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Why Content Marketing Can Be A Game-Changer For Your Business

When you hear the term “Content Marketing,” it probably makes you think about blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and viral YouTube or TikTok videos. But it is so much more than that! Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as – “A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

What is Content Marketing?

To put it simply, content marketing is a form of marketing that is focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online. In the words of bestselling author Avinash Kaushik, Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life.”

In essence, the foundation of content marketing is high-quality content and storytelling. 

But we see content in many forms including e-books, social media, paid ads, billboards, news, video, white papers, infographics, email newsletters, case studies, podcasts, how-to guides, Q&A articles, photos, blogs and so much more. Content marketing aims at attracting new customers by creating and sharing valuable content for free.

The art of storytelling has changed over the years, just like the attention span and interest of people, and marketers have to keep up with that. We have to make sure that, as marketers, we tell stories in the year we actually live in. 

As Leo Burnett said, What helps people, helps business.”

Why Content Marketing?

By offering value through a range of content, you not only entice the viewer but also build brand trust. Brand value, brand trust, brand attitude, and brand attachment positively influence customer’s purchase intentions, commitment, and loyalty. 

According to Content Preferences Survey Report 2021, buyers demand rich content experiences and 62% of respondents said they rely more on content to research and make purchase decisions. The survey showed that many respondents pointed to “practical” content to guide their buying decisions, citing a higher emphasis on the trustworthiness of the source. For example, case studies, visual content, webinars etc.

Why Content Marketing is important

Source: Demand Metric

Over time, your audiences will come to trust and rely on you as a source of subject expertise and will reward you with their business and loyalty toward your brand.

As per Optinmonster’s survey, around 91% of marketers rely on content marketing techniques.

Content is The Heart of Every Single Digital Marketing Strategy

Content marketing connects and supports all the elements of your digital marketing strategy. Think of content marketing as the hub, with the supporting elements of your marketing plan being the spokes.

Very Attractive Return on Investment (ROI) on Consistent Content

So, what kind of Return on Investment can a business anticipate with a good content marketing strategy?

So it’s safe to say that content marketing precedes traditional marketing tactics by a landslide. And at the same time pulls in significantly more website visitors and leads. The consistent production of quality content boosts website traffic, and as traffic increases, so does conversion rate. 

Great Content Strengthens Your Customer Relationships

Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors With Unique Content

In today’s fast-paced world, most businesses operate in an insanely competitive environment. For instance, consider these scenarios mentioned below:

Build your Brand Authority with Marvellous Content

Here are some other reasons why you should use content marketing for your business

Game-Changing Content Marketing Efforts For Your Business!

As Lee Odden said, Content isn’t king, it’s the kingdom. His words are enough to demonstrate how critical content marketing efforts are. 

Also, 90% of organizations use content in their marketing efforts. So, how can you use it to be successful in your business? Here’s how –

Create Content That Resonates With Your Customers

What is the most crucial thing in content marketing? CONTENT! 

Content is what will ‘make or break’ your content marketing efforts. If your content isn’t unique or does not resonate with your customers, then it’s just a waste of your resources.

So here are a few tips to produce content that will resonate with your customer.

Build Brand With Content Marketing

Utilise The Content Marketing Purchasing Funnel

Here is how the content marketing funnel works:

The Top-of-Funnel (TOFU):

At the TOFU stage, prospective customers identify a problem they need to solve, and they begin researching solutions.  This discovery stage (ToFU)  allows readers to get attracted to the content.  You can create content to educate them and provide them with information to help them understand which solution is best for their problem.

The Middle-of-Funnel (MOFU):

After initial research, prospective customers evaluate the options they have identified to solve their problem. Helpful, exceptional content during this stage of the funnel educates leads on their various options. You can nurture them to narrow down their options and get closer to a final purchasing decision.

The Bottom-of-Funnel (BOFU):

At this stage, leads are ready to convert or decide what the best solution for their problem is. Some buyers at this stage need a little push, which can be proposed in the form of a special offer, discount, or promotion. The sales team is the most involved at this stage, so the content must align with what they need to close the sale.


It’s the content that helps people find you. Or, it might be your content that makes people fall in love with your brand. Even though many more layers of content usually finesse a conversion, content is key here.

More than ever before, people want to feel like you, as a brand, care about them. The world is getting louder and more noisy than ever before, and attention is the most valuable resource. So utilise it to your advantage and let your content serve its purpose.

Improve your brand reputation and build trust, influence conversions, enhance SEO efforts through content marketing. Content Marketing is the heart of your digital marketing strategies and an indispensable part of it. Putting your effort into Content Marketing can be the ultimate game-changing decision for the success of your business.

Why CONTENT MARKETING Can Be A Game-Changer For Your Business!

June 21, 2021

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