How online jobs can help you pursue a new career

online jobs can help a new career

Many of us stay in our current jobs because they’re comfortable, we’ve grown used to the salary, and without it, we’d struggle to pay our bills. The problem is, the job was only ever supposed to be temporary, a stop-gap to earn money while we pursued the skills we knew we’d need for our true calling.

Perhaps we originally took this job on a part-time basis while we were studying for our degree, or for some other form of higher/further education. But once we graduated we stayed there. Since then we may have even been promoted once or twice, cementing our position there. Our temporary job has now become our career. We’d leave to chase our dream job if we could, but now we have responsibilities, maybe it’s a mortgage or a family. Whatever it may be, we can’t risk losing our income.

In recent years, however, the world has changed and more and more people are earning a decent living on a freelance basis while using the skills they enjoy and excel at. Incredibly, they are using the internet to do it. There’s no need to simply quit your job to jump back into what you’re passionate about, risking your income. You can build back up to it gradually, honing your skills and building up your contacts as you do.

If you have qualifications in your chosen field then nobody can take these away from you. Let’s imagine you always dreamed of being a writer. You completed your degree while bartending, but since graduation, you have found becoming a full-time writer difficult and very competitive. You’ve got the skills and the qualifications, but can’t seem to get a full-time job as a writer, so you stayed at the bar and your writing aspirations fell by the wayside.

While we’re simply using writing as an example, jobs like this are now plentiful on the internet. While many of them aren’t enough to be considered a full-time income, they can be done in our spare time for some extra money and can help us develop and sharpen our skills. In time we can gradually rely on these online jobs more and more. This could allow us to devote more hours to it in our working week.

You may have studied English at university and now work part-time as a teaching assistant, leaving a full-time job to pursue your PGCE or a masters degree to become a full-time teacher could put you in financial difficulty. So what about studying an online TEFL course first? By the time you come to study for a higher qualification, you will have enough online income to apply for as many jobs as your spare time allows. Eventually, it may soon make financial sense to reduce the hours we spend at our day job in favour of our passion. While being a teaching assistant is an excellent way to get used to that environment, it doesn’t help you study the academic side of teaching.

In time we may have developed not only our skills but our list of online jobs and earning potential. We may now have enough income to leave our day job and pursue our passion on a full-time basis. Not only that, but the experience we’ve gained may now be enough to finally become a valuable asset to any company we choose to apply for a job with. Working online in 2023 is a great way to break into our chosen field. There are so many jobs out there that if we truly love doing something, with enough hard work and determination, achieving our career aspirations is more realistic than ever.

Alpha Academy offers a range of courses that can help you develop the skills you’ll need for your dream job. Don’t let the fear of the unknown prevent you from getting back into what you love, our courses are designed to help you channel your career down the path you’ve always wanted it to go. Working online while you study is an excellent way to fund this and help you achieve your ultimate goals.

February 15, 2023

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