Interested in Working in Education? These Courses Might be the Right Fit For You

As an ever-changing and highly rewarding career, it’s no surprise that going into education is still a popular choice for many. Perhaps you’re already making a move into education, and you want to brush up your skills. Or maybe you’re making the transition from one industry to another, and you want to get a head start. Either way, these courses are an excellent fit if education is the field of choice for you:

Teaching assistant training

For those that want to get stuck into classroom work, teaching assistant training is a fantastic place to start. With this course, you learn all you need to know to effectively support students and teachers in the classroom, across a variety of age ranges. We offer a range of different teacher training courses for teaching assistants, ranging from the basic level 2 qualification through to highly specialised level 3 courses for standard and extra needs classrooms. To get the full foundation for working in a school, there’s no better place to look.

BSL course

For those that would like to work with older children, whether in a SEN setting or in a school or club for the deaf, British Sign Language can be an incredible addition to your skillset. It provides a way for you to communicate with children and teenagers that can’t otherwise speak to you, providing value to their educational experience and ensuring that even the quietest of children are heard. Our BSL course provides certification in levels 1 and 2, with many of BSL carrying over to further training in sign language for younger children, such as Makaton.

Counselling and psychology

For those that want to work within the educational sphere, supporting students, teachers and parents from outside the classroom, counselling skills are highly valued. These skills can be used to help students who are having a tough time, provide an ear during particularly stressful periods and even to provide recommendations to help parents and teachers with more difficult pupils. Education isn’t just about teaching; it’s about giving children the wellbeing they need to succeed. If that sounds like something that speaks to you, then our counselling courses might be the ideal fit.

To find out more about the Education-centric courses we offer, see our full range of online and industry-specific certificates and qualifications online today.


December 17, 2020

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