Microsoft Excel Complete Course – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Course Overview Excel is used everywhere, hence we want that everyone should have the knowledge of basic excel concepts. And …

Microsoft Excel Complete Course - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Microsoft Excel Complete Course – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced




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Course Overview

Excel is used everywhere, hence we want that everyone should have the knowledge of basic excel concepts. And if you are looking forward to gain the necessary skills to create, edit, format, and print basic Microsoft Excel 2016 worksheets, don’t be late to grab this course now.  Through this Microsoft Office 2016 Excel Beginners Training you will get access to video tutorials, PDF documents, excel sheets on excel 2016. You will learn to create and edit basic worksheets and workbooks, and more.

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that is used to create and format spreadsheets, analyze and share information to make more informed decisions. This Microsoft Office 2016 Excel Intermediate Training is designed to teach you creating advanced workbooks and worksheets. You’ll have the ability to analyze massive amounts of data and extract actionable information from it as well as learn how to present that information to heighten your understanding of organizational intelligence.

To sum up, this course is perfect for you to expand your skills and knowledge of Excel 2016.

If you are looking for an engaging, hands-on, and highly interactive approach to Excel analytics training, then you’ve come to the right place.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet and has become very popular as well as widely practised spreadsheet for various platforms for both office work or studies purpose. This video training course will give you an in-depth understanding of the advanced formulas and functions that transform Excel from a basic spreadsheet program. Through this Microsoft Office 2016 Excel Advanced Training, you’ll learn the necessary skills to use pivot tables, audit and analyze worksheet data, utilize data tools, collaborate with others, as well as create and manage macros.

Assessment and Certification

At the end of the course, you will be required to sit an online multiple-choice test. Your test will be assessed automatically and immediately so that you will instantly know whether you have been successful. After you have successfully passed the final exam, you will be able to order an Accredited Certificate of Achievement at an additional cost of £19 for a PDF copy and £29 for an original print copy sent to you by post or for both £39.

Course Curriculum

Microsoft Excel 2019 New Features
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2019 New Features 00:07:00
CONCAT 00:02:00
IFS 00:01:00
MAXIFS 00:01:00
MINIFS 00:01:00
SWITCH 00:02:00
TEXTJOIN 00:01:00
Map Chart 00:02:00
Funnel Chart 00:01:00
Better Visuals 00:06:00
Pivot Table Enhancements 00:02:00
Power Pivot Updates 00:01:00
Beginner Level
Navigate the Excel User Interface 00:28:00
Use Excel Commands 00:10:00
Create and Save a Basic Workbook 00:19:00
Enter Cell Data 00:12:00
Use Excel Help 00:05:00
Create Worksheet Formulas 00:15:00
Insert Functions 00:17:00
Reuse Formulas and Functions 00:17:00
Insert, Delete, and Adjust Cells, Columns, and Rows 00:10:00
Search for and Replace Data 00:09:00
Use Proofing and Research Tools 00:07:00
Apply Text Formats 00:17:00
Apply Number Formats 00:08:00
Align Cell Contents 00:09:00
Apply Styles and Themes 00:12:00
Apply Basic Conditional Formatting 00:11:00
Create and Use Templates 00:07:00
Preview and Print a Workbook 00:10:00
Set Up the Page Layout 00:08:00
Configure Headers and Footers 00:07:00
Manage Worksheets 00:05:00
Manage Workbook and Worksheet Views 00:07:00
Manage Workbook Properties 00:05:00
Workbooks – Microsoft Excel Beginners 00:00:00
Intermediate Level
Work with Ranges 00:18:00
Use Specialized Functions 00:11:00
Work with Logical Functions 00:23:00
Work with Date & Time Functions 00:08:00
Work with Text Functions 00:11:00
Sort Data 00:10:00
Filter Data 00:10:00
Query Data with Database Functions 00:09:00
Outline and Subtotal Data 00:09:00
Create and Modify Tables 00:15:00
Apply Intermediate Conditional Formatting 00:07:00
Apply Advanced Conditional Formatting 00:05:00
Create Charts 00:13:00
Modify and Format Charts 00:12:00
Use Advanced Chart Features 00:12:00
Create a PivotTable 00:13:00
Analyze PivotTable Data 00:12:00
Present Data with PivotCharts 00:07:00
Filter Data by Using Timelines and Slicers 00:11:00
Workbooks – Microsoft Excel Intermediate 00:00:00
Advanced Level
Use Links and External References 00:12:00
Use 3-D References 00:06:00
Consolidate Data 00:05:00
Use Lookup Functions 00:12:00
Trace Cells 00:09:00
Watch and Evaluate Formulas 00:08:00
Collaborate on a Workbook 00:19:00
Protect Worksheets and Workbooks 00:08:00
Apply Data Validation 00:13:00
Search for Invalid Data and Formulas with Errors 00:04:00
Work with Macros 00:18:00
Create Sparklines 00:07:00
MapData 00:07:00
Determine Potential Outcomes Using Data Tables 00:08:00
Determine Potential Outcomes Using Scenarios 00:09:00
Use the Goal Seek Feature 00:04:00
Forecasting Data Trends 00:05:00
Workbooks – Microsoft Excel Advanced 00:00:00
Order your Certificate
Order your Certificate 00:00:00

Course Ratings


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  1. Abby Fuller


    Regular price is a bit high but…you provide very informative content.

  2. David Baker


    I had been a complet amateur before pursuing the course, was rely lookin forward to such kinda help! thanks guys!

  3. Matthew Gleason


    Highly recommended for the beginners! found really beneficial in my struggls with Excel! keep it up!

  4. Thomas Pacheco


    Microsoft Excel Course, suchaa gr8 guide, loved the tutorials and pdfs! easy to follow and practice. Thanks 😀

  5. Jean Dahl


    Gaind reaaly nedd skills and add something worthy to my CV. Thanks a ton! 🙂

  6. 5

    The best course of Microsoft Excel I have ever seen. Keep going. Greetings from San Francisco.

    • We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us. Your feedback will encourage us to keep doing the hard work towards our goal to be the best e-learning platform. Thanks


      Henry Miller
      Help Desk.

  7. Ryan Parry


    You are great…I am with you more than a year now, never found anything wrong. I took this course with a coupon you offered. Amazing course undoubtedly.

  8. 5

    Awesome course. Just developed my skill from primary to advance level.

  9. 4

    You need to upgrade something different. After all course is good for all kind of students as well as jobholders.

  10. 4

    Good. Contents for beginner and intermediate is ok but not so much data in the advanced section.

  11. 5

    Just wow!!! Very good combination of data are kept in this course very effectively. Highly recommend this course to take. Very helpful for your professional life.

  12. All Around Good Course


    A good course that covers a wide range of information on Excel. It has good demonstrations that provide useful insight on how to properly use the many abilities Excel has.

  13. Mason Mistry


    What a course!! Made all my dilemmas disappear. Wanna buy some more from you.

  14. Leon Browne


    Excel skills always keep you ahead of others. I completed this course a few months back. Incredible contents!

  15. Charlie Hudson


    The course was good……but why don’t increase the number of quizzes? It would help me more.

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