10 Essential Car Maintenance Tips for Last Longer Car

To increase the life expectancy of a car & make it look brand new, proper maintenance is an important step that every car owner should follow. There are many things you need to learn & have at your fingertips if you wish to extend the lifespan of your car. But, before that you need to understand why car maintenance is essential for an owner. In this article, you will get 10 Essential Car Maintenance Tips that will save your money, for sure.

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Benefits of Car Maintenance

Automobiles are made up of several different parts, which needs to be in top condition to operate properly. If one of them fails, the whole system will suffer & it will cease to run.

To help your perspective, here are a few benefits of car maintenance:

1. Safety of Yourself

According to research by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2018, about 1.35M people die annually due to road accidents.

A big portion of that number could be shaved off if everyone followed the proper vehicle conservation procedures. Thus, maintenance can potentially save your life by improving your road safety.

2. Performance of Your Vehicle

The longevity of a car directly depends on the owner & how they treat the vehicle. As a matter of fact, a well-maintained old car can easily outlive a new one, if it’s properly taken care of.

Often it’s the small works such as checking the brakes, tire pressure, battery & fluids regularly can improve the performance.

3. The expense for Your Vehicle 

When it comes to cars, always remember that ‘Prevention is better than a cure.’ Quite often you’ll see that ignoring & clustering up the repair ends up costing you more money than it’s worth in the market.

So, if you want to avoid digging a hole in your pocket, you should schedule a regular check-up for your vehicle.

4. Roadside Emergency

Imagine it’s late night and you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere because your car broke down. While it may seem like a plot from a horror film, the occurrence of this situation is very often.

However, you can minimise such roadside crisis moments by simply checking & maintaining your car daily.

5. Environmental Protection

At present, vehicles are responsible for major environmental pollution such as air pollution & global warming. For that reason, both the manufacturer and the owner of vehicles are required by the law to follow certain rules to maintain minimal carbon emissions.

By carrying out the timely car maintenance, you’ll be doing your part to protect the natural environment.

10 Essential Car Maintenance Tips

Handy Tips Essential Car Maintenance

1. Tire Pressure & Fluids

Now, is the time to know the most essential car maintenance tips. Tires are arguably the most important feature of your car for safety, efficiency & comfort.

In addition, according to Research in 2018 by Highways England and wheel company Bridgestone, “Almost 3/4 of motorway incidents related to tire failure could be prevented if drivers carry out simple checks.”

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Tire Pressure Measurement & Fluid Maintenance

So, regularly checking the tire pressure, wheel balance & tire rotation can help your vehicle stay in good shape & save you a lot of money in the long run.

Fluids are the lifeblood of a car. As in, if the engine is the heart of the car, the fluids would be the blood that helps it keep going. Inspecting the fluids regularly is a job that is both cheap & convenient if done correctly. You can easily do it if you know what you’re doing.


Here are some car fluids & how you can check them:

Engine Oil

This is the main fluid that keeps the vehicle running. It lubricates the engine to reduce friction, which reduces the chances of mechanical wear. It can be tested by opening up the front bonnet & removing the dipstick.

If the oil level is between the minimum & maximum marks and yellowish-brown in colour, it means the oil is in good condition. 

Radiator Fluid

The radiator can be located under the front bonnet of a vehicle, which helps to keep the vehicle from overheating. It can be checked by the built-in ‘Coolant Antifreeze Reservoir,’ after opening the radiator cap.

Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid’s job is to ease the friction & lubricate the transmission. To check this liquid, you have to put a dipstick in the transmission fluid tank and examine the condition & level. If you notice that there are particles or a whiff of burnt smell in there, it’s time to change the fluid.

Power Steering Fluid

This fluid is essential to make the steering wheel smooth & easier to control and, perhaps, the easiest to examine. Most vehicles come with a transparent container in the engine labelled ‘Steering,’ where the fluid level can be checked.

Brake Fluid

You can find the brake fluid reservoir at the back of the engine compartment. Remember that any contamination inside the container can greatly obstruct the effectiveness of the fluid.

Open the brake fluid container with a screwdriver and confirm if the fluid is at the half-inch level. If it’s anything below that level or the reservoir is too dark, the fluid requires a change.

Air Conditioning Coolant

The purpose of this fluid is to help the A/C system turn hot air into cold air. Examining this fluid is rather complicated, as you’ll need to use A/C Gauge & Thermometer.

First, turn on the A/C system & set it to the lowest temperature. Next, you’ll need to open the bonnet & connect the A/C Gauge to the low-pressure line. The fluid needs refilling if the gauge reads below 25.

Windshield-Washer Fluid

This fluid is not obligatory to run the engine, but it’s important to keep the windshield clean nonetheless. The reservoir is labelled & transparent, so it’s easy to identify if it needs to be refilled. 

