Importance of Time Management During Exams: Know the Study Hacks

It’s your last minute, and you still have ten multiple-choice questions to answer. You don’t have time to read the questions or even think about the answers. At this point, you can feel your heart racing! Ultimately, you score low. That is why the importance of time management during exams can’t be undervalued.

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Importance of Time Management During Exams

Most of the students end up wasting time in the examination hall. And the lack of time management results in exam stress. It can also interrupt your focus and make you forgetful, resulting in poor performance.

Importance of Time Management During Exams

But good time management during exams helps reduce exam-taking anxiety, stay focused and organised and answer questions on time. It’s one of the best and easiest ways to improve test scores. 

Time Management Study Hacks During Exams

Running out of time is the worst thing during exams. But when you plan your exam time, you can complete more in less time and score high. It gives you more confidence to complete the exam within the allocated time while also providing enough time to check your answers.

Solve Previous Question Papers

Solve Previous Question Papers

Exams are of various formats. Attempting past papers can give you a better idea of the type of questions expected on the exam day and the time required to solve each question. Moreover, you can focus on the questions you struggle with and understand how to solve them faster. This is how you can get an idea of how much time you should spend on each question and increase your speed in answering questions if necessary.

Set a Mock Test

You can take a mock test for a higher confidence level before exams. Practising mock tests will help you understand what questions will appear in the exam and how long you should take to answer the questions. As a result, you can identify your weaknesses and understand what improvements should be made.  

Find a Tutor to Help You 

You can find a tutor and let them know your struggles with the questions. A tutor can help you attempt a past paper under complete exam conditions and enhance your ability to frame your answers correctly and fast in your exam. 

If you can’t manage a trainer for yourself, you can opt for many exam preparation courses online, such as IELTS Academic Complete Preparation Course. The assessment questions they provide will help you rate your overall performance. As a result, you will have better insights into the exam questions and the time required to answer them. 

Read Through the Question Paper Before You Start

Before starting your exam, read the questions carefully to get a rough idea about them. Doing this allows you to allocate the high-mark questions and understand where to focus more. Moreover, you can decide how much time you should take to answer a specific question. As a result, you can attempt all the questions on time and have some extra time to clarify your doubts. 

Allocate Time for Questions

Allocate Time

Scheduling your time depends on the questions you’ve got to answer. After knowing the questions you’ve got to do, you have to set a time for answering each question. For instance, if you have an exam of 100 marks and the exam duration is 150 minutes, you must spend 1.5 minutes answering each question. However, it takes less time to answer short and easy questions. As you know what type of questions you have to answer, you can schedule your time accordingly.  

Answer the Easy Questions First 

Answering easy questions first lets you feel more confident about your exam and improves your ability to succeed. Then, you can answer them quickly and split up the remaining time for the difficult questions. It will help you answer the questions you’re sure are correct before moving to the rest. Also, it allows you to save time on the hard questions.

Plan and Time Your Long Answers

It’s essential to plan and time your long answers when sitting for an exam. So, you can spend 5-10 minutes selecting the large topics and noting the key points, examples, evidence and references. It’s an excellent way to get rid of confusion, focus on important things, write quickly and construct the best answers. 

Keep an Eye on the Clock!

Most people lose track of time or have second thoughts about an answer, resulting in time wastage. However, you must ensure enough time to answer all the questions and revise your answers. So you can only afford to save time. 

Hence, keeping an eye on the clock while taking exams is essential. It will help you prioritise your approach, stay calm and complete your tasks smoothly. On top of that, it will help you avoid silly mistakes on things you’re sure you know.  

Bonus Tips to Manage Your Time During Exams

Here are a few bonus tips to help you manage your time during exams well. 

Arrange Your Priorities

You must spend only some of your time answering one question. This way, you will run out of time and lose marks. When you are confused about a question, it’s good to skip over that specific question and return to it once you’ve answered all other inquiries.

Don’t Lose Focus

When you enter your examination hall, beware of what might distract you. It’s very much essential to keep your concentration high in your exams. Many students lose their focus when they are stressed or find questions difficult. In such cases, you can recall what you studied while looking at the questions and keep your mind away from the thoughts you don’t want. 

Increase Your Writing Speed

Writing fast is excellent when you want to score well in exams but have limited time. It can help you make the most of all available marks in your exam. It would be best if you kept on practising because it takes a lot of practice to master a skill. You must ensure your writing is readable; every day will differ from the previous one while practising.

How to Increase Your Writing Speed?

Here’s how you can increase your writing speed. 

  • Write every single day
  • Give yourself a topic
  • Create an outline
  • Gather information
  • Get rid of distractions
  • Set a challenge
  • Start a timer
  • Revise later
  • Use placeholders
  • Stop while you’re ahead
  • Find your best time
  • Seek good posture
  • Play typing games

Time Management provides you with a sense of accomplishment in your abilities. It’s an essential skill for your personal and professional life. Various Time Management Skills Training available clearly explains the Importance of Time Management and how to prioritise your tasks.

Accredited Time Management Skills Training
Acquire Time Management skills to ace your exams and boost your confidence and career prospects.
Accredited Time Management Skills Training
Acquire Time Management skills to ace your exams and boost your confidence and career prospects.


Many students face time management issues during exams, resulting in low scores and additional stress. Moreover, many students spend too long on the first few questions and need more time for the last ones. So, how you structure your time will make a drastic difference in your exam performance. Every student faces challenges and does their best to crack the competitive exam. However, they do well when they know how to plan their time for exams so that the time doesn’t run out. 

Good luck and all the best for your exams!

February 8, 2023

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