Level 3 Diploma in Sage 50 (Accounts & Payroll)

Sage is an extremely popular accounting software worldwide, used by a huge number of businesses and providing a complete accounts processing …

Level 3 Diploma in Sage 50

Level 3 Diploma in Sage 50 (Accounts & Payroll)




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Sage is an extremely popular accounting software worldwide, used by a huge number of businesses and providing a complete accounts processing package. The Level 3 Diploma in Sage 50 (Accounts & Payroll) will enable you to accurately manage your process invoices, sales, supplier’s details, produce financial reports and manage the VAT records.  This course allows you to gain a full understanding of using Sage 50 software and prove to employers and recruiters that you’re able to provide accounting duties to the highest standards.

Course Highlights

  • The price is for the whole course including final exam – no hidden fees
  • Accredited Certificate upon successful completion at an additional cost
  • Efficient exam system with instant results
  • Track progress within own personal learning portal
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat

Level 3 Diploma in Sage 50 (Accounts & Payroll) has been given CPD accreditation and is one of the best-selling courses available to students worldwide.

This valuable course is suitable for anyone interested in working in this sector or who simply wants to learn more about the topic. If you’re an individual looking to excel within this field then Level 3 Diploma in Sage 50 (Accounts & Payroll) is for you.

We’ve taken this comprehensive course and broken it down into several manageable modules which we believe will assist you to easily grasp each concept – from the fundamental to the most advanced aspects of the course. It really is a sure pathway to success.

All our courses offer 12 months access and are designed to be studied at your own pace so you can take as much or as little time as you need to complete and gain the full CPD accredited qualification. And, there are no hidden fees or exam charges.

We pride ourselves on having friendly and experienced instructors who provide full weekday support and are ready to help with any of your queries. So, if you need help, just drop them an email and await a speedy response.

Furthermore, you can check the validity of your qualification and verify your certification on our website at anytime.

So, why not improve your chances of gaining professional skills and better earning potential.

Assessment and Certification

At the end of the course, you will be required to sit an online multiple-choice test. Your test will be assessed automatically and immediately so that you will instantly know whether you have been successful. After you have successfully passed the final exam, you will be able to order an Accredited Certificate of Achievement at an additional cost of £19 for a PDF copy and £29 for an original print copy sent to you by post or for both £39.

Career Path

Not only does our CPD accredited course look good on your CV, setting you apart from the competition, it can be used as a stepping stone to greater things. Further advance your learning, launch a new career or reinvigorate an existing one.

On successful completion of this course, you have the potential to achieve an estimated salary of £19,500.

The sky really is the limit.


Our Level 3 Diploma in Sage 50 (Accounts & Payroll) is fully compatible with any kind of device. Whether you are using Windows computer, Mac, smartphones or tablets, you will get the same experience while learning. Besides that, you will be able to access the course with any kind of internet connection from anywhere at any time without any kind of limitation.

Please Note:For practice purpose, you should have Sage 50 software installed on your PC. The software is not included with this course. Sage provide a free online trial version of the Sage 50 Accounts software, which is more than suitable to study this course and learn how to use the software. You will get the full instructions for downloading free Sage 50 Software in your course page.

