Simple Things to Do When Delivering a Presentation

Presenting school work is not always an easy task as it involves more time-consuming and in-depth preparation than simpler school activities, which do not require oral presentations. With the internet, the way of learning and teaching has undergone enormous changes. For this very reason, nowadays, presenting school work is not like it was in the past and requires students to have a much higher level of creativity to meet the expectations of colleagues and teachers.

If you are preparing for a work presentation, check out 5 tips that can make a difference!

Use and abuse creativity

For a long time, work presentations had a square and conventional model. Students made posters or slides and presented their findings in front of the whole class. Today, there are several possibilities for an oral presentation, which go beyond this pre-established model. Therefore, when planning your presentation, think of creative and different ways of exposing the studied content.

It is worth betting on audiovisual resources, group dynamics and other non-conventional forms of presentations. If you decide to use slides for a history topic, using history powerpoint templates makes perfect sense! If your idea is to create posters, do it in a different way!

Be sure about the content

If there’s one rule that never goes out of style, it’s: research the topic of your work! The plethora of research sources and resources allow students to bring new and interesting information into the classroom today. With the internet, the limits for your searches are practically non-existent and you can consult sources inside and outside the country. Search for authors, data, images and everything that will add reliable and useful content to your work!

Don’t be afraid to bring videos or other dynamic material. Just as you enjoy watching them at home, your peers and teachers will be more excited about your work if you use resources like this.

Practice your presentation

Whether it’s a totally innovative presentation or a slightly more conventional one, the need to take the time to practice is undeniable. Do not leave at the last minute! Once your presentation is planned, practice it! 

A super simple and effective tip is to record your rehearsals and watch later. Through this resource, you will identify mistakes and successes, knowing what to keep and what to change in your presentation!

Training with friends and family is also a great idea. They can help you think of new alternatives and create an amazing presentation! Also, since your friends and family haven’t studied the subject as much as you have, it will be easier for you to know if your content is clear and interesting.

Research public speaking techniques

Some oratory techniques can bring significant improvements to your presentation. When you finish your literature searches, pay attention to that subject by incorporating oratory skills into your oral exposition.

Among the many oratory techniques that can (and should) be used in presentations are:

  • Make eye contact
  • Be mindful of your facial expression and proper posture.
  • Learn how to use your voice
  • Incorporate pauses into your speec.
  • Take care of your body

On the eve of your presentation, be aware of some attitudes towards your physical balance. Going to bed very late or eating heavy meals are habits that should be avoided before the presentation. Opt for light foods and ensure a good night’s sleep. Also, if you feel nervous, try to do relaxation activities, whether it’s playing your favorite sport or even doing some simple breathing exercises!

With these tips, you’ll do well in your presentation!

June 27, 2023

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