5 Good Reasons To learn sign language

You don’t need to be directly involved in working with the hearing impaired to enrol on a British Sign Language course. Though clearly, if you want to be a teaching assistant or carer in this sector, it is an absolute must!

There are many advantages to gaining a qualification in sign language, and here are just five of them:

1. Great to have a second language

Did you flunk French in school or find Spanish classes a challenge? Or, maybe you just love learning languages and want to explore a new one.

The wonderful thing about doing a BSL course is it can be a fun and stress-free way to gain confidence in speaking without words. You can work towards a Certificate in British Sign Language (levels one and two) in your own time, and at your own pace.

2. Looks great to future employers

Having a second language always looks good on job application forms. Having a sign language qualification could give you an extra edge! The pressure is on for companies to have more diverse and inclusive workforces, and your ability to sign could be an attractive skill.

Also, any front-facing jobs – such as customer relations or retail – now require you to be able to communicate well. The ability to chat with hearing impaired customers could be a big plus in your favour.

3. Helps you to read body language

Did you know that signing is largely about reading body language? It is based on subtle facial movements, as well as a series of hand gestures and other physical communication. So, one of the advantages of learning sign language is the ability to “read people” better in everyday life.

4. Widens your circle of friends and contacts

In the UK alone, there are 11 million people with some degree of hearing loss. That’s about one in six! A British sign language course would enable you to communicate with people in this situation, when you meet them socially, at work or in your sports or interest groups.

What a wonderful and more inclusive world it would be if we could chat easily to those who might otherwise be excluded from conversations.

Are you intending to travel or work in the USA? The good news is we also offer a Certificate in American Sign Language.

5. Enables silent communication

This last one is for those who crave a break from the noisy and technology-led world we now live in. Imagine being about to speak without sound! Of course, it’s also handy if you want to have a private or sensitive conversation with a friend in a public place.

If you enrol on a BSL course with Alpha Academy, you will see for yourself how beautiful this form of communication is.

June 2, 2022

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