Recent Trends of Social Media Marketing

In recent days, marketing has become a Genie in a bottle or just like a magic mirror. Someone only needs to speak about a thing they want in their life. The next thing they know, their Social Media Marketing is flooded with that product. It is just a matter of a few swipes on the screen, and the product is shipped, and it is on the way home. But how is this happening? What is making it happen? 

Everyone is looking for something captivating and entertaining that will be worth their time. Therefore, many businesses offer the customers what they need and at the same time promote their brand and products. 

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Social Media, A Blessing For Building Community

Social media is ruling the world. Any kind of application or website which allows sharing our thoughts, ideas, career interest and any type of information or content in real-time is called social media. As a result, social media has become the most prevalent means of communication and interaction over the two decades of the 21st century. 

It has some other benefits, such as –

Trending Social Media for Social Media Marketing

There are many kinds of social media that enable people to interact at different levels. Businesses can easily take advantage of them by understanding all the social media channels. Or, more clearly, companies can promote their product where most of their ideal customers are residing. 

Social Networking Platform

It is a kind of social media where people can connect and communicate with other people. Whether it is friends, family or co-worker, people can bring them under one umbrella through this social networking platform. They can be shared with every kind of person across the world. 

Media Sharing Network

These are the social media platforms where people interact through photos, video, live streams and any other kind of content or media. In recent days, people are highly engaged with media sharing platforms. Some of the best examples of this form of social media are Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and last but not least, YouTube. 

Video Hosting App

Similar to media sharing networks, many video hosting apps are also considered as social media. One of the most famous and highly useful media is YouTube, and there is also Vimeo. Video hosting apps like YouTube and Vimeo can do wonders for business marketing. 

Bookmarking and Content Curation Network

The best way people can discover, save, share, and discuss new and trending ideas, content, and media are through bookmarking and content curation networks. A few of the best examples of such platforms are Pinterest, Flipboard, Reddit and Digg.

Social Review Platforms

People do not blindly trust any business today. They like to look at words of mouth and get how well the business is getting responses from people alike. 

In simple terms, the check review of any product and services a business is trying to sell before making any buying decision. In order to make these things more accessible, there are social review apps such as Yelp, Glassdoor, Zomato, and TripAdvisor. 

Discussion Forums

Discussion forums or networks also fall under the category of social media. Here people come to ask and do queries about all sorts of matters in life. Discussion forums or platforms are one of the oldest forms of social media. 

Some of the best discussion forums are Reddit and Quora. Ask away anything in these forums, and someone has something to say about it.

Blogging and Publishing Platforms

Blogging platforms are also great ways to share content and a place where people can elaborately share their thoughts. Similarly, businesses can also share what they have to say about their services. Blogging and publishing platforms are a great way of doing content marketing. 

Sharing Economy Networks

Sharing economy networks connect people who have something they want to share with people who need it. These networks offer opportunities that would otherwise not exist by bringing together large-scale resources that would not be possible without technology. 

The Evolution of Social Media Marketing

Social media has transformed in less than a generation from direct electronic information exchange to the online gathering place, shopping platform, an essential 21st-century marketing tool. Social media has passed the stage where it was only used for communication. 

It has evolved from communication to a regular part of 3.96 billion people’s lives. And every one of the social media is constantly changing to bring bigger and better facilities to its users. 

Whether the user is a person or a brand, social media platforms evolve with new ways to benefit everyone. Therefore, social media started to become a highly beneficial tool for businesses to attract customers, which arises from the marketing strategy itself that is known as Social Media Marketing.

The Evolution of Social Media Marketing

Social media is now an essential part of every marketing strategy. It has become a cost-effective strategy, and businesses that have not utilised SMM in their marketing goals are missing out on the best opportunity. 

Here are some of the benefits of social media marketing –

Top Trending Social Media Platform in 2021

There is quite a lot of fluctuation over the few years among the social media platforms that are at the top. To begin with social media marketing or improve the existing social media marketing, a business owner needs to have a clear understanding of all the trending social media. It will help them to decide to choose the best social media to promote their business. 

In 2021, 3.96 billion people worldwide use social media, and the majority of users use around 8.6 networking platforms. The chart below shows the top most used social media.

Top Trending Social Media Platform in 2021

Recent Top Trends in Social Media Marketing

The year 2020 and 2021 has seen some major marketing shifts. Due to the worldwide shutdown of all physical marketing places, marketers had to choose to go online above everything for their business. It is where the major social media platforms showed their optimal strength. While some social media was already famous among the people, many other social media rode up the list. 

If you want the basics, you just need to read Digital Marketing Basics for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to start as a beginner.


To make a place in the fast-changing world of marketing, business needs to cope with all kinds of trends and changes. Brands have to continuously brainstorm to attract customers and keep them on the brand’s side. Challenges will come and go. Social Media Marketing can be a blessing for all the marketers out there. If done right, it will be the most fruitful source of marketing for businesses.

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Recent Trends of Social Media Marketing

February 13, 2023

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