Studying Human Resource Management: Is It Suitable For You?

Is choosing the right career path causing you a lot of stress? It is indeed a hard choice to make for anyone. There are so many factors to think about. The choice seems even more impossible when you are looking for a career that’s particularly suitable for you. Have you considered studying Human Resource Management while weighing your options?  

Human Resource Management is a field that meets the ideal career conditions. For making an informed decision, learning about what studying Human Resource Management is like could help you. 

Keep scrolling to know all the doors that studying Human Resource Management could open for you!  

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What Is Human Resource Management (HRM)?

A competent Human Resource Manager is indispensable to an organisation. Have you ever wondered why? 

Large groups of humans working together have the power to transform history. We learnt that from the Industrial Revolution. And moving large teams towards a goal in harmony doesn’t just happen by itself. So one who can do so brings tremendous value to a company and eventually to society.  

Human resource management or HRM is the art and science of managing a company’s workforce. Employees are indispensable resources for any company. Hence, they need nurture, synchronisation, and management. An HR manager’s job roots to these goals. Other names by which we know HRM are Talent management, Personnel management, Human capital management, etc.     

Some general examples of what the task of an HR manager looks like are- 

Some general examples of what the task of an HR manager looks like are- 

  • Recruiting new employees for the company
  • Training employees and developing their skills as per the company’s needs
  • Keeping records of employee attendance, leaves, etc.
  • Reviewing and evaluating performances and salaries of employees
  • Building and maintaining healthy employer-employee relationships

Why Studying Human Resource Management Could Be A Winning Deal For You?

Worried if studying Human resource management is the right decision to make? Then keep scrolling. Have a look at the following points. If you like them, then studying Human resource management could truly be a big win for you. 

Relevance Across All Fields

Human resource management bears relevance in almost any discipline. There aren’t many other fields like that. Your employer company might have a focus on any particular field. But to keep their team functional, your contribution as an HRM is going to be invaluable.  

Growth Opportunities

Tubs of small trees

Human resource management has a distinctive growth structure in large corporations. As you keep going up the ladder, your skillset, knowledge base, pay and authority will keep hiking too. On the other hand, smaller companies come with different opportunities.  As an HR Professional, you can have an extensive cultural impact there. The interpersonal skills that come with the HRM’s toolkit can be invaluable. As a matter of fact, they are vital to the employees’ individual growths in smaller firms.  

High Demand For HRM Professionals

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Jobs in HR management are not likely to face scarcity any time soon. You can expect it to rise through an upward curve for at least the next few years. Financial security is usually a key decision-making factor for most of us. The field of human resource management is not going to disappoint you in this regard.  

Job Satisfaction

The idea of job satisfaction is often tightly rooted in human connection. The impact that you get to make at your workplace is also a big factor. HR management is one of those fields from which you get to experience both. An HR Manager’s work impacts the lives of employees directly. As a result, an HR Manager gets to experience the satisfaction of watching people grow in their profession. Work happiness levels in HR managers are often reported higher than average.

Steady Income

pile of steady stones

The market is always on the lookout for competent HR professionals. So it’s no surprise that HR management jobs come with steady and healthy paycheques. 


Recent global changes in light of the pandemic have taught us something important. It’s the importance of flexibility in a work setting. 

The recent procedural shifts have influenced the further digitisation of HR works. As a result,  HR managers can now enjoy increased flexibility. Alongside, they can also be vital in ensuring such flexibility for other employees. Thus, if flexibility is appealing to you, so should be a career in HR management.  

Increasing Relevance With Time And Change

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The scenario of the 21st-century workplace is changing constantly. But with that, the relevance of an HR manager’s roles is getting bigger.  

Many things are dependent on the values that an HR manager brings to the table. For example, the way employers and employees interact, the workplace culture, etc. 

With the ongoing pandemic situation, workplaces have changed drastically. They have moved from the brick and mortar setting to the digital domain. HR personnel and managers often have been the heroes for being the glue that held it all together (alongside our tech heroes of course!). 

The future truly seems fast-paced and ever-changing. But that’s exactly the reason why being an HR manager can make you more valuable in the future. Although for that, you’ll need to blend your knack for innovating with your base HRM skills and knowledge.

Top HRM Skills In High Demand

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Now, if you are halfway to deciding if studying human resource management is suitable for you, you must be having questions.  You might be wondering if your abilities match the highly sought after HR management qualities. Well, no worries there! Just go through this breakdown of the hard and soft skills that are most valued in HR management. 

Technical Skills

Now let’s talk about the things that you will specifically need to learn to become an excellent HR executive. 

Acquiring And Nurturing Talents

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Is seeing natural strength in people and fitting them in the right places is your thing? Then that’s the first win for you and the organisation for which you are working. We know that no company in the world is greater than the people working for it. And knowing the right picks is the first step towards success that you bring in for the company. 

Alongside recognising talents, knowing what will make the employees thrive is also a valuable skill for the HR manager. Not all leadership strategies work on everyone. It can adopt many strategies, such as understanding personality types and designing growth routes accordingly. 

Orienting And Retaining Recruits

Longer adjustment periods for new employees means delayed outcome of potentials. So, breaking the ice and making people feel included are also parts of an HR manager’s job. These might seem small in the beginning but could apparently go a long way. Knowing the right way to onboard new employees is an important first step. Ultimately, it leads towards retaining them for the best duration.

