How Freelance Marketplace Can Help You Scale Your Business

Engaging content is a cornerstone of any modern business. Blog articles, social media posts, and ebooks help customers to understand a business better or to promote a product more efficiently. 

Moreover, such content is essential to scale and expand your business. But where to find a blog writer that will efficiently scale a business? The answer is simple: search for a blog writer to hire at Skillhub.  

Freelance marketplaces, such as Skillhub, can help you scale your business by providing access to a pool of talented writers, marketers, and other professionals. Here are some ways in which Skillhub freelancers can help you:

Unlocking Growth: Leveraging Freelance Marketplaces to Scale Your Business

The freelance marketplace is a rapidly growing industry that provides a platform for businesses to find and hire freelancers for various tasks and projects. As businesses continue to evolve and grow, many are turning to the freelance marketplace to help them scale their operations. In this blog post, we’ll explore how the freelance marketplace can help you scale your business.

Blog Writing 

Audience increases via blogs are another viable option for business scaling. The format of short videos is the most recent trend in advertising. At the same time, more than 70% of Internet users keep reading blogs. Consistent and high-quality content is in high demand with the audience. 

A blog is a long-term project. Minor projects and companies start to feel the impact of a blog a year after its launch. Yet, without a blog, audience growth will be prolonged.

The blog may cover different aspects of the business. You may start a blog about news in your company, about novelties in the industry, or even a column about blog writing tips to upscale a business. The main idea is to speak with the audience on relevant topics.

A successful blog consists of two elements: quality and consistency. Skillhub freelance writers can provide aid with both of these aspects. 

A qualitative blog is one that:

  • It is easy to read;
  • Has catchy headings;
  • Includes relevant keywords;
  • Has excellent SEO optimization.

Skillhub blog writers know how to make a qualitative presentation on any topic and follow the listed principles. A content plan is the basis of consistent blog posts. Once a week or once a month – a blog should receive its updates regularly. Freelance writers can manage this task independently. A business can focus on actual entrepreneurship and receive a stable ground for communication with the audience for a reasonable price. 

Ebook writing 

Ebooks are a modern format of content distribution that cover numerous needs. Anything can become an ebook:

  • A manual;
  • A brochure;
  • A book of recipes;
  • Lifestyle tips;
  • A catalog.

Ebooks are a great way to promote your business and explain its core to investors or new audiences. Professional ebook writers know how to work with the format and emphasize the company’s most potent sides in an ebook.

A Perfect Guide To Home Business
Working from home has huge benefits but the practical aspects must be carefully considered and clinically implemented to achieve success.
A Perfect Guide To Home Business
Working from home has huge benefits but the practical aspects must be carefully considered and clinically implemented to achieve success.

Business writing 

Business writing is another aspect of entrepreneurship that freelance experts can help with. Business documentation includes:

  • Business plans;
  • Financial reports;
  • White pages.

Business plans are vital for startups. More than 75% of new startups fail due to the lack of proper business documentation. Clear direction for strategic development, estimated losses, and profits are core for any new business.

Financial reports and white papers are equally important and help regulate internal business communication. Expert Skillhub and jobhero freelance writers will help to cover these business tasks and improve communication within the company.

Social Media Management 

Social media networks are a perfect place for informal communication with business clients, promotions of new features, and announcements. Masterfully crafted messages in social media will make content more engaging and the audience more interested in your product.

Matthew started his application about famous tourist landmarks quite successfully. The idea was simple – provide optimal routes toward popular places worldwide and information about them—a guide in your pocket. The application gained popularity but not enough to explode. 

Matthew tried to keep his social networks updated and work on the features simultaneously. Yet, these tasks together consumed too much time. He applied to Skillhub with a request to make his social media pages more appealing.

After a month of service, Matthew’s social media page became more popular, and he boosted downloads of his application by 30%. Efficient communication via social media networks can generate noticeable profits.

Promotional and Press Materials 

Business needs to attract investments to grow. Therefore, business needs to be presented before investors and potential partners. It should be promoted on the industry’s portals and conferences. All of this presentation requires a lot of press materials.

Presentation speeches, brochures, and business plans are an integral part of a promotion that takes a lot of preparation. If a company has a budget for in-house specialists, scaling will be effortless. Yet, if a small business struggles with proper presentation.

Business promotion is a similar task to creating engaging content. Skillhub freelance writers know how to handle it and present the best qualities of your business or its vision and strategic goals.

Bottom Line

Business upscaling heavily relies on the creation of quality content. Blogs, social media posts, and business documentation are essential for profitable upscaling. Hiring freelancers is an optimal solution to make the task of business expansion easier.

Skillhub writing experts are proficient in many topics and will help you create content for any topic and format. If you need qualitative content, Skillhub is a perfect choice.

A Perfect Guide To Home Business
Working from home has huge benefits but the practical aspects must be carefully considered and clinically implemented to achieve success.
A Perfect Guide To Home Business
Working from home has huge benefits but the practical aspects must be carefully considered and clinically implemented to achieve success.


1. How to Decide When to Upscale?

The decision about upscaling comes after long preparations. Expanding the business a year or two after launch would be unwise. Secure all the processes and create a backup plan. You may start upscaling when confident that a failure will not affect your business. 

2. How to manage the team during upscaling?

Competent professionals equal success during upscaling. It would be wise to hire freelance professionals to cover aspects of the business you are unsure about, like a promotion or consistent blog writing. 

3. Do I need the plan to upscale?

A rapid, chaotic upscaling may cause unexpected and undesirable consequences. The most direct effect of upscaling without a plan is rapid losses. Plan for strategic upscaling and damage control if something goes wrong.

April 17, 2023

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