10 Essential Car maintenance tips that every car owner should know

Car, for someone it is a dream, for someone it is a luxury and for someone it is a necessity. No matter how and why you owe a car, if you don’t maintain it properly it won’t stay with you much longer. Maintenance is the life of a car. Proper maintenance of the car is the life of a car. Car maintenance can differ, some require too much of expense some not. But there is common maintenance that every car owner should know and do. In this article, we have talked about those 10 car maintenance tips that every car owner should know and follow. 

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10 Car maintenance tips 

Now let’s check out the most important 10 things that every car owner should know.

1. Engine Oil 

Engine Oil_10 Things Every Car Owner Should Know

Take care of your engine oil. Which is there only to burn the fuel, rather than engine oil to lubricate, cool and clean your car’s engine. So, it is important your car must have enough oil to perform well. Otherwise three things can happen : Thermal degradation, oxidation and compressive heating. Besides lack of friction and heat the engine, bearings, rings that lead to a dirtier engine and affects the overall health of your car. 

2. Spare Tire 

Spare Tire_10 Things Every Car Owner Should Know

Think about you are driving, suddenly your tire gone flat. What to do then? If you are a new car owner, it seems a tough job for you, but the reality is, your car has a spare tire. You can use this spare tire when your  tire goes flat. You need to know where it is placed and where to find it. Based on the car size and model the spare tire placement varies. 

Second thing you need to maintain is to make sure your spare tire is not flat too. If it is like that, you will be in real trouble. So, everytime you start your journey, make sure your spare tire is in good condition, it is inflated and you have all the equipment with you to change your flat tire. 

3. Windshield Wiper Blades

Windshield Wiper Blades -10 Things Every Car Owner Should Know

We often look over small things. But sometimes small things become so important that we can’t ignore them. 

Windshield wiper blades are such a small thing that we often ignore. But on a rainy day or in heavy snowfall, we feel its importance when it doesn’t work properly. Yes, just because of windshield wiper blades your pleasant journey becomes risky, tough and irritating. 

You feel helpless and have no idea what to do to get rid of this situation. 

This is why every car owner should take care of their windshield wiper blades. Make sure your windshield wiper blades are in good shape.  

Check if they are working properly and change them every 6 month to get the best performance from your windshield wiper blades.            offer

4. Tire Pressure

Tire pressure - 10 Things Every Car Owner Should Know

Like windshield wiper blades, tire pressure is another very little thing we often ignore. But as a car owner you must know the tire pressure to avoid unexpected deadly accidents. 

Yes, I said it right, if you do not maintain proper tire pressure that can lead to severe accidents. It is because when there is low pressure in the tire, the tire’s surface touches the ground and that leads to friction of the road and the tire. 

Besides, the tire can get overheated that can lead to tread separation, which can lead to a serious accident. However, too much air can be bad for your car too. It will give a bumper ride which is not expected too. 

So, no matter what, always check your tire pressure to stay safe and keep your car safe. 

5. Learn Car Mechanic 

Learn Car Mechanic - 10 Things Every Car Owner Should Know

Think about it, you are driving on a long road, suddenly your car stops, and you don’t find any repair shop near you. It is such a nightmare for a car owner. In those situations, you can survive pretty well with a little basic knowledge of car mechanics. 


Besides, it also helps you in your car maintenance. When you know how to take care of your car, what makes your car unhealthy, you can keep going with better car maintenance. 

Alpha Academy one of the renowned course providers in the UK. They offer an online car mechanic course. You can learn it anytime from anywhere. So, doing this course becomes more than easy and comfortable for you. 

Besides, the course also provides certification when you successfully complete the course. So along with your knowledge, the certificate will enhance your CV and fast track your career ladder. 

So, enrol in this course today to learn car mechanics to ensure best maintenance of your car. 

6. Change Headlights Every Year 

Change Headlights - 10 Things Every Car Owner Should Know

Maybe your car is new and will remain new for a couple of years with good car maintenance. But, your car’s headlights get dimmer day by day. If you don’t check them regularly it can run out in the middle of the driving. In consequence you will face police charges even in an accident. Change your headlights and taillights every year, it will keep your car safe from any unwanted accident. 

7. Air Filter 

10 Things Every Car Owner Should Know-Air Filter

For good car maintenance, your car’s engine needs to work perfectly. If your car’s engine gets dirtier, it hinders the smooth process of the engine. Air filter is the best way to take care of it. Change your air filter every six month, this will take care of your engine and will make sure your car’s engine does not get clogged and dirty. Yes, if your engine gets dirty you have to pay more on fuel and on car maintenance. So, change your air filter every six month to avoid unexpected expenses regarding your car maintenance. 

8. Breaks

Check Breaks - 10 Things Every Car Owner Should Know

Brakes are some other necessary protection characteristic that you need to never overlook. When you drive, have a look at it closely. Is your steering wheel shaking whilst you are stepping on the brake pedals? If it’s the case, then this would possibly have an effect on your car’s steadiness control system and ABS (anti-lock braking system). 

9. Perform Regular Checkup 

10 Things Every Car Owner Should Know- Perform Regular Checkup

Check your car regularly to get best performance from your car. Check if everything is right, and are on its right form. Take your car to your nearest mechanic shop and check the health of your car. Do it every month, and keep track of your car health and improvements. Do not forget to wash your car regularly to keep your car look fresh and good.  

10. Radiator Flush

If your radiator builds up deposits, it can mess with the cooling gadget in your car. To maintain the radiator in pinnacle shape, a radiator flush will do the trick.

How regularly you want to change the radiator fluid will rely on your vehicle. Start by way of consulting the owner’s guide to get an idea. For the most part, you can get away with flushing the radiator each and every couple of years. 


The life of your car depends on your car maintenance. In the aforementioned way you can maintain your car and can get a good performance from it. Learning mechanics will help you to go the extra mile on your car maintenance. So, enrol in the car mechanic course today to ensure the best maintenance of your car.

January 16, 2024

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