Discovering Humanity’s Cultural Tapestry: Top Humanities Courses to Study

The humanities field offers a variety of subjects exploring society, language, history, culture and human experience. Social works, philosophy, and literature are some of the courses where individuals can learn about societal values, creativity, and human values. If you love history, literature, arts, or philosophy, read on to find the humanities courses to study. 

Social Work 

The field of social work focuses on the promotion of social justice, support for marginalised populations, and also addressing social issues. With a degree in social work, students get to learn about human behaviour, understand the societal structure, and also how social policies affect society. Additional skills to learn include community development skills, counselling techniques, and practical intervention strategies. 

With a social work degree, individuals can work with a myriad of people like families, children, and people battling mental health challenges, discrimination, and poverty. Graduating from social work also lets individuals seek careers in policy advocacy, community organizations, health care, and social services. This allows them to make a significant difference in others’ lives while working to ensure a more fair society. If you intend to pursue a career in social work, it would be best to look through several CSWE accredited MSW programs


Individuals in literature study and examine several forms of written expressions. They range from contemporary poetry to classic novels. A student of literature learns empathy, cultural understanding and most importantly critical thinking

With literature, students delve into several human historical periods, human experiences and societies. By reading and interpreting, individuals can develop strong analytical and communication skills. Studying literature encourages students to develop a love for storytelling, writing, and reading while also expanding their world view. 


In history, students get to analyse the past and solve the complexities of human societies, events, and civilizations. Students of history comprehensively learn about important figures, significant historical activities, and also how ideology and culture changed the world. History takes students from the old civilizations to present times. A history course provides students with several skills including research skills, critical analysis, and a wider view of global issues. 


Philosophy deals with basic questions about the nature of reality, ethics, knowledge, and existence. Students in philosophy develop problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, and critical thinking. They also learn to question assumptions, examine intricate ideas, and also engage in scholarly discourse. 

In philosophy, students examine several works of significant thinkers in the past, while cultivating a profound appreciation for wisdom pursuit and philosophical exploration. A degree in philosophy provides individuals with a more in-depth understanding of society, themselves, and also the intricacy of the human condition. 

Art History 

Here students explore artistic expressions and also visual arts evolution across several cultures and periods. Art history courses allow students to understand socio-political contexts shaping their creations, learn about significant artists, and also examine iconic artworks. Skills that an art history course provides students include visual analysis skills, a deep understanding of human creativity and also improves cultural appreciation. 

Irrespective of the career that you choose, social work, writing, education, research, or a course in humanity would provide you with an all-around education and a deep understanding of the world.

June 21, 2024

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