Want A Career Change? A British Sign Language Course Could Help

When it comes to improving our prospects, many of us can find it tough to choose skills and qualifications that will be both valuable and transferrable. Some skills can be very specific and will only allow you to work in a certain environment, others like the skills gained in a British sign language course offer more options. There are a number of reasons why choosing a British sign language course can help you start a new career in a number of different sectors.

One in six people have some form of hearing loss

It’s a surprising statistic, but one that highlights the importance of sign language. It is thought that within twenty years this statistic will change to one in five. Around 70,000 people in the UK use sign language as their preferred language, so it’s a good language to learn.

Career Opportunities

Learning sign language can give you a headstart or an edge over other candidates in many different roles. Although you may think that learning BSL would only be useful in certain roles, it can open many doors in a number of different environments. For example, learning BSL can help you start a career in the police or military, in an educational environment, or in TV and film and the arts. Another benefit of learning sign language is that you may be able to use your skills overseas to help you pick up different forms of sign languages used by different countries.

Learning BSL also gives you the opportunity of becoming self-employed and offering freelance translation or interpretation services. A BSL course also can help you on your way to becoming a sign language teacher too.

Other Benefits

Taking a British sign language course doesn’t only help your prospects and give you many additional career opportunities, it also comes with many personal benefits. For example, you’ll be able to meet new people that you would never have been able to converse with before, and you may also find it easier to learn other languages. Furthermore, your memory functions can improve greatly when exposed to new challenges, and you’ll also improve your communication skills.



December 17, 2020

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