Social Media Marketing & SEO Strategies

Course Overview Are you looking to gain a new in-demand skill from the comfort of your home? Well, look no …

Social Media Marketing & SEO Strategies

Social Media Marketing & SEO Strategies

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Course Overview

Are you looking to gain a new in-demand skill from the comfort of your home? Well, look no further; you’ve come to the right place!

Our easy-to-follow Social Media Marketing & SEO Strategies will provide you with all the deep knowledge and insight you need to know about this topic. This comprehensive course has been broken down into several manageable modules, which we believe will assist you to easily grasp each concept – from the fundamental to the more advanced aspects of the course. 

Learn the most in-demand skills from the safety & comfort of your home. Enjoy the freedom to learn at your own comfortable pace and prepare yourself for the market of the future.   

Learning Outcomes

Whether you are an aspiring professional or a complete beginner, this course will improve your expertise and boost your CV with key skills and an accredited certification attesting to your knowledge.

Entry Requirement

    • This course is available to all learners of all academic backgrounds.
    • Learners should be aged 16 or over to undertake the qualification.
    • Some basic understanding of the English language and numeracy.

Why choose us?

    • Affordable, engaging & high-quality e-learning study materials;
    • Tutorial videos/materials from the industry-leading experts;
    • Study in a user-friendly, advanced online learning platform;
    • Efficient exam systems for the assessment and instant result;
    • The UK & internationally recognized accredited qualification;
    • Access to course content on mobile, tablet, or desktop from anywhere, anytime;
    • The benefit of career advancement opportunities;
    • 24/7 student support via email.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

After you have successfully completed the course, you will be able to obtain an Accredited Certificate of Achievement. You can, however also obtain a Course Completion Certificate following the course completion without sitting for the test. Certificates can be obtained either in hardcopy at the cost of £29 or in PDF format at the cost of £19.

    • PDF certificate’s turnaround time is 24 hours, and for the hardcopy certificate, it is 3-9 working days.  

Career path

Social Media Marketing & SEO Strategies is a useful qualification to possess and would be beneficial for any related profession or industry.   

