Digital Marketing Basics for Beginners: Ultimate Guide for skeptic mind

Previous generations are used to seeing products or marketing campaigns in the billboard. When they walk around the billboard, attractive advertising stacks them there. Learn the definition, examples, importance with statistics, trends, types, history and steps to start a career in Digital Marketing. Moreover, here you will learn from 8 golden Steps to Getting Started to know the digital marketing basics for beginners.

Starting as a beginner is the first step to become an expert. So, adapt with the transformation of Marketing.

May be you are actually trying to outreach that career which is boomed recently. Unlock your opportunity! To explore the journey, learn Digital Marketing basics from scratch. In this article, I will guide you to the questions in your heart. You will have no confusion if you continue…

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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a portion of marketing that is implemented via digital channels to promote your product or service. You can do online or offline digital marketing to get more traffic or customers to your website or shop or service.

People were really accustomed to seeing ads in the billboard, newspaper or outdoor marketing. But nowadays people stack when they find something interesting on a digital platform. They are not spending their time visiting stagnant billboard areas, they are expecting products and offers in their smart touch or one click away.

If you can do proper digital advertising in different channels, then you have a chance to get higher conversion rate. To increase your profit margin, you can go for content marketing, search engine marketing, display advertising, mobile marketing from Digital Marketing. Along with these marketing, focus on social media marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, video marketing, audio marketing and some other offline marketing.

However, there are lots of strategies to be implemented digitally in this digital era. Every business is trying to reach most of the digital advertising media to ensure the highest presence in the web.

People in today’s world search anything in Google first, then they get more information from elsewhere. Google is known as the platform where you can rank on your digital presence. As a result, you need to get a place on the front page of Google search.

After that, you can read more about digital marketing from Wikipedia or watch this video by Hubspot.

Why digital marketing matters?

Before jumping into the steps to getting started, you should know why digital marketing matters. For better understanding of WHY, you need to check some statistics to think on digital marketplaces. Let’s have a look:

According to INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, digital media growth was estimated at 4.5 trillion online ads served annually with digital media spend at 48% growth in 2010.

Similarly, according to Hubspot research data of 2020, 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. Around 77% of companies say they have a content marketing strategy.

Moreover, according to iTunes, over 30 million podcast episodes exist. On the word of Statista, 2020 research data, a survey of bloggers found that 32% of respondents always checked the analytics of their blog posts. There are 2.6 billion monthly active Facebook users. To know more statistics, click here.

Followings are just some of the many reasons to take digital marketing seriously as a beginner:


Know the trends of digital marketing worldwide and in the UK

You can see the trend of Digital Marketing worldwide and in the UK in these following figures:

Worldwide Trends of Digital Marketing

Worldwide Trend of Digital Marketing (2004-Present). Check here

UK Trends of Digital Marketing

Trend of Digital Marketing in UK (2004-Present). Check here

Now, you can understand the opportunities of Digital Marketing. Hoping that your career will be in an upward trend near the future. 

As a beginner, you have many questions in your mind such as –

If these answers support your career planning, then you might take further steps such as get hands on training on digital marketing. So, we are here to answer all the questions that round your thinking.

 As a beginner, you need a short introduction about digital marketing strategy. Therefore, here is an introductory video for you-

Evolution of digital marketing: from traditional to digital

Digital and traditional marketing target the audience and linked to the products that fulfill their needs. Influencing the audience to purchase products using different marketing strategies is the main focusing point of both Digital and Traditional marketing.

In this digital era, Traditional marketing does not engage well  to the audience due to its ancient technique or strategy. That is why digital marketing took place to fulfill the gap. Digital marketing uses digital media to engage with the audience, which is easy, cost effective and sales oriented.

Evolution of Digital Marketing (30 YEARS)

Conventional marketing or traditional marketing has gone through a process of evolution. Have a look at the following infographics for evolution of Digital Marketing from 1991-Present.

After knowing all the fundamental knowledge on Digital Marketing, its history and branches, it is an obvious that you want to know How to get into digital marketing easily?

Evolution of Digital Marketing

Types of Digital Marketing

Below section will give you a brief idea on different online and offline marketing area under Digital Marketing:

Online Marketing

Offline Marketing

1. Learn the basics of digital marketing

Starting from scratch is an easy way to learn the basics of any subject. So, everyone should start from basics to make a strong foundation. 

Fundamentals of digital marketing will provide you the information about Search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search engine marketing (SEM), Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), Content marketing,  Affiliate marketing and Email marketing.

Digital marketing funnel and digital marketing channels must be known to you to become a master or digital marketing specialist.

Digital Marketing Masterclass
Free PDF Certificate, Self paced learning, UNLIMITED ACCESS, 24/7 Customer Support
Digital Marketing Masterclass
Free PDF Certificate, Self paced learning, UNLIMITED ACCESS, 24/7 Customer Support

2. Start your website to ensure online presence

After the fundamentals, it is worthy of the next move to become a master in digital marketing. Starting your own website to ensure online presence is one of the easiest ways to implement various digital marketing strategies.

