Project Management Methodology: Guide to Become A Successful Manager

Trust is the vital to teamwork and successful project management. Lack of trust among team members hampers both professional and personal activity, which results in increased tension and Conflict. To get successful project accomplishments, team members need to select the right project management methodology.

High engagement, sharing, and transparency increases the chances of fruitful project management. As a result, team members might work together rather than sitting side by side. A project manager facing difficulties to ensure high engagement, sharing, and transparency without proper project management methodology.

Business leaders trust on a massive range of project management methodologies. Among them some are suitable for small and large scale projects, some are suitable for specific industries. Among them, PRINCE2 is the controlled and complete project management method used by the UK government for its official projects.

Project Management

Definition of Project Management Methodology

Project Management is a core skill to manage small and large scale projects. Popular management methodologies to manage successful projects. Success or failure of any project management depends on selecting the right methodology. Expert project managers and leaders are not biased to a single methodology, they use many of them to fit their goal successful project accomplishment, and they learn how to merge numerous management whatever the project sounds.

Right Project Management Methodology For Best Outcome

From your project circumstances, it is an important fact to choose the right project management methodology. Should you consider a management methodology for a project?

Different Types of project management

Most of the people mainly focus on starting projects rather than ensuring the right project management type. It is really hard to get the smooth accomplishment of a project without an accurate right project management method.

Different Project Management Methodologies eventually complete a project with very diverse approaches. Several project management methodologies are available, but seven of them used the most.


Among all project management methodology, PRINCE2 is the controlled and complete project management method. The UK government uses PRINCE2 project management methodology as its official project. There is no suitable method that fits all circumstances of any project. That is why experts from project management implemented combined project management practices in their organisation. Different private sectors frequently use the PRINCE2 project management method in the government, which is focused on proficiency and reducing risks.

PRINCE2 project management methodology offers-

Large scale and predictable projects are suitable for PRINCE2 project management, especially suitable for large IT projects. Identifying requirements for the project, target customer and cost-benefits analysis is the very primitive step. The project owner is responsible for collaborating with the whole team for project success. PRINCE2 methodology gives greater control of teams, resources and reducing risks.

It explains the end product of a project, ensures feasibility, evidently describes responsibilities and management process. On the other hand, the principles and themes of PRINCE2 project management can make it difficult for small projects.

The PRINCE2 methodology used to cover up the following questions of project management:

Existing project managers, Project Executives or Engineers, Associate Managers who require to work on projects, Team Leaders need to learn more about PRINCE2 project management methodology to boost their career with successful project management skills.

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Learning from experience is one of the controlling principles of PRINCE2. Emphasis on records or documents and experience can help lessen risk. PRINCE2 project management methodology is perfectly suited for large scale and complex projects with stable requirements. In the UK, PRINCE2 methodology is extensively used in the country as well as the requirement for government projects. PRINCE2 broad documentation process changes can be hard to accommodate.

PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner course of providing you with training and education for the official PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner exams for the full qualification, so you can pursue your career in project management in a very little time.

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2. Waterfal

An ancient project management method is Waterfall, which is used by numerous groups. The waterfall method is slower than other methods. If there are any step failures, then it needs to re-enter the previous stage. In this world, we frequently struggle with making precise estimations on different projects.

When clients or customers approximate the budget, predictability, and timeline of the project, the Waterfall approach is fundamentally inflexible. The waterfall is challenging due to solid planning before any worth-generating activity. Planning is occasionally essential due to approving cost, timeline, and scope.

Lots of project managers use the Waterfall project management methods more than any other, particularly in the construction industries and software development businesses. Business leaders have used numerous varieties of this project management methodology, but remain consistent with these general components:

3. Agile

Agile is a fast, flexible solution that is functional to smaller projects, unlike waterfall. Agile is not known as an accurate project management methodology.  Agile is praised as unlike Waterfall and extensively misunderstood to mean doing extra, fewer, faster, and inexpensive methods than others. Agile is a method for developing and cooperative ways to self-organize across existing teams. This process is arrangement adaptive, evolutionary in growth, early delivery, and constantly open to change.

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4. Scrum

To perform quickly in a smaller team, Scrum is a great choice. Scrum performed for very low scope and fast process. It is all about using sprints to accomplish projects in small pieces, often based on a one-month timetable. Less than ten people are suitable for the Scrum project management method. The two-week cycle contains short daily meetings also known as daily scrum meetings led by the scrum master.

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5. Kanban

Kanban is similar to agile project management, different from Scrum, which is dedicated to time-based parts. This project management looks mostly at task numbers and streamlines processes. This method is particularly a great model for factory-like output. The Kanban method is a visual approach to project management. Kanban assists in managing workflow through placing tasks on the Kanban board, where workflow and growth are clear to all members. Kanban helps improve the inefficiencies and used to plan lean manufacturing in Agile projects.

6. Lean

Lean management shows similarities to the Kanban management process, but it has a greater emphasis on saving money. The Customer-first mindset is the key focus point of Lean management. It is concentrating on delivering the best deliveries, affordable, timely commitment, and experience for customers.

Lean management is a way to cut unused and increase worth by applying it. It focuses on key procedures to endlessly positive influence on value. It also optimises separate skills and resources.

7. Six Sigma

If you have practiced lean project management, which resulted in less than satisfactory, then Six

Sigma highlights generating improved results for clients. Six Sigma method efforts on refining the quality of a project’s output. It applies worthy management, realistic statistics, and employs personnel who are specialists in these disciplines. There is another one named Lean Six Sigma that enhances lean methodology, which eliminates waste.