Course Curriculum

Advanced Training on SEO & SMM Strategies
Marketing strategies course welcome and let’s begin 00:07:00
Fur Item Marketing Checklist March 2019 00:05:00
SEO introduction. Starting with keyword research
Introduction To SEO 00:03:00
Three Phases Of SEO And SEO Introduction 00:02:00
Long Short Tail Keywords 00:06:00
New SEO Keyword Tool Introduction 2020 00:10:00
Extra Keyword Variation Example 00:04:00
Voice SEO Intro 00:05:00
SEO Keyword Tool Options 00:02:00
New Keyword Density Video 00:05:00
Thirteen Keyword Strategies 00:09:00
When Keyword Stuffing Is Ok 00:05:00
Excel Spread Sheet For Keywords 00:04:00
Final Keyword Test 2020 00:04:00
Final Keyword Test Answers 00:11:00
Strategies for popular business types & first-time marketer mistakes
SEO For Specific Businesses Introduction 00:03:00
Content Driven Businesses SEO 00:03:00
Strategy And SEO For Ecommerce 00:07:00
Set up your Webmaster tool from Google
Local Business Correct Strategy 00:05:00
Setting Up Google Webaster 00:02:00
Generating And Submitting Site map 00:04:00
Site Map News Oct 2019 00:02:00
Troubleshooting Linking And Crawling Errors 00:01:00
On-Page SEO to get a high click-through rate from the search result page
SEO Definitions 00:04:00
Setting Title And Description Meta Tags 00:03:00
Submitting New URLs And Checking Indexing 00:02:00
Webmaster Performance 00:04:00
On-page SEO: Beginner to savvy and advanced strategies
Introduction To Google Analytics 00:09:00
On Page SEO Introduction 00:06:00
Snippets Intro Improving SERP Click through 00:03:00
Example Of How To Add Snippets With Webmaster Tools 00:08:00
W3 Cache Plugin 00:02:00
Meta Copy writing For Click through 00:05:00
SEO Yoast 2019 00:07:00
Using Authoritative Sites To Rank Multiple Top 10 Listings 00:08:00
Setting Title Description Meta Tags 00:03:00
Linking A Page To It self 00:04:00
Sept 2019 No Follow News 00:03:00
Using Title Tool tip For SEO On Page 00:02:00
Image Alt Tag 00:02:00
Cornerstone Pages And Important On Page Elements 00:05:00
Site Speed Plugin And GT Metrix 00:02:00
Weglot 3 00:08:00
Content Publishing For SEO 00:06:00
Revive 3 00:05:00
Google plus marketing 00:05:00
Off-page SEO & Smart SEO
Introduction To Off Page SEO 00:02:00
Google Ranking Factors 00:03:00
New Citations 00:05:00
How To Get Links From Wikipedia 00:07:00
Publicity For SEO 00:05:00
How To Tell If A Link Is Good New 00:06:00
Guest Bloging 00:03:00
New Link Begging Video 00:03:00
Link Begging Script 00:03:00
Buffer app to automate social media updates 00:02:00
Competitor Link Research 00:03:00
Google Sept 2019 Update 00:01:00
Common SEO mistakes to avoid
SEO Mistakes To Avoid 00:06:00
SEO tools
SEO Quake Tool 00:04:00
Serp Stat Overview 00:07:00
SEO Tool Text Optimizer 00:05:00
Additional SEO strategies to rank higher and be smarter about SEO
SEO For 2021 00:07:00
Advanced Google Intent Match Strategy 00:04:00
Views Are A Ranking Factor And Help You Run Retargeting Ads 00:04:00
How To Rank Any Page In Top 10 00:06:00
Recommendation Algorithms New 00:08:00
Prioritizing SEO Pages 2020 00:04:00
Should You Have A Blog 00:04:00
Is My Website Set Up For SEO 00:05:00
Combining on-page SEO and sales copywriting
Introduction To SEO Combined With Sales Copywtiting 00:02:00
Sales Page Checklist To Boost Conversion 00:07:00
Example Of Highly Converting Sales Page With SEO 00:04:00
Scarcity 00:03:00
Different way of looking at things for a moment
Google Ranking Differs By Query 00:05:00
Setting up your website
What To Do To Set Up Your Site 00:04:00
How To Choose A Domain Introduction 00:08:00
Social media marketing fundamentals and good practices
Introduction To Social Media 00:03:00
Social Media Marketing Mistakes 00:04:00
Social Media Exercise 00:03:00
Creating your own show on social media
Why Show 00:01:00
Show Introduction 00:01:00
Content Re purposing Strategy 00:04:00
Show Goals And Benefits 00:05:00
Show Monetization 00:04:00
Partnering And Guests For A Show 00:05:00
Evergreen And News Topics 00:03:00
Example Of Newsy And Evergreen Niche 00:02:00
What You Can Outsource In A Show 00:03:00
Episode Publishing Schedule 00:06:00
Live Show Section Introduction 2020 00:02:00
Getting Enconding Software 00:04:00
Live YouTube show or live Facebook show
Live Show Introduction 00:02:00
Setting OBS Settings 00:02:00
Restream IO 00:02:00
Bit rates And Upload Speed 00:03:00
How To Go Live On YouTube And FB 00:05:00
Good Practices For A Live Show 00:06:00
Brief introductions to a few additional social platforms
New Quora Marketing 00:05:00
Reddit 00:05:00
Forums 00:05:00
Writing headlines to get social and SEO attention
How To Write Engaging Headlines 00:08:00
Headline Exercise 00:01:00
Extra strategies to maximize your referrals and sharing
