Visual Scripting In Unity Masterclass

Overview The Visual Scripting In Unity Masterclass is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of visual scripting in …

Visual Scripting In Unity Masterclass

Visual Scripting In Unity Masterclass

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Visual Scripting In Unity Masterclass Overview

The Visual Scripting In Unity Masterclass is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of visual scripting in Unity. This course will guide you from a basic introduction to Unity, through visual scripting fundamentals, to creating a fully functional bridge-building game. You will learn to use Unity’s visual scripting tools to create interactive and engaging game mechanics without writing a single line of code. By the end of this course, you will be proficient in developing complex game logic using visual scripting, allowing you to bring your game ideas to life efficiently.

Visual Scripting In Unity Masterclass-Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the basics of Unity and its interface.
  • Master the fundamentals of visual scripting in Unity.
  • Develop interactive game mechanics using visual scripting tools.
  • Create a universal win/lose panel for any game.
  • Build a functional bridge-building game from scratch.
  • Implement user interface elements in Unity.
  • Enhance problem-solving skills through practical game development tasks.
  • Gain proficiency in debugging visual scripts.
  • Learn to optimise game performance using visual scripting techniques.
  • Developing a portfolio project will significantly showcase your visual scripting skills. 

Who Is This Course For

This course is perfect for aspiring game developers, designers, and programmers who want to master visual scripting in Unity. Whether you are a beginner looking to start your game development journey or an experienced developer aiming to enhance your skills, this course caters to all levels. Additionally, it is ideal for students and hobbyists interested in game development who wish to learn more about creating games without extensive coding.

Eligibility Requirements

This course welcomes all learners, regardless of their academic background. Although no prior programming experience is required, a basic understanding of computer operations proves beneficial. Learners should be aged 16 or over and possess a keen interest in game development and visual scripting. Moreover, a willingness to learn and explore new tools and techniques in Unity will significantly help you maximise the benefits of this course. Thus, by enrolling, you can embark on an exciting journey into the world of game development with confidence.

Entry Requirements

  • Age Requirement: Applicants must be aged 16 or above, thus allowing both young learners and adults to engage in this educational pursuit
  • Academic Background: There are no specific educational prerequisites, opening the door to individuals from diverse academic histories.
  • Language Proficiency: A good command of the English language is essential for comprehension and engagement with the course materials.
  • Numeracy Skills: Basic numeracy skills are required for understanding nutritional data and dietary planning.

Why Choose Us

  • Affordable, engaging & high-quality e-learning study materials;
  • Tutorial videos/materials from the industry-leading experts;
  • Study in a user-friendly, advanced online learning platform;
  • Efficient exam systems for the assessment and instant result;
  • The UK & internationally recognised accredited
  • Access to course content on mobile, tablet or desktop from anywhere, anytime;
  • The benefit of career advancement opportunities;
  • 24/7 student support via email.

Visual Scripting In Unity Masterclass-Career Path

Upon completing this course, you will discover numerous career opportunities in the game development industry. You can pursue roles as a game developer, visual scripting specialist, or Unity developer. Additionally, the skills you gain from this course can lead to exciting positions in game design, user interface design, and interactive media development. Furthermore, this qualification significantly enhances your prospects in simulation development, virtual reality (VR) content creation, and educational software development. Ultimately, you will have a solid foundation for a successful career in these dynamic fields.

Course Curriculum

Section 01: Course Introduction
Lecture 01: Course Trailer 00:01:00
Lecture 02: Course Introduction 00:02:00
Section 02: Unity Short Introduction
Lecture 03: Unity Hub Introduction 00:05:00
Lecture 04: Unity Introduction 00:24:00
Section 03: Visual Scripting In Unity
Lecture 05: Visual Scripting Introduction 00:09:00
Lecture 06: Visual Scripting vs Coding 00:16:00
Lecture 07: Nodes and Fuzzy Finder Overview 00:04:00
Lecture 08: Connecting the Flow 00:07:00
Lecture 09: Variables Types 00:23:00
Lecture 10: Difference Between Embed and Graph Source 00:12:00
Lecture 11: Subgraphs (Super Units) 00:10:00
Lecture 12: Debugging Graphs and Null Check 00:04:00
Lecture 13: Graph Reevaluation and Cache Node 00:03:00
Lecture 14: Reduce Graph Size with Control Nodes 00:13:00
Lecture 15: Events and Custom Events 00:07:00
Lecture 16: Collections And Loops 00:14:00
Lecture 17: Script Machine vs State Machine 00:13:00
Section 04: Universal win loose panel
Lecture 18: Reusable Panel UI Creation 00:09:00
Lecture 19: Reusable Panel Script Machine 00:08:00
Lecture 20: Reusable Panel Animation And Export 00:06:00
Section 05: Bridge Building Game
Lecture 21: Bridge Builder Overview 00:01:00
Lecture 22: Starting and Background Creation 00:04:00
Lecture 23: Grid Shader with Shader Graph 00:07:00
Lecture 24: Bridge Connector Creation 00:07:00
Lecture 25: Bridge Bars Creation 00:04:00
Lecture 26: Bridge Creation State Machine 00:03:00
Lecture 27: Creating Bridge Bars with Connectors 00:10:00
Lecture 28: Fixing Position, Rotation and Size 00:09:00
Lecture 29: Multiple Bridge Bars at Once 00:05:00
Lecture 30: Reusing Bridge Connectors 00:11:00
Lecture 31: Fixing Bars Overlapping 00:09:00
Lecture 32: Clamping Max Length 00:05:00
Lecture 33: Creating Physics Joints 00:10:00
Lecture 34: Testing Physics 00:08:00
Lecture 35: Changing Bar Types 00:10:00
Lecture 36: Show Bridge Load Shader 00:10:00
Lecture 37: Creating Game Environment 00:08:00
Lecture 38: Bridge Budget Options 00:17:00
Lecture 39: Budget Slider Colors 00:03:00
Lecture 40: Adding Win Loose Panel 00:07:00

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