Christmas Holiday Ideas: Best Christmas Holiday Destinations

Some people seem to have the knack for finding great places to travel to, and for building a travel itinerary that would delight anybody lucky enough to enjoy these adventures. However, for many, it’s not always so easy to execute great travel plans. 

Of course, the secret to many a fantastic holiday is education.  Studying a travel course is the perfect way to satisfy your wanderlust and make a career out of satisfying other people’s desire to travel too.  

So in the spirit of Christmas, and our travel course, here are 4 of the best Christmas holiday ideas to suit all tastes.

For A Historical Christmas


What place in the world could be more perfectly aligned with the historical aspects of Christmas than Jerusalem? It’s a holy city for many religions and is rich with history, culture and magic.  Exploring Jerusalem can be one of the great Christmas Holiday Ideas for you and your loved one.

It’s also home to a variety of swanky hotels. You won’t be sleeping in a stable somewhere with a donkey – unless you want to of course!

Places of interest include:  

 # Bethlehem

 # The Western Wall

 # The Mount Of Olives

 # The Holy Sepulcher

 # The Tower of David

The Weather: December is wintertime in Israel, but the temperatures are not as cold as we are used to. Expect temperatures of around 8-14 degrees. The climate during this time is a mix of sunny patches, showers and cloud. 

A Relaxing and Healing Spot For Sun Worshippers 


There’s a sense of magic in Hawaii that you might not be able to put your finger on. 

Many people who holiday there claim that all of their aches, pains, stresses and worries washed away from their bodies while they were holidaying here. There’s no proof of healing magic other than hearsay, but that’s an appealing feature nonetheless.  

Aside from the healing vibes, you will also enjoy rustic untamed nature, incredible marine life and outstanding views. All of which make a fantastic, relaxing, Christmas holiday location.  

What to do there:

 # New Year’s Eve Gala Dinners at hotels.

 # Private helicopter tours over volcanoes

 # Spa and wellness experiences.

 # Snorkelling with sea turtles. 

The Weather: Expect temperatures of around 25-29 degrees during the day and 10 degrees at night. It is the rainy season during December, but that can be relatively dry anyway.

The Epitome of Christmas Spirit

Lapland, Finland

lapland beautyFor an authentic Christmas, why not head over to Santa’s hometown. That’s officially a town called Rovaniemi, it’s the capital of Lapland. You won’t be disappointed – it looks like the kind of village most kids would imagine Santa to live in. It’s magical.  

There is plenty to do too:

 # Meet and play with elves 

 # Meet Rudolf and the rest of the reindeer crew.

 # Decorate cookies with Mrs Claus

 # Snowmobile Safaris

 # Husky Rides

 # Northern Light Hunting

 # Enjoy snuggling up in cosy locations all around the town.  

The weather: You’ll need to wrap up, the temperature in the day is -3 – 16 degrees. And the snow is excellent – it’s the whitest, most powderiest snow you’ve ever seen before. 

The Christmassy Christmas European Style Holiday

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik HarborThere’s nothing quite as attractive as a mysterious walled city steeped in history. Dubrovnik is growing in popularity amongst tourists because it’s just such a fascinating place to experience. It’s pretty upmarket and enjoyable too –  if you like wandering around and exploring.  In your Christmas Holiday Ideas, exploring Dubrovnik can be a great one indeed. 

Things to do:

 # Visit the pedestrian-only Old Town

 # Explore Baroque churches

 # Enjoy the array of eateries and wine bars.

 # Explore the rock and pebble coast

 # Scuba dive

 # Sea kayaking

 # Get a taxi boat to the botanical gardens of the minuscule Lokrum islet

Expect temperatures of around 10-14 degrees. 

Breaks away are a fantastic, alternative way to spend Christmas, we can’t recommend them enough. There is something for everyone, and if you choose the right location, you can enjoy the right kind of Christmas ambience to suit your tastes. 

You can also learn more about travel and tourism by taking a travel course which is sure to help you enjoy better holidays and make a career out of travel too!

December 17, 2020

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