Referrals 00:05:00
Net Promoter Score And Quality 00:07:00
Using hashtags in your social media updates 00:03:00
Twitter marketing
Twitter Section Introduction 00:05:00
ProfessionalTwitterBranding 00:07:00
What To Do On Twitter On Day 1 00:04:00
Tweet Formula 00:06:00
Twitter how to consistently rank in hashtag searches automate it WordPress 00:07:00
Ideal Tweet Length 00:02:00
Ideal number of hashtags to use in a tweet to amplify sharing engagement 00:02:00
How to cheaply advertise on YouTube 00:06:00
Best Day Time To Tweet 00:02:00
NEW How to get more retweets and boost your Twitter AND SEO 00:09:00
Creating Your Brands Hashtag 00:02:00
Twitter Chat 00:05:00
Facebook marketing
Facebook Marketing Section Introduciton 00:03:00
Facebook Marketing Section Introduction Sept 2019 00:01:00
How To Sell In Existing Facebook Groups 00:07:00
Group Vs Page vs Other Facebook Options 00:05:00
Facebook News Feed Algorithm 00:04:00
Engagement Gets More Engagement 00:04:00
Facebook Marketing From personal Profile 00:04:00
Facebook Is The New LinkedIn 00:03:00
Facebook groups
Facebook Sales Using Groups Section Introduction 00:02:00
Getting To The Buy Sell Groups 00:01:00
How To Post Products 00:03:00
Signing Up For A But Sell Group 00:01:00
Results Of My Posting 00:02:00
Setting up your Facebook page
Facebook Page Section Introduction 00:02:00
Setting Up A Facebook Business Page 00:02:00
Page Banner Size 00:02:00
Setting The About Section Of Facebook Page 00:04:00
Facebook Shops For Upload 00:06:00
Two Examples Of Good Facebook Pages 00:06:00
How to go viral on Facebook
Introducing Viral Coefficient Formula 00:03:00
Viral Coefficient Calculator 00:03:00
Virality And Ads 00:04:00
How to use viral memes to go viral and boost sharing
Meme Section Introduction 00:01:00
How To Start Finding Funny Memes 00:03:00
How To Create Image Memes 00:02:00
Creating Your Own Gifs For Virality 00:03:00
YouTube Marketing
YouTube Section Intro 00:01:00
Professional YouTube Marketing For One Video 00:05:00
YouTube SEO Introduction 2019 00:05:00
YouTube On Page SEO New 00:04:00
Introducing YouTube Recommendation Algorithm 00:05:00
Strategy For Recommendation Algorithm On YouTube 00:06:00
VIDIQ 00:04:00
How to get more views on YouTube 2 00:07:00
How to get more views on YouTube1 00:08:00
Overview Of My YouTube Channel New 00:07:00
What To Do When You First Start Your Channel 00:02:00
Social Media Contests Niche 00:07:00
Social media marketing calendar
Section Introduction Social Media Marketing Calendar 00:02:00
Adding Themes To Your Calendar Days 00:06:00
How To Ease Into Hiring Freelancers 00:04:00
Social Media Posting Strategies 00:03:00
How Long Social Postings Take To Make 00:04:00
When To Not Have A Social Media Calendar 00:06:00
Marketing Calendar For Local Business 00:13:00
Email marketing and autoresponder introduction & basic setup
Email Marketing Introduction 00:03:00
Email Marketing Providers Overview 00:02:00
Creating Your Email List 00:02:00
Generating Mail chip Subscriber Forms 00:02:00
Creating The Auto responder 00:02:00
Tips On Setting Up Your Auto responder 00:05:00
Options For Email Sign up Popups 00:02:00
Free Book Give away 00:02:00
For ecommerce and selling products
Ecommerce Overview 00:09:00
Selling Physical introducts In Brick And Mortar Stores 00:05:00
Affiliate marketing section
Affiliate Marketing Overview 00:05:00
Good Part Of Affiliate Marketing 2020 00:03:00
Event marketing strategy section
Events As Lead Generation 00:07:00
Book Writing Section Introduction 00:01:00
Selling books and other products on Amazon
Book Writing Section Introduction 2020 00:01:00
New How To Write A Book 00:06:00
Most Effective Book Marketing Strategies 00:07:00
Amazon Kindle keyword research categories and search-1 00:10:00
Amazon Kindle keyword research categories and search-2 00:09:00
Amazon Search Ranking Factors 2020 00:07:00
How to use Kindle countdown deals to sell more books 00:08:00
Launch And Best seller Strategy 00:16:00
Briefly About Paid Ads Since This Course Is On Free Marketing Strategies
Ads Overview 00:12:00
Introduction To Marketing: Beginners Please Watch This First
Marketing Fundamentals Section Introduction 00:01:00
Historic Roots Of Marketing 00:04:00
Seth Godin Purple Cow With 3 Examples 2019 00:04:00
Free Or Discounted Consultations 00:04:00
Getting To Understand Your Target Market 00:04:00
Target Market Exercise 00:03:00
Sales funnel how to identify, optimize and improve your sales funnel 00:06:00
AB testing and how to increase conversion rates relation to sales funnels 00:05:00
How to create free infographics to make more engaging social and blog posts
How To Create Info graphic 00:04:00

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