10 Cake Baking Tips for Perfect Cakes

Knowledge of baking science helps you to bake a cake with a great taste. Probably baking is the oldest cooking method. Baking is different from cooking. Any little adjustment could be the ruin of your baking, and you will be noticed that downfall after you got your cake from the oven. So, you should consider a recipe and baking tips before you start. Before knowing that, you must know about baking science.

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Why is baking considered an exact science?

First, we will let you know baking is a science.You can add Mint sauce or Malt vinegar which could adjust your cooking whereas baking has a restriction on that type of adjustment.

Baking is a procedure of making food in an oven. Baking has a resemblance to chemistry. Baking is considered an exact science because the success of baking relies on bread, rolls, pastries, and cookies etc. Generally, baking items prepared from flour or meal derived from some form of grain. 

Before you dive into the pro tips, you should know which tools you need to use following these tips. Here, some tools you need for perfect cake baking

Before knowing the baking tips, it is essential to know the Basic Baking methods for better understanding.

Basic baking methods

Creaming is a method requiring thorough creaming or blended of butter and sugar together before mixing other ingredients. Creaming method is applied on baked goods, especially cakes and cookies.Creaming method is a useful method for adding air to the cake mixture. This creaming method is generally used for most of the cakes, such as Victoria Sponge. Apart from this, the creaming method is also used for biscuits and cookies.

Melting method is an easy and fast baking techniques. You can bake different cakes by this method. Usually, gingerbread and fruit cakes are prepared by this process or method. You can use butter or fat in the cake which is frequently melted together in a pan before adding the eggs. Then you should add dry ingredients, for example, baking powder, which helps the cake to rise.

Rubbing method is a bit skilful baking method in which rubbing of butter pieces works into flour using fingers, which forms breadcrumb or sand-like texture. Rubbing in the method is generally used to crumble toppings, scones and pastries.

In a hot milk method, butter and liquid need to be boiled together before the flour is poured. You can use this method to make cupcakes and traditional hot milk puddings.

Baking blind also called pre-baking, is the procedure of baking a pie crust. You have to cook your pastry previously before adding any filling ingredients to prevent the pastry from becoming moist.

10 Baking Tips for Perfect Cakes

1. Keep an eye on the recipe

The recipe is the most important instruction to follow to bake the cake with taste. Following the instruction of the full recipe without any additional ingredients. Few people ignore the recipe to follow, which is the main reason for not being tasty in the end.  You should not waste your money, effort and time by not following the recipe. If you ran out of any ingredient, it is recommended to add alternative ingredients. But, it might change the taste you desire. Before starting to follow the recipe, you should keep the butter out for 1-2 hours.Another essential thing to keep in mind that you have to make sure you are using the proper pan size and shape. To prevent dense cakes, sunken cakes, overflowing cakes or flimsy cakes, use the proper pan size and shape.

2. Ensure perfect room temperature for the perfect cake

Let’s focus on ensuring room temperature. You should keep the optimum room temperature for perfect baking. The room temperature should be maintained before mixing the ingredients and using the cake flour. Maintain room temperature as an ingredient of baking cake.Creaming butter and sugar together is the beginning of the cake recipe. For holding air, use butter. In the baking process, butter traps the air to make the cake fluffy. Room temperature reduces the over mixing and fluffiness.

 If you are softening the butter exceptionally, the cake will be denser. Use your finger to test the cake. Butter will not be shiny or greasy or warm.

3. Proper measurement of the ingredients

Proper measurement of flour is the most crucial ingredient. Measure flour using Spoon and level method. Mismeasurement of any ingredient because of the taste of your cake. Recipe success and failure depend on the measurement of 1-2 tablespoon of essential ingredients. Correct measuring methods of specific ingredients will assure better baking outcomes. You can use a spoon or measuring cup for accurate measurement. You can use a knife to level off the measuring cup.