2. Battery

From getting your car started to powering all the electrical accessories, the battery is an essential part of an automobile. Driving regularly helps to keep the battery charged, so it’s important to drive the car at least once a week for 15 to 30 minutes.

Additionally, don’t jump-start a flat battery. It might overwhelm the battery with excessive current, which can affect the other internal electronics. If there’s no other way, then keep the headlights on to help redirect any excessive current. 

Moreover, remember to change the battery after 3 to 5 years. Although the degradation of a battery depends on the driving habits, charge capacity & weather, waiting until the battery gets swollen is a bad idea.

3. Engine & Brakes

When it comes to Brakes, proper maintenance is not only crucial for your safety as a driver or a passenger, but also for helping your vehicle last longer.

Let’s find out how to maintain brakes on a vehicle:

  • Spare tire for Essential Car Maintenance
  • Tools for Essential Car Maintenance

The importance of having basic tools & a spare tire can be invaluable at the time of need. Every so often you might find yourself in a pinch due to car problems in a remote place or late at night. If a tire gets damaged somehow, instead of waiting for help, you can change it with the spare tire. All you’re going to need is some basic tools such as:

5. Car Security

Ensuring good security for the car has become essential

Your vehicle is the medium of your daily commute & a tool to make your life convenient. If you want to keep it safe, you must ensure proper alarm or security for it. When you leave your car at the parking or by a road, you want to have peace of mind about the safety of it.

According to a news report by Fleet News, UK, compared to the last 4 years, the total number of car thefts has risen 56% in 2020. That’s why ensuring good security for the car has become essential. 

While there are several ways to secure a vehicle, experts have found that the combination of Car Alarm & Car Tracker works best in this matter.

6. Car Interior

The interior of your car is among one of those things that reflects your personality. Sure, it might be harder for parents with children & pet owners to keep it clean, but it can become easier with a few tips & tricks.

Interior cleaning of a car

Car Seat

This is a part that if not cleaned, it will keep accumulating dirt & keep getting dirtier, So, try cleaning your seats at least once a month. When it comes to preserving the pristine condition of your car seats, investing in quality seat covers is a smart choice. Specifically designed to protect against spills, stains, and wear, seat covers act as a barrier between your original upholstery and potential damage. Whether you own a compact sedan, a sleek SUV, or a robust truck like the Ford F-150, custom seats tailored to your vehicle’s specifications can provide an extra layer of defense. Picture sliding into your Ford F-150, fitted with custom seats designed to complement its rugged interior, ensuring both style and protection. Regularly cleaning your ford f-150 custom seats not only safeguards your investment but also ensures a stylish and comfortable ride every time you hit the road.

Remove Stains

Stains can be a pain in the neck for everyone. But if you act fast & immediately, you can get it off easily. Otherwise, it might leave a permanent mark.


There are many places inside the car that are hard to clean by hand. Luckily, you can use vacuum cleaners to easily get rid of all the dust at once.

Headliner & Visor

The headliner is the protective cover on the interior roof of the car that helps to protect your head from the hard metal frame. The Sun Visor protects your eyes & helps your vision on a sunny day.

7. Car Exterior

Exterior cleaning of a car

Maintenance of the car exterior is crucial if you want your car to look brand new & clean. Lack of proper care may lead to permanent damage to the main body of your vehicle. If you’re wondering what you can do to prevent such things, here are a few tips: 

8. Regular Check-up

Some of the vehicle tuning can be done at home, while others require an expert hand. This is vital to keep the car in top condition & can save you a lot of money. Taking good care of a vehicle can earn you a better deal if you wish to sell it later.

Most vehicles should be checked by an expert after every 10,000 Miles or once a year. However, many cars have ‘Engine Warning Light’ in the dashboard to indicate problems.

9. Car Insurance

Car insurance is a type of financial protection against physical damage caused by traffic accidents, theft, damage by fire or vandalism etc. It also protects other people & properties, if the damage is done by you. 

Driving without insurance is illegal by the law in the UK. It could result in a fine of up to £1,000 and 6 penalty points on your licence. So, you must carry your insurance with you & keep it updated. 

Always keep in mind about Driving Safety

Driving with the understanding of the controls of a vehicle is an essential quality that every driver needs. It’s known as ‘Mechanical Sympathy.’ If you put pressure in your car, it’ll wear faster & might cause an accident. But driving moderately will ensure your safety, as well as cut down fuel expenses. 

Above all, you should try to drive within the speed limit and avoid sudden stops. That way you’ll stay safe, save money, and help your car last longer.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, maintaining the essential parts of your car is a wise investment for your money, time and peace of mind. If you follow the tips & instructions and don’t abuse the vehicle’s limitations, you can greatly expand the lifetime of your car.

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