Travel The World and Get Paid To Teach

Are you passionate about the English language? Do you enjoy reading and writing different types of subject matters? Do you like helping people and sharing your knowledge and skills? Whichever applies, a TESOL Certificate offers the opportunity to travel the world with endless, well-paid job opportunities available to you.

What is a TESOL Certificate?

A TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate is internationally recognised as the most comprehensive qualification to enable you to teach English as a foreign language internationally. You don’t need a degree to be a competent teacher and access job opportunities; however renowned, educational facilities worldwide are actively seeking individuals with a TESOL Certificate. To be able to complete the course, you just need to have a good understanding of English – the course will equip you with all the skills needed to teach it as a second/foreign language.

Where can I work?

Getting paid to teach English as a second/foreign language opens up job opportunities in numerous countries.

Countries that offer opportunities to individuals with this qualification include and are not limited to:

• Japan
• China and other East Asian countries
• Middle East
• Parts of Eastern Europe and Spain, Italy and Germany.

Unlike the TEFL Certificate, the TESOL Certificate is required to teach anyone who is not a native speaker of English and will also enable you to teach English in the UK.

How is the course taught?

When you decide to take the course, you will have course materials available and support from a tutor for 12 months and can study whenever you choose. The course is divided into 9 distinct areas, covering all aspects of teaching English as a second/foreign language. With access to an expansive catalogue of reading materials, research assignments and practical exercises, alongside tutor support, you will have everything you need to complete and acquire a TESOL Certificate. Additionally, during the course, you will be provided with advice and resources to assist you with finding a job. Once completed, you will be awarded a TESOL Certificate and be equipped to immediately start teaching in both UK and worldwide positions.


December 23, 2020

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