Learn Mobile App Development to Get Ahead of the Tech Game

Whether a smartphone addict or a business looking to reach new customers, the rapid growth of mobile technology creates opportunities for consumers and businesses alike. The Google Play store carries over 2.2 million apps, while the Apple App store offers c.2 million apps. The number of apps available to buy or download is expected to increase with the number of mobile devices and as more users opt to use apps instead of a company’s mobile website.

Technology analysts predict that in 2017, 268 billion mobile downloads will generate $77 billion in global revenue. An increase of almost a third of the estimated app revenue of $58 billion in 2016.

Where Does Your Tech Journey Start?

learn mobile app developmentIf you are looking to develop the next WhatsApp, enhance your CV or to discuss your mobile strategy with your IT department, it is important to know your UI from your UX, so you can develop an app which appeals to your target audience. Starting with User Interfaces (UI) and User Experiences (UX), any training needs to combine skills with practice to be of real use in such a quick-moving environment.

Making the link

A key feature of a great UI is easy navigation, creating an app that will work seamlessly across a number of devices (as the “Internet of Things” moves to tech-enabled TVs, fridges, heating etc).

You also need to learn about the significance of schemes, to help deep-link your app once published and to promote its use.

Data is money

Understanding how to store and display data are key to helping you monetize your published app. You will also need to learn advanced functionality of prominent programming languages such as Java, Python, BuildFire etc, so your app can leverage technologies such as geo location data and provide users with a tailored, real-time experience.

According to statistics, of all time spent on digital media takes place on mobile apps, and the development of apps by big brands shows that businesses think they will make money out of leveraging such technology.

Learn mobile app development

Earn yourself recognition as well as practical skills and insight with this Advanced Diploma in Mobile App Development to help you achieve your learning and business goals.

Want To Be Mobile App Developer?


June 2, 2022

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