Theoretical knowledge on digital marketing will give you the basics of SEO and social media marketing. But, you need to know the realistic strategies to become a successful digital marketer.

Therefore, you need to know how to implement the multiple strategies in an integrated way.

You will be required to support the websites of your clients to boost organic traffic using SEO or PPC or social media ads as a digital marketing consultant .

3. Learn SEO to know how search engine works

If you have fantastic knowledge in SEO you can drive more conversion as a digital marketing consultant. After getting skills of experts in SEO,  then focus on other skills to advance your digital marketing career.

Your strong SEO skill will help you to rank your targeted website easily in the first page of search engines like Google. As a SEO professional, you can easily figure out which content and strategy search engine actually prefer for better user experience.

You content boosting on Google ads or Facebook ads with SEO knowledge will ensure the best ROI. Try to develop your SEO skill slowly, and then start with the rest.

Benefits of SEO: 

4. Grab a Google Ads Certification

Recently Paid promotions through Google are getting hits and earns more ROI for business. So, become a certified Google Ads professional that will guarantee your expertise area in PPC marketing.

After certification in Google Ads, you will be able to do better Cost Management, brand awareness and Long-Term Marketing Strategy. Ultimately it will assist you ahead of the Competition. Your digital marketing skills will assist you to invest money for Google advertising with a smart strategy to increase ROI.

Know the updated information of Google algorithm to reach the target audience. Becoming a master in google and facebook advertising in today’s digital marketing strategy will give you a head start from others. You need to play with search engine Google. Therefore, knowing its algorithm is a must.

5. Become a Master in Analytics to know the future prospects

From Google Analytics you will get different  analytics and using that you can forecast to make the right decision for your website. 

When a visualisation of a big present in front of you, it is easier to decide what is the main issue to overcome, where should we need to give the effort to make the best out of it, how to to increase the profit margin and so on…

Learn Google Analytics, Google Search console and other useful analytics tools to become a master in digital marketing data analysis. The skill of these tools will give you the opportunity to scale your business and you can analyse the market trends and customer behaviour.

6. Entry as a Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is a parent terminology of different marketing strategies that are implemented digitally. You can skill up there and establish your career as a freelancer in the different job market and create your own digital marketing service agency. Among so many opportunities, Freelancing is one of the most popular ways to establish a career in digital marketing.

Digital marketing consultants have an average hourly rate of $140.29 per hour (worldwide) and average hourly rate is about $161.57 (for US-only). See closely the following image to know the Worldwide hourly rates of Digital marketing consultants:

Hourly rates of Digital marketing consultants

Worldwide hourly rates of Digital marketing consultants. Photo source: Credo

Salary for Digital Marketing Specialist may vary country to country or region to region. But top 10 High Paying Countries and average salary (per year) are listed below –

7. Get an apprenticeship - 4 Steps to Follow

You can expect higher salary range when you join as a full time digital marketer in a company. For that opportunity, you need to manage an internship or hands-on training from any local or national digital agency. This real world marketing experience will give you the ability to take right decisions for your digital marketing strategy.

To get an internship, just you need to follow 4 steps-

1. Build Your Portfolio

2. Sharpen Your Skills

3. Create your brand identity

 4. Apply proactively

8. Acquire skills & continue learning to the updated information

Be skilled in digital marketing tools, software and strategies and know the updated information to become a digital marketing professional.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Digital marketer do marketing for brands using digital platforms with effective strategies. A digital marketer can promote products to the targeted audience and can boost sales to widen the profit margin and lessen the cost.

Absolutely you will get more profit margin with digital marketing for any company. May be your business are getting heat through offline. But, your customers are more active in online than offline. So, obviously there are opportunities and chances to boost your profit margin.

If I say YES, then you need proof. Right? Check the links: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3.

The average salary for a Digital Marketer from £25,645.97 to £33,393. Higher salary range found in London, and lowest salary range found in the West Midlands.


In conclusion, follow the mentioned 8 Golden Steps to start your career in Digital Marketing. When you will start, the hands on experience will give you the confidence of making new strategies and A/B testing. To adapt this digital world you must need to transform your marketing from Traditional to Digital. 

So, I know that the biggest challenge you ever faced is about Getting started. Boost yourself up to follow these 8 golden steps to start earning from Digital Marketing. Want to become a Master in the Digital Marketing?

I am going to tell you HOW…. START right NOW-

Above all, know the killer idea and strategy on Digital Marketing and required skill as a beginner,  check these following training courses to sharpen your skill that suits Digital Marketing. Most importantly, learning digital marketing basics for beginners is the first step to enter the digital marketing career. Know the basic to advance strategies of digital marketing from the following premium quality course from Alpha Academy –

Digital Marketing Masterclass​
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Digital Marketing Masterclass​
Accredited by CPD | Fast Track to a New Career | Free PDF Certificate Included | Self Paced | Unlimited Lifetime Access​

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