How to Get Started in a Data Analysis Career

There are now many vacancies with good salaries – and even opportunities to relocate worldwide – if you have any of the in-demand skills for technology.

The rapid advance of technology makes it hard to recruit sufficient staff to keep pace. Companies of all types and sizes across the globe are fighting to find staff with STEM knowledge; Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Particularly as data is now the currency of commerce, industry, healthcare, farming and in fact every other aspect of work and life! Being able to collate, store, manage and analyse data is the only way modern organisations can survive, as well as thrive.

Vast amounts of digital information – the Big Data phenomenon – are also changing the way we tackle diseases and grow enough food to keep pace with population growth. It is data that drives the relentless work to develop even more advanced devices and software, such as equipment and systems that rely on Artificial Intelligence and that bring unprecedented levels of automation, connectivity and interaction.

It’s a huge and exciting field, but how do you get started in data related careers?


How can I become a Data Scientist or Engineer?

One of the first steps is to sign up for a data analysis online course.One of the great things about internet-based learning and training is that you can fit it easily around your existing job and family commitments. Studying data analysis skills and techniques online is also the best way to learn at your own pace, and gain confidence in the wonderful world of data science.


What are the prospects for data analysts?

Specialising in one aspect of data management and analysis can help focus your skills and job hunting on the business sector that most appeals to you.

For example, you may want to concentrate on the general business side of data analysis to find a job in modern marketing.

If you explore the field of accounting and finance software and data management, it can open the door to a substantial range of options. Many organisations recruit to better collate, use and manage digitalised financial information.

Or, you could consider specialising in developing skills in one of the leading software applications that are used in relation to data management, such as Microsoft Excel.

Having proven data analysis abilities and insights gained with an online course is the ‘entry level’ to advance through various levels of data science. Or, it could even be a stepping stone to a management post with a company that needs to harness the power of data!


December 23, 2020

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