ideas for Photographing Children, 9-12 Months Old 00:07:00
Unit 6- Landscapes and Scenery
Module 1- Landscape Photography tips 00:21:00
Module 2- How to Take Better Photos in the Snow 00:08:00
Unit 7- Flash Photography
Module 1- Bouncing the Flash Part 1 00:05:00
Module 2- Bouncing the Flash Part 2 00:05:00
Module 3- Better Results Using Your Camera’s Built-in-Flash – Soften the Shadows 00:06:00
Module 4- Balance Flash Ambient 00:05:00
Unit 8- Information and Tips on Using Lenses
Module 1- Lens focal length: Perspective 00:05:00
Module 2- Lens Focal Length: Field of View 00:03:00
Module 3- Lens Focal Length: Depth of Field 00:04:00
Unit 9- Other General Techniques
Module 1- Half Pressed Shutter Technique 00:07:00
Module 2- How to Take Photos of Fireworks 00:10:00
Module 3- Use Fashion Photographer’s Perspective 00:01:00
Unit 10- How to Take a Flattering Profile or PR Photo
Module 1- Fun and Dramatic Portrait 00:02:00
Module 2- Refining the Basic Profile or PR Image 00:07:00
Module 3- Basic Technique Using Top Shade 00:04:00
Resources – Fundamentals of Photography- Part 1 00:00:00

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