5 Easy Steps To Become A Nail Technician in 2023

Have you ever been stunned by the eye-catching fingernails of your friend at a party? If so, she might be going to a Nail Technician. This could be you too! All you need is just a genuine passion for becoming a Nail Technician and professional training course on Nail Technician. Once you become a Nail Technician and get a good deal of experience, you could be earning up to £25000 per year.

A recent study on Nail Technician explores that over 17000 businesses in the UK employ Nail Technicians. There is an upward trending demand for excellent nail art, manicures, and pedicures in the fashion and beauty industry. The Nail Technician profession has emerged at the very forefront of the fashion and beauty industry.

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What is a Nail Technician?

A Nail Technician usually works in a spa, salon, hotel or nail studio who helps to groom, shape, polish, or beautify clients’ fingernails and toenails. In addition to performing manicures and pedicures, He or she will also design acrylic and gel false nails. On top of that,  a Nail Technician nurtures a client’s cuticles, polish fingernails, remove calluses and dead skin.

What is Your Role as a Nail Technician?

Once you become skilled as a Nail Technician, you can perform pedicures, manicures, paraffin wax treatments, polish changes, acrylic nail application, and paraffin wax treatments. You can advise your clients on fungal infections of the nails.

The most trending polish practices are polishing solid colours or French manicure. Nowadays, Nail Technician profession is emerging as a trendy career path beating the traditional methodology of using one colour during nail design. You have to do this with specialised brushes and airbrushing tools. You can also add jewels, diamantes or other appliques.

As a Nail Artist, you can also apply decorative materials such as polishes, decals and varnishes,  gel and acrylic nail enhancements and extensions.

Besides,  as a professional Nail Technician, you can ensure hygiene issues benchmarking with current industry standards and trends.


How much Can You Earn as a Nail Technician?

The job opportunity and salary of a Nail Expert are very upward sloping. If you are working in the UK,  you can earn £9.28 per hour on average. The rate varies depending on clientele and the salon category at which you will work as a Nail Expert. You may work on rental policy such as you may rent a chair on a Nail studio or salon and share earnings with the Nail studio.

If you love working independently, You may work as a freelance Nail Artist and set hourly rates based on your clientele. Another interesting fact is you can power up your wallet with tips from clients. At the lower end, a  few pounds per treatment is customary, but if you can serve your client at a high end, the client may reward you 10-15% tips of total charge per procedure.

Globally, the demand for a Nail Tech is increasing exponentially too. Nail Artist and Beauty services qualifications are very desirable. Taking a Nail Technician course will improve your chance to land a high paying position in a Nail Studio.

Projected Job Growth

National Increase Over Next 5 Years

19.7% Increase!

Nail Technician Jobs on SEEK


Available jobs on SEEKSource – LIBT- Beauty Therapist

Become a Certified Nail Technician – 5 Easy Steps for You

Step 1-  Be Determined

If you find interest beautifying and taking care of your client’s nail, then Nail Technician profession is really for you. It is a gratifying job, but you need to be very hardworking, persistent, creative and determined.

Step 2- Develop Skill Sets

Your skills could help you to be a good nail technician. It would be best if you had a keen eye and creative mindset to win clients’ perception. Your excellent customer service skills, communication skills will add an extra edge to your Nail Technician expertise. Develop your skill sets that best fit to become a professional Nail Technician.

Step 3-Take a Nail Technician Course

To become a professional Nail Technician, you need to take a Nail Technician course such as Level 3 Diploma in Nail Technician with Alpha Academy.  This course will provide you with the necessary skills and experience to get started.

Step 4- Start Making Money

Once you complete the course, you need to decide whether you start your own business or get a job in Nail Studio or Salon. If you have the necessary supplies & space to begin your Studio, you can start earning from this passionate business. Otherwise, you can look for a job in a Nail Studio, spa, hotel or salon.

Step 5- Build a Client Portfolio

You need to market your skills after getting started with your new profession and build a regular client portfolio so that you can take over that clientele when you set off with your venture.You need to update your Nail expertise by taking advance courses on Nail Technician to cope up with the industry standards and meet future demands.

Nail Technicain Course

You can take a Nail Technician course from home with Alpha Academy.  We offers a wide range of courses that can give you a solid foundation in this creative and exciting career!

Studying at home gives you the flexibility to study at your comfortable pace and time.

Below are some popular courses on Nail Technician-

1. Diploma in Nail Technician  – This course will provide you with the essential information to run your nail salons.  The course is designed to meet all the growing market demands of manicure and nail art.

2. Gel Manicure and Nail Technician Diploma – In this course, You will receive the practical knowledge on the decoration of hands, fingernails, feet and toenails from Gel Manicure and Nail Technician Diploma course.

3. Makeup, Nail Technician and Eyelash Expansion In this course, you can learn about the Fundamentals of Makeup, Acne Treatment, Light Therapy, Nail Diseases and Disorders and Eyelash extension.

4. Level 3 Diploma in Nail Technician  In this course, You can learn about Manicure, Pedicure, Nail Art, Acrylic Powders, and how to apply them to become a professional Nail Technician.

5. Professional Diploma in Makeup and Nail Technician In this course, you can learn about Cosmetics and Makeup, Nail Designing & Manicure and Acne Treatment.

A Nail Technician career is an incredibly flexible career that you can start at any age. Many people take this career as a second or third career.  You can study this course either full-time or part-time . This skill can be learnt comparatively quickly and soon you can earn back the fees you spent on course. Happy Learning.

May 26, 2023

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