Top Reasons Why People Should Consider a Career in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing skills are in demand at the moment. The digital skills gap is anticipated to widen as brands are now putting more focus on digital marketing. So, what exactly is career in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the latest way to sell products and services utilising technology. Various roles in digital marketing include social media management, E-Commerce marketing, mobile marketing and even artificial intelligence.

A recent study has shown that in 2019, the most in-demand digital marketing skills are content curation, martech and analytics. By 2023 there is expected to be 2 million additional digital jobs in the UK, with not enough digital savvy people to fill them.

There are copious benefits to having a career in digital marketing, and the main ones are listed below.

1. Career Choice

Undertaking digital marketing courses is a sure way to widen a person’s career options. Digitization is spreading across industries and companies are consistently looking for new talent.

People who are qualified in digital marketing can afford to be selective when it comes to job opportunities and the companies they wish to work for.

2. It Pays

Because digital marketers are so in demand, companies are willing to pay high rates for their skills.

A recent survey scripted by the Creative Group has shown that marketing professional salaries are expected to increase, which means that skilled professionals will have the ability to negotiate salaries and earn more than their peers.

3. It Provides The Opportunity to be Creative

It is rare that any day in the life of a digital marketer will be the same. From video and audio production, to design and even writing, there are a plethora of creative skills that a role will demand.

A digital marketer is often afforded the opportunity to experiment and get creative with their work. This not only can maximise their ROI results for the company, but it also keeps them motivated and passionate about their job.

Online digital marketing courses are an excellent option for anyone who is looking to kickstart their career in digital marketing. Alpha Academy offers a range of digital marketing courses to suit anyone’s preference and the content and course structure is transparent, interesting and worth it.

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 Career in Digital Marketing in 2023

February 13, 2023

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