No organisation wants unwarranted job turnovers. The way to prevent that is to provide individuals with tailored incentives. Doing that while safeguarding the interests of the company takes skills indeed. So, if you could ensure that as an HR manager, you would be providing important professional value. 

Relevant Skill And Knowledge Building

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As an HR manager, you will be working with a lot of people. And most of these people went to schools or colleges in different disciplines. It will be unlikely for you to know by default what skills and knowledge are important to your co-workers. Also, you will need to know what knowledge area will be beneficial to your company. 

Knowing all these will need quick-on-the-feet thinking on your part for planning employee growth. Generally speaking, how the HR Manager designs the growth of the personnel matters a lot. Because in the end, effective training will comprise a large part of your job. Successful grooming of the employees will translate into results for the organisation. 

Computer And Software Skills

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These days, the go-to way for gaining your competitive edge in any market is to stay ahead in your digital skills. Similarly, HRM is computer-skill dependent as well. In short, being at the top of your game will need you to be agile in acquiring and nurturing your own computer skills. 

Computer skills relevant to HR management include the following:

  • Spreadsheet 
  • Social media skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Human resource information systems
  • Structured query language (SQL)
  • Report generation
  • Talent management systems
  • Recruitment systems
  • Applicant tracking systems (ATS)
  • Payroll management software 

Ability To Innovate

The 21st century is sprinting with crazy uncertainties.  Because of that, it is next to impossible to predict where anyone’s future lies. Hence, the key to staying resilient is to innovate as time keeps demanding. And as an HR professional, your ability to innovate can be a game-changer too. 

Take the current pandemic situation, for example. Corporations and individuals had to be innovative about how to shift their workspace. Otherwise, the collapse would have been further devastating. As a matter of fact, HR expertise had a lot to do with how people coped. Likewise, this need for innovating is likely to keep trending. 

Knowledge Of Workplace Legislation:

Establishing healthy employer-employee-workplace dynamics requires some special work—for example, maintaining and enforcing the right laws and policies. 

With globalisation, understanding political correctness is more important than ever before. And intervening requires acumen and working knowledge of laws and policies. A few examples are- understanding concepts of equal opportunities, employee benefits, etc. 

Then there are also laws on pays and wages and issues within the scope of harassment. Many workplace practices can take the form of discrimination. By applying knowledge of workplace legislation, HR Managers can prevent that.  

HR managers plan such company policies. Along with that, they also do the major interventions in enforcing them. Safeguarding order is a significant aspect of an HR manager’s job.

Soft Skills

A person practicing SL

As told before, human resource management is neither just science nor just art; it’s a blend of both. And that requires combining both hard and soft skills. 

Soft skills that are relevant to an HR managers job include, but are not limited to these- 


The orchestration of a large group of people into creating something of value requires humane leadership. So HR managers need to prove distinctive leadership skills all the time. That’s almost a no-brainer! 

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills

As obvious as it is, managing human resources is one of the most human-oriented jobs that can be there. Putting yourself in the employers’ shoes,  and the employees’ from time to time takes practice.  Empathising with them, establishing communication, etc., will definitely need top-notch interpersonal skills.  


Group of business people joining hands

If keeping a large workforce boosted and motivated won’t require teamwork skills, then what will? As an HR manager, your interventions will not only determine how well the employees perform as individuals but also in teams. So teamwork on your part and empowering others with their own teamwork skills- both will fall back to your skills from time to time. 

Project Management

Staying on schedule, bringing desirable quantity and quality of output, keeping the sky from falling- are all impossible but frequent office situations. On one hand, it’s true that these won’t directly fall onto you. But on the other hand, it will eventually depend on your project management skills as an HR manager. 

Negotiation Skills

Sometimes, being an HR manager will be more about being the mediator between employees and employers. Safeguarding everyone’s interests as well as the organization’s well-being isn’t too simple. Undoubtedly, that calls for neat negotiation skills. 

Soft skills are indispensable resources that will make you a valuable asset across fields. You can always invest in enriching yourself with valuable soft skills. To get started, you can have a look at the top 10 must-have soft skills for Managers.

Resources And Materials For Studying Human Resource Management

A library

Does studying Human Resource Management seem like a suitable choice for you by now?

If it does, then it’s time to take the next step towards becoming an HR professional. These days, it is within everyone’s reach. You can get certified online and select courses that suit your own pace. Pursuing this curriculum, in general, is very student and beginner-friendly. 

For example, getting a Complete Diploma in Human Resource Management will ensure a fantastic start. This could be the start to your becoming an HR manager with top-notch credentials. 

You could also focus on specific niches and skills to get started. For example- obtaining Recruitment and Training skills, or learning Payroll Management.

There are different paths that you can choose for studying Human Resource Management. But acquiring the relevant skills is what will make you an excellent professional. So if you think that HR management is likely to click with you, don’t shy away from starting, be it small or big!

Complete Diploma in Human Resource Management
If you want to manage a good HR department or want to train your employees, then enrol yourself
Complete Diploma in Human Resource Management
If you want to manage a good HR department or want to train your employees, then enrol yourself

Parting Notes

The business world keeps looking for more competent HR professionals everywhere, every day.  So, by acquiring more HRM skills and knowledge, you will be unravelling new opportunities every moment along the way. 

So keep the learning spirit up and stay ahead in your game. Cheers!

June 6, 2022

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