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Spanish Course Overview Do you know 512 million people speak the Spanish Language, which ranks No. 2 in terms of …

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Spanish Course Overview

Do you know 512 million people speak the Spanish Language, which ranks No. 2 in terms of how many people speak it as their first language? It is proficient in grammar as well as in words. When it comes to speaking Spanish, you need to have a basic knowledge and comprehension of the grammar, vocabulary. Our Online Spanish Course (Beginners) is explicitly intended to support you in a very short time by teaching everything you need to speak flawlessly in Spanish.

The course aims to aid you to develop your comprehension of Spanish grammar and to expand your vocabulary to different subjects, such as routines, families, holiday plans, careers, fashion, and much more. In everyday scenarios, you’ll learn verbs and how to bring your Spanish into practice. You can start speaking in Spanish upon full completion of the course. You will also have general conversations in Spanish without making any grammatical errors.

No particular entry requirements for this course, existing practitioner or beginners are cordially welcomed to enrol in this course. It can be learned from any computer with an internet connection on a part-time or full-time basis. The course is also suitable if you’re going to spend a vacation in Spain or any other Spanish speaking country. Anyway, if you’ve failed to learn Spanish in the past but want to give it one more go, you’ve come up to the right place!

Learning Outcomes:

Course Sneak Peeks

Career Path

After completion, you will get a recognised certificate of achievement which you can use as proof of your new skills. Also, you will be able to utilise the grammar and punctuations of Spanish confidently. Also, you can go for advanced learning and eventually teach Spanish to enthusiasts. 


You will be asked to sit a multiple-choice online exam at the end of the course. Your evaluation will be checked instantly and automatically. The course will allow you to know whether you have been successful or not in no time. You can order an Accredited Certificate of Achievement at an extra cost of £19 for a PDF copy and £29 for an initial print copy sent to you by post or £39 for both after you have completed the final test. However, if you fail the exam, you can retake it for £1.99.

Course Curriculum

Online Spanish Course For Beginners
Introduction 00:05:00
Lesson: 01
Lesson 1a 00:03:00
Lesson 1b 00:04:00
Lesson 1c 00:04:00
Lesson 1d 00:04:00
Lesson: 02
Lesson 2a 00:03:00
Lesson 2b 00:04:00
Lesson 2c 00:04:00
Lesson 2d 00:04:00
Lesson 2e 00:03:00
Lesson: 03
Lesson 3a 00:04:00
Lesson 3b 00:03:00
Lesson 3c 00:04:00
Lesson 3d 00:03:00
Lesson 3e 00:03:00
Lesson 3f 00:05:00
Lesson: 04
Lesson 4a 00:03:00
Lesson 4b 00:03:00
Lesson 4c 00:03:00
Lesson 4d 00:03:00
Lesson 4e 00:03:00
Lesson 4f 00:03:00
Lesson 4g 00:03:00
Lesson 4h 00:04:00
Lesson: 05
Lesson 5a 00:03:00
Lesson 5b 00:03:00
Lesson 5c 00:03:00
Lesson 5d 00:03:00
Lesson 5e 00:03:00
Lesson 5f 00:03:00
Lesson 5g 00:03:00
Lesson 5h 00:03:00
Lesson 5i 00:03:00
Lesson 5j 00:03:00
Lesson 5k 00:03:00
Lesson: 06
Lesson 6a 00:03:00
Lesson 6b 00:03:00
Lesson 6c 00:03:00
Lesson 6d 00:03:00
Lesson 6e 00:03:00
Lesson 6f 00:03:00
Lesson 6g 00:03:00
Lesson: 07
Lesson 7a 00:03:00
Lesson 7b 00:03:00
Lesson 7c 00:03:00
Lesson 7d 00:03:00
Lesson 7e 00:03:00
Lesson 7f 00:03:00
Lesson 7g 00:03:00
Lesson 7h 00:03:00
Lesson: 08
Lesson 8a 00:03:00
Lesson 8b 00:03:00
Lesson 8c 00:03:00
Lesson 8d 00:03:00
Lesson 8e 00:03:00
Lesson 8f 00:04:00
Lesson 8g 00:03:00
Lesson 8h 00:03:00
Lesson 8i 00:03:00
Lesson 8j 00:03:00
Lesson 8k 00:04:00
Lesson: 09
Lesson 9a 00:03:00
Lesson 9b 00:03:00
Lesson 9c 00:03:00
Lesson 9d 00:03:00
Lesson 9e 00:03:00
Lesson 9f 00:03:00
Lesson 9g 00:03:00
Resources: Beginners Spanish Course 00:00:00
Assignment – Online Spanish Course For Beginners 00:00:00
Give us your Feedback
Feedback Form 00:00:00
Course Certification
Order your Certificate 00:00:00

Course Ratings


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  1. Ethan Humphries


    I love learning new languages and courses like this motivates me more. Thank you!

  2. Rachel North


    Fascinating course! It was worth my time and effort. Highly recommended!

  3. Rhys John


    I am pleased with how this course turned out. I recommend this course to primary level learners.

  4. Joel Miles


    The course modules were very interactive perfect to learn a new language. I really enjoyed the whole learning journey.

  5. Robert Stephens


    This is an excellent introductory course on the Spanish language. If you want to learn Spanish don’t miss this course.

  6. Katie Hooper


    My experience with this course was magnificent. I am giving this course a five-star rating.

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