4. Use cake flour

You will gain more experience from more baking. Cake flour is a low protein flour. But, few recipes do not exist with cake flour such as Chocolate cake containing cocoa powder, which is a much more fine ingredient than cake flour. For baking, you can use fruits or veggies as wet ingredients for different renowned cakes such as carrot cake, banana cake etc. Nowadays, professional bakeries generally use cake flour when making vanilla cake, red velvet cake & white cake. Usually, Cake flour is used to produce pineapple upside-down cake and funfetti cake.

5. Do a perfect mix

Getting your tasty cake by doing a perfect mix up of your ingredients is one of the vital baking tips for you. For better mixing, use an electric mixer. Make sure optimum mixing and continue mixing before the ingredients get combined. Please, make sure your ingredients are not over mixed and do not leave the room before the mixing is done. Generally, you should blend together your dry ingredients and wet distinctly. This method will give you the best outcome & better texture in your baking.

6. Set parchment paper rounds

Before preparing to set Parchment paper rounds, you need to ensure quality cake pans. It does not matter what the pan size or brand. Nowadays, professionals want to trace the bottom of the cake pans(s) using a large piece of parchment paper.After placement of parchment, grease the pan and parchment round. When the cake is pulled from the oven and has cooled, place a thin knife at the edge. Then, invert the cake and peel off the parchment round. Peel off the parchment round

7. Maintain oven temperature

Dramatic change of temperature causes rising cake to downing. Follow the baking time as required from the recipe and keep checking several times for finished cake. Please check your oven temperature for maintaining proper temperature. If you set your oven 350°F, it might not be the same temperature inside the oven. An inaccurate oven temperature can ruin your baked goods.An inexpensive tool for maintaining temperature is an oven thermometer which can be placed in your kitchen. Place the thermometer in your oven so you can always track the actual temperature.You can use a convection oven by decreasing the oven temperature by 25°F. It is the best way to lessen the baking time and for cookies. Longer baking time is required for cakes, cupcakes, bread, bars, etc.

8.Check cake for doneness

Identify the doneness, otherwise it will ruin your desired taste. It’s time to check your cake for doneness as stated in the recipe. Try to avoid overbaking the cake to get the perfect texture. To check creamed cakes, enter a wooden toothpick in the centre of the cake. If the pick comes out fresh, the cake is okay.

9. Allow to cool down in the pan

The cooling process is faster for cake. Leave the cake for 10-15 minutes before unmolding. Then, you should place the cake in the rack to cool. After the complete cooling process, assemble and decorate cakes. You can also cool the cake inside the pan. Place the pan in a wired rack until the cake cools completely. After the cooling process, go for the storing cake. Rush tips for you: If you are in a rush, you can place the pan and rack in the refrigerator to speed up the cooling process.

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10. Storing, Decorating & Transporting Cakes

After finishing the product, it is better to store the cake at room temperature. If you want to store a frosted cake, preserve it in the refrigerator. You can use a carrier for the frosted cupcake to store & transport. Cupcake carriers are quite suitable for 9×13 inch cakes, round pies, and many more.Store the unfrosted cakes and wrapped well in plastic at room temperature for 24 hours. For long-term storage, it is the best way to freeze them. Wrap the layers using plastic wrap. After that, heavy-duty foil paper to protect them from the cold temperature. Store frosted cakes by keeping the cake under a large bowl at room temperature except the recipe requires refrigeration.

Decorate the cake using icing or frosting or other decorative elements to make the cake more visually fascinating. Without decoration, the cake looks less attractive to devour. Decorate the baked cake into three layers, crumb coat, buttercream top coat etc.  Maybe the decoration of your cake gives a crowning layer of your visual satisfaction.

To transport the cake, add a few toothpicks around the cake to stick in a point. Place a layer of plastic wrap to cover up the cake. Be careful to transport large size cakes, because there are possibilities to be affected by decoration.

Not every cake baker is a pro baker. But, I hope you can bake your cake like a pro cake baker with these top 10 tips. Creativity in decorating cake is the last finishing touch from you will create visual interest in your cake. Top 10 baking tips for perfect cakes give an opportunity to bake a cake which will taste like a bake professional.

May 4, 2023

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