3 Ways To Break Free of The Daily Grind

Are you genuinely happy? Everyone should be, but often we find ourselves stuck in a monotonous routine. When every day feels the same, it can be hard to find motivation. If all of your days seem to start and end the same, with almost identical filler in the middle, then perhaps you need to make a change and get out of the daily grind.

– Find joy in the small details

You can bring something new to your life with very little in the way of change. If you tend to pack the same lunch every day or cook a family staple for dinner every night, then why not make this your first change? Get creative – look for new ingredients, search recipe books for delicious meals that you’ve never prepared before. Even making mealtimes something to look forward to can change your mood for the day.

If you walk the kids to school, introduce a game and turn the usual school run routine into a moment of magical bonding. Or, list five things that you need them to find each morning – from conkers and acorns in the autumn to pink flowers during the spring, a specific shape somewhere in the world around them or a dog being walked on a lead.

If you’re commuting, try taking the train instead of your car. Whilst some people complain about train travel, many enjoy this extra time to read a book or learn a new skill.

– Give yourself a goal

Learning something new, giving yourself something to work towards, is a great way to break from routine. Set yourself a goal to learn something new and useful. Most people have some time that could be better used, like an hour that they usually spend mindlessly watching TV. You could learn a new language, perhaps taking a British sign language course, or even learn how to knit or make candles.

– Choose a new career

Sometimes, bigger changes are needed to break free from monotonous routines. If you’re just not feeling passionate about your job, then this could be an area of change. Retrain whilst you’re working, and go into work each day with the knowledge that you’re planning your escape – it’ll make you worry far less about a job that you’re not enjoying!

There are so many things you can retrain from home for, from becoming a baker with a cake decorating course to learning ethical hacking.

Humans are creatures of habit. But, you don’t have to be. Make a chance to break free from the everyday, and find a love for something new.


June 6, 2022

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