5 Reasons why should you become an Essay Writer

Are you passionate about writing and love to feel different contexts around you? If so, write an essay and share them on the go! You might have heard that essay writing is an obligation that is stuck with every student in academics. You can say that it is a mandatory thing that almost every student goes through. But after officially being off from academics, have you ever thought about becoming an essay writer? We are sure you will say yes if you think that writing an essay is easy, while the rest will have a big no for this. However, you will never know how beneficial essay writing is for you in this modern era. 

Let’s face it in this post to learn the five reasons why you should become an essay writer. Also, we will reveal some basics that might amaze you. So, without breaking a sweat, let’s learn out of the box!

What is Essay Writing In General?

Before delving into the reasons and perks, you should recall what your teachers used to say about essay writing. Yes! It is crucial to know what it is in general. An essay is a piece of information that comes up with one’s ideas and knowledge. It refers to talking about a particular concept or topic in either a formal or informal way. An essay deals with a single subject using clear words to let people know the context in detail. 

Generally, there are many types of essays (that we shall discuss in this post), yet, all of them are proposed to define the particular concept. In other words, an “Essay” is a flexible term for drafting that maintains the author’s opinion on a topic. However, there exist a thousand multiple approaches to essay writing and a million titles to pick from. But what we have discovered is that essay writing can be an income trend to follow today. 

Types Of Essays:

You might have heard that there are different forms of writing. Similarly, essays also come in multiple types. Occasionally, the project determines the type, and other times the thesis will define it. However, it allows you to understand what your choices are, so here are a few of the most standard essay types. Take a look!

Argumentative essay

The name of this type might give you a hint of what it is about. It points towards an argument that you drop in your essay. Many times you are sitting out in a cafe and observing your surroundings. Suddenly, something clicks, and you disagree with it. At such moments, you want to let others know about it to have some opinions. And if you jot that down – in the form of an essay, it will refer to an argumentative essay.

Narrative essays

Today, many institutes ask for an admissions essay in applications. This type usually refers to the concept of why you want admission to their place. In this type of essay, you define your interests in any particular subject.

Descriptive essays

Another type of essay is a descriptive essay that provides a detailed sensorial explanation. Here, you will need to dig deeper to analyze the detailed knowledge on the topic and the relevant context to make it descriptive.

Personal essay

It is yet another type of essay that revolves around your personal experience. If you are thinking about your life stories or anything that you had a face in your life, you can consider them. By following the essay format, you can share your experience, and it would refer to as a personal essay. 

Know The Reasons Why You Should Become an Essay Writer

Now, as you have learned the basics of what essay writing is in general and what its types are, you should know the perks you can get from it. Below, we have mentioned some fascinating benefits that will insist you become an essay writer. So, let’s get straight into it!

  • Freedom To Express Ideas

The essay writer has the freedom to jot down anything – whether it is humorous or colonial. Being an essay writer refers to the urge to overthink. A study has shown that overthinking is the best essay writer. So, if you are good at observing the things around you, it is preferable to start writing an essay. You can write what you feel and wish. In other words, it is the way to express the world around you without any boundaries. 

  • Improves your thinking as well as verbal abilities 

Once you start writing as an essay writer, you will feel the ways of your thinking are changing. Today, many people live in a fantasy. They don’t accept reality and jot what they want. However, a time comes when such people start coming back to the realm and start understanding others’ viewpoints. In other words, it will help to shape your thinking and verbal aptitude. You will feel confident – while expressing an idea every time you speak or write. 

  • Evolves a skill to earn money

You might have heard about the writers who get paid. However, if we introduce you to some new trends, online freelancing will be a new horizon for an essay writer. Yes, the scope of writing essays is rising. Many online platforms are looking for essay writers to write on multiple topics. You can also get paid if you have the skill and can jot by following the essay format.  

  • Gives you pleasure

Many people in the world are not very talkative. Such people don’t like to talk with others about their life or personal things. However, if you visit their place, you will notice that they have interests in books and writing stuff. So, you can say that essay writing is also for them as it can give them moments of pleasure. Being an essay writer will help you develop critical thinking that will open horizons further in life.

  • Makes you versatile 

When you write an essay, you have to do a lot of research on a particular topic. You come across multiple discussions, arguments, people’s opinions, and more. Once you start writing about different topics daily, you will get more information about different things and contexts. As a result, you will be able to judge or speak out on anything on the go. It will help you specialize in various things that do not even concern you. So, in short, if you become an essay writer, you will say that you are versatile.

The essay writing process: Steps to Write a Flourishing Essay!

If you’re writing an essay—it’s essential to follow a precise writing process. However, we recommend the classic 4-step writing process to come up with a flawless essay without any disputes. Take a look!

Brainstorm and Research

The crucial thing before starting the essay, you should know about the topic in detail. An essay is the second name of comprehensive knowledge. You can’t jot anything inaccurate. So, researching and brainstorming would be a good idea to start from scratch. You can take help from online resources, blogs, and articles to know what the topic is about. After that, try to brainstorm how you can elaborate on it.

Make an Outline

Another essential step is to follow a framework. You have to make sure that the essay must be in a proper format under headlines. You can determine what you would like to add in the intro, heading one, heading to, and so on. It will help you to write without breaking a sweat by adding perfection to your essay.


It is the step that revolves around writing using the outline you make after researching the topic. Follow the framework and draft accordingly. Here it is also crucial to make your sentences short and easy to read. Try not to use hard-to-read sentences or anything irrelevant. Keep a starry eye and target audience in mind how it will seem to them. Also, don’t copy others’ work in your essay. Try to stay real and unique.


The last step is to recheck your content. It is the step that many essay writers usually ignore, and that’s why they lose their reputation in front of their readers. However, another vital thing is to run your last draft through a plagiarism checker to check plagiarism on the go. Plagiarism is a thing that will prove horrible for your essay. So, try to use a plagiarism detector to ensure the originality of your essay.

 Also, check your essay for grammatical and spell mistakes. Take the assistance of online proofreading tools or an online grammar checker to remove the grammar-related mistakes. 


The benefits of essay writing are countless. When you rehearse creating a logical essay structure using the mentioned tips, you can come up with a flawless essay life. You can say that writing can be fun, which creates your qualities. Besides, essays help us comprehend our sentiments on the matter of argument. However, the best thing is you will not only add quality to your life. But also make money by becoming an essay writer. So, don’t rush it! Follow the steps, keep the perks in mind, and step up as an essay writer now!

December 20, 2021

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