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8. Critical Path Method (CPM)

Critical Path Method, where activities of a project listed as a work breakdown structure. CPM determines the way to accomplish the project with the lowest effort. Figuring out how extended the time required to do the task.

CPM method jumps with a list of activities, work break structure, the period of each task, and then mapping end deliverables. The critical Path Method works well with smaller or mid-scale projects. If the project is larger, further difficult to manage all the info you need to visualise.

9. Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)

Teams, equipment, office space, etc. are used to complete the project in Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM). CCPM is also known as a less technical method for project management which doesn’t put much focus on task order or schedule. It is a very flexible method for task management.

Critical Chain Project Management applied for both large and small companies or organisations or projects which are construction industries, software development industries, and tech research industries.

Process of Picking the Right Methodology

1. Project Evaluation

Selecting a project management methodology is needed for the concluding deliverable and what you will get it done.  Pick the right methodology that backings flexibility. Evaluation of any project depends on a few factors, such as- Project budget, timeline, size and complexity, stakeholder expectations, project type, and industry.

2. Team Evaluation

Project management methodology is the outline for any project. Team members must be familiar with the project management methodology that you choose. Identify your team composition, strengths, and weaknesses to get better team experience, performance, and preparation. Frequently, select a methodology that fits your team, instead of pushing your team to suit the methodology.

3. Organisation evaluation

Choice of project management methodology impacted by how organised your company and its records. Few methods only work with large scale organisations, whereas some are more appropriate for small scale organisations or companies. Records and experience with different methodologies, culture, organisation hierarchy, level of flexibility, organisation maturity level, organisation size, available resources, including external resources such as freelancers and contractors, need organisation evaluation.

4. Stakeholders Evaluation

Stakeholder involvement: Regular involvement of stakeholders at each stage of any project in a few methodologies. Agile needs more stakeholders’ involvement in feedback. If the stakeholders are busy, pick a methodology that requires lower stakeholder involvement.

Stakeholder requirements:  Function of stakeholders, their requirement from the project manager needs to stakeholder’s evaluation. If you require that stakeholders are needed to frequently change the project scope, select other flexible methodology that is more effective to your project. Likewise, if stakeholders require daily updates, select a methodology that can provide daily updates.

5. Tools Evaluation

Project management tools typically intended to work with a precise methodology. Select a quality tool for project management; it is really important to measure the capacity, efficiency and limitation. Software tools should select as your project task recommended which will impact your choice. Comparison among software tools, their limitations, and capabilities will give you the scope to pick the right tools.

Preferably, you should choose a project management methodology that works with your current software or tool. If you have already chosen the wrong tools, you will not be able to get the highest productivity from your team and if you are thinking about buying new tools, you will spend more as well as losing valuable time to adapt this to your team.

7 Principle, Processes and Theme

principles of PRINCE2 are as follows:

PRINCE2 emphases on organisation and control the whole project, from the beginning to the end. Day-to-day management of the projects is an important task to manage the budget, possibilities, planning, and quality. PRINCE2 is a project management method that is process-based.

Processes of PRINCE2 as follows:

Themes of PRINCE2:

Seven themes must be approached and conducted for the PRINCE2 project. These are as follows:

On successful completion of job oriented PRINCE2 course, you’ll have got the opportunity to work with a variety of job position for meaningful, satisfying and growth-oriented job designations, such as:

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Project Management Software

Project management is a process where knowledge, skills, software and techniques are usually used to boost project accomplishments to meet the project requirements. When activities come with projects, the question arose as, how do we manage with an effective tool? Depending on project management software is an effective way to manage your project. About 77% of high-performing projects usually use project management software to improve their efficacy in their project management.

Smooth workflow relies on project management methodology and tools need to synchronise in a parallel way. Your aims and strategies should match your tools. Follow some considerations to your project management software:

Top 15 Project Management Software

Best Project Management Methodology for Digital Agencies

It is not possible to say directly that any method is perfect for project management. Agile vs Waterfall is a great debate on that note. Your customer, team, and project determine it. Here are a few main opinions to consider when you think about the best Project Management Methodology for digital agencies.

Pros and cons of Waterfall and Agile in digital agencies

For digital agencies, Waterfall might be a better approach for a project to improve efficiency. But, Waterfall is interesting as well as challenging due to its requirement of complete planning before any value-generating activity done.

Planning is a prerequisite task of any project because clients must approve a cost, timeline of activity, and scope. Clients or customers are typically unwilling to pay for planning, and even if they pay for that, what happens if your planning is not up to the mark? The waterfall approach is certainly inflexible.

Agile project management methodology is comparatively more flexible than Waterfall. Pivoting a project, flexibility of Agile project management methodology unlock more opportunities to change their mind continually throughout the project. In this flexible project management methodology, project managers need not fix a final decision on anything because they can change their mind until the last minute of any planned activity. Agile is better than Waterfall but doesn’t come cheap. The level of flexibility is expensive in the Agile project management methodology.


From the above information, you got an overview of project management methodology, especially PRINCE2. The themes, process, principles, project size suitability, barriers, and job prospects are important factors for selecting the right project management methodology. PRINCE2 is suitable as a controlled and complete management methodology, which reduces risks more than others. This Project Management Methodology adapted by government and private organisations. So, project managers can use PRINCE2 to get successful project management.

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