Course Curriculum

Sage 50 Accounting
Sage online intro to the course 00:06:00
QB of what can you do next after this course 00:05:00
Free Trial 00:03:00
Sign Up 00:02:00
Set Up (1) 00:02:00
Set Up (2) 00:05:00
Upgrade The Version 00:04:00
Opening Journals 00:08:00
Reports Trial Balance 00:05:00
Enter Opening Journals – now that coa done 00:06:00
Opening TB 00:04:00
Reverse the Opening Accrual 00:05:00
Reverse The Opening Accrual – Report 00:03:00
Amend The Nominal Ledger 00:06:00
Nominal Ledger Report 00:02:00
Copy of The Coas 00:05:00
Add New Customers 00:07:00
Customer Report 00:01:00
Customer Address List 00:05:00
Add New Suppliers 00:04:00
SUPPLIER Report 00:01:00
Supplier Address List 00:05:00
Customer Invoices 00:07:00
Customer Invoices – Batch 00:06:00
Post Credit Notes 00:05:00
REPORT Customer Account Activity 00:03:00
Customer Account Activity Details 00:05:00
Aged Debtors Breakdown 00:05:00
Post Supplier Invoices 00:10:00
Post Supplier Credit Notes 00:04:00
Supplier Account Activity Report 00:05:00
Aged Creditors Info 00:05:00
Supplier Cheques 00:07:00
Report Supplier Payments 00:01:00
Supplier Payments Details Report 00:05:00
Receipts From Customers 00:07:00
Report of The Customer Receipts 00:01:00
Report to Show Customer Receipts 00:05:00
Post Petty Cash Transactions 00:02:00
Report Chq in 00:03:00
Report PDF of Chq Transfers 00:05:00
Cash Payments 00:10:00
Cash Payments Now all Nominals are there 00:06:00
Report to Show Petty Cash Payments 00:01:00
Report of the Petty Cash Payments 00:05:00
Post Sundry Payments 00:03:00
Report Showing Bank Payments 00:01:00
Report of Bank Payments 00:05:00
Prepare a VAT Return 00:03:00
Vat Return Detail Report 00:05:00
Vat Return Summary (2) 00:05:00
Reconcile The Bank 00:05:00
Unreconciled Bank Report 00:01:00
Post The Wages Journal 00:04:00
Wages Journal Report 00:01:00
Month End Adjustment Journals 00:04:00
Month End Reports 00:02:00
Report Trial Balance 00:05:00
PNL Report 00:05:00
BS Report 00:05:00
What can you do next after this course 00:05:00
Sage 50 Payroll Level 1
Module 1: Payroll Basics 00:10:00
Module 2: Company Settings 00:08:00
Module 3: Legislation Settings 00:07:00
Module 4: Pension Scheme Basics 00:06:00
Module 5: Pay Elements 00:14:00
Module 6: The Processing Date 00:07:00
Module 7: Adding Existing Employees 00:08:00
Module 8: Adding New Employees 00:12:00
Module 9: Payroll Processing Basics 00:11:00
Module 10: Entering Payments 00:12:00
Module 11: Pre-Update Reports 00:09:00
Module 12: Updating Records 00:09:00
Module 13: e-Submissions Basics 00:09:00
Module 14: Process Payroll (November) 00:16:00
Module 15: Employee Records and Reports 00:13:00
Module 16: Editing Employee Records 00:07:00
Module 17: Process Payroll (December) 00:12:00
Module 18: Resetting Payments 00:05:00
Module 19: Quick SSP 00:10:00
Module 20: An Employee Leaves 00:13:00
Module 21: Final Payroll Run 00:07:00
Module 22: Reports and Historical Data 00:08:00
Module 23: Year-End Procedures 00:09:00
Sage 50 Payroll Level 2
Module 1: The Outline View and Criteria 00:11:00
Module 2: Global Changes 00:07:00
Module 3: Timesheets 00:12:00
Module 4: Departments and Analysis 00:11:00
Module 5: Holiday Schemes 00:10:00
Module 6: Recording Holidays 00:12:00
Module 7: Absence Reasons 00:13:00
Module 8: Statutory Sick Pay 00:16:00
Module 9: Statutory Maternity Pay 00:17:00
Module 10: Student Loans 00:09:00
Module 11: Company Cars 00:13:00
Module 12: Workplace Pensions 00:21:00
Module 13: Holiday Funds 00:13:00
Module 14: Process Payroll (November) 00:11:00
Module 15: Passwords and Access Rights 00:08:00
Module 16: Options and Links 00:10:00
Module 17: Linking Payroll to Accounts 00:08:00

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