10 Facts About the Spanish Language

Learning a language is fun. When you start learning a new language, you can learn its culture, origin and so many stories attached to the evolution of this language. In this article, we are going to tell you the about 10 astonishing facts about the Spanish language. It would increase your interest in Spanish learning. 

Moreover, your newly learned knowledge opens the door for an abundance of knowledge to gather, giving you an opportunity to learn about new cultures and new people. Yes, Spanish is not out of this. Spanish is the 2nd highest speaking language just after the Chinese. From the 16th century to till now it has a glorious history of origin which brings so many interesting facts about Spanish language.

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10 Interesting Facts About Spanish

According to Britannica, Spanish is the official language of Spain in Europe, 18 American countries, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, along with Equatorial Guinea in Africa. So, it has vast speaker around the world. To get more about this exciting language, I gathered 10 Spanish language facts may really surprise you.

 Now let’s have a look 10 most interesting facts –

Let’s dive deep into it-

Fact # 01- Most Romantic Language

Spanish is one of the most romantic languages in the world. Due to its grammar and the way it is pronounced it makes it the most romantic language. Spanish grammar has more software constant and long vowels which sound romantic when pronounced. 

Spanish originated from Roman language, which is a romantic language too. Expert things, since the language originated from the Roman language it has little bit of a romantic effect on Spanish. Moreover, the language is rhythmic and poetic which is another reason for considering Spanish as the Romantic language.

Fact # 02- Second Most Spoken Language In the World

Spanish language learning

There are 437 million native Spanish speakers, this qualifies Spanish as the most spoken language in the world. Spanish is ahead of English and makes English as the third most spoken language of the world. Though English is the most popular and common language for business, the number of native English speakers is only 335 millions. 

 However, Spanish can not beat the Chinese language which is the highest spoken language in the world. There are around 1.2 billion native Chinese speakers in the world.

Fact # 03- Arabic has big Influence on Spanish

Arabs ruled Spain from 711 to 1492, during this long period of time, Arabic words mixed with Spanish words. Around 4000 words in Spanish are taken directly from the Arabic. This is the 8% of the Spanish dictionary. 

 The relation between Arabic and Spanish are mostly lexical. The usage of the Arabic in the Spanish language started in the medieval age and declined gradually. Some of the Arabic words are also used in daily conversation.

Fact# 04- Spanish and English are from the Same Language Family

Spanish has come from the same language family as English. You can say them brothers. This is why English and Spanish have so many similarities.  

However, Spanish evolve from the Indo-European language family which is also the root for the English language too. German, French, Scandinavian, and Salvic languages are also part of this language family. Many languages in then South Asia and India also originated from the Indo-European language family. 

 Other than the language origin English also has direct influence on the Spanish. There are bunches of words which are similar in English and Spanish. Besides, the alphabet of Spanish and English are the same. So, it is easy to learn Spanish if you are a native English speaker.

Fact# 05- Spanish is the 3rd Most Used Language on the Internet

Yes, you heard it right, Spanish is the third most used language on the internet. 7.9% of users use Spanish on the internet. For Wikipedia, Spanish is the second most important language in regard to the number of visitors on Wikipedia. However, Spanish stands second most highly used language on Facebook and Twitter. 

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Fact# 06- Spanish is the Second Most Studied Language

Spanish is the second most studied language in the world. Almost 21 million people use Spanish as their second language. Around 18 million students are studying Spanish as their foreign language. Right now 6% of the worlds’ total population understand Spanish, it is forecasted that the number will increase by 10% in the near future.

Fact# 07- First Spanish Grammar Was Published in 1492

Can you remember, when Columbus discovered America? Yes, it was back in 1492 the same year when the first Spanish grammar was published. When America was discovered the Spanish language was developing its grammar. Isn’t it interesting? 

Fact# 08- 15.8% Countries Use Spanish as Their Official Language

15.8% of countries in the world use Spanish as their official language which means it is 22 countries in the world who use Spanish as their official language. So, if you learn how to speak in Spanish you can talk to the 20% people of the world. 

Fact # 09 - Castilian is Another Name of Spanish

Spanish people do not call them Spanish, they call them Castilian.  Español is another term to refer Spanish, some also refer to Castellano as Spanish. “Español” and “Castellano” are the synonyms of Spanish, but both of them have a slight difference in usage. “Español” refers to Spanish and Castelano refers to Spanish spoken in the Spanish area. 

Fact # 10 - Spanish has Phonetic Alphabet

In English, the word sounds vary depending on their position. But in Spanish, if you know the word you will know how to pronounce it and how to spell it. Which means, if you know the letter you will know how to pronounce, spell it properly. 

These are the interesting facts about the Spanish speaking language. To learn more about this fascinating language, enrol the Spanish language course for beginners with Alpha Academy.

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