Job Interview Red Flags Students Should Know

A job search requires not only professional knowledge and experience. It also has general rules of conduct and the ability to effectively use specific situations that arise at this stage. The competition for being hired is quite significant and continues to grow. So knowing certain unwritten rules established in the labour market should come in handy for any job seeker, especially for students.

The first step in a successful job search is to decide on the job you need and how well your qualifications meet the necessary requirements. The second step is to prepare a perfect resume and motivational letter. The CV should be written correctly, succinctly, and as specifically as possible. Try to declare your knowledge, important skills, and abilities relevant to the position you are applying for.

The cover letter should be designed to demonstrate your motivation, purposefulness, and readiness to succeed. Some people prefer to use a special essay writing services to get the best motivational letter. This letter should convince the recruiter that you have potential and are a suitable candidate.

If your resume has been selected, a recruiter will call you to invite you for an interview. It is your chance to talk about your strengths, abilities, and achievements. Your main task is to impress the employer. If you screw up, it will be very difficult to change their impression.

But we should not forget that a job interview has something in common with marriage and friendship: it is a two-way street. You are going to dedicate your time to this company and invest your effort into its success. It is worth making sure that it is a good company to work for. So let’s overview the most common red flags during the interview that can be a sign of a potential bad employer.

Conflict of Values

Often, if there is a value mismatch, it becomes clear sooner than at the actual interview. If you have chosen this company as your potential employer, it means that you have at least visited their website. The company’s culture, goals, and most deeply held values are usually easy to find in the “About us” section.

But we can never exclude the worst-case scenario. A lot of companies hire marketing agencies to promote their business. Some agencies know their job well, and they take time to investigate the objectives and values of their customers. However, there are also specialists who do not bother. Worst case scenario: you see a template that has nothing to do with the company’s actual values.

If you discover this in the course of conversation during the job interview, try not to react too emotionally. Be polite and reserved, and patiently wait for this conversation to be over. It is not worth working with people who are not on the same page as you.

On that note, it’s always helpful to possess good conflict resolution skills.

Being Late

Almost all employers immediately reject applicants who are late by at least 5-10 minutes. “Such an employee will be late all the time” is an immediate thought that crosses the mind of your potential boss. But if your interviewer is late themselves, it is not a good sign for you either.

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This can mean that the company workers are bad at time management. Constant rescheduling and disorganisation can become part of your working routine if you decide to work for such people. In addition, if a person is late for a meeting, it means that they do not respect their potential employee.

Attempting to Cause Pity

If your interviewer starts the conversation in such a manner: “I understand that our company is very young and is only developing, and accepting this position is a risk…” this is a red flag for you. Even if it is true, the way the interviewer presents this information reveals their attitude and disbelief in the company’s success. In addition, there is a high probability that other employees are like-minded, and they often hesitate. It can ruin the team’s morale, and in the end, no one takes responsibility for their failure.

Shades from the Past

If the interviewer talks badly about their team, conflicts with management, or unpleasant situations with the previous worker at your potential position, it is a red flag. After all, it makes you think that you will have similar problems with them. Nobody needs emotionally unbalanced employers who disrespect their employees, whether former, existing, or potential.

Turning the Conversation into an Interrogation

An interview with an employer is not only an opportunity to prove yourself. It is also a chance to get valuable information that will help you find your dream job. When you come to the interview, do not focus only on telling as much about yourself as possible. Your tasks are:

  • to note the factors that are of key importance to you
  • to learn as much as possible about the company you want to join
  • to demonstrate your interest to the manager.

Try to understand exactly who the company is looking for. What kind of person do they need, based on professional and personal characteristics?

But be cautious: if the interviewer keeps asking questions about you and does not want to share any information about the company, something is wrong here.

Why are they being so secretive? If there is nothing to hide, why are they not willing to spill the beans? Think twice about whether or not you want to work with people who are not completely honest from the start. Lack of clarity or consistency in answers to your questions is a litmus paper.

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We hope that our advice will assist you in getting a decent job. But remember that the interview helps determine whether the company or the job is right for you. After all, a person spends most of their life at work, so make every effort to make this part pleasant and desirable for you.

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June 4, 2024

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