Top 10 Must-Have Skills for Entry-Level Workers in the UK in 2023

Specialist skills are always necessary to pick up a well-paid job, but your level of success in that role will depend on how good your general skills are. In many cases, you’ll need some basic skills to open doors as you begin to work in the UK at entry level. 

Though, the challenge is often figuring out what skills are desirable and ensuring that you have them.  

So to help you along, here are ten skills that UK employers look out for in most entry-level positions in the UK.  If you get these under your belt you will surely position yourself at the front of the queue when it comes to getting that first job.

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Top 10 Must-Have Skills for Entry-Level Workers

1. Role Related Basic Skills

The fast-track to getting a decent job at entry-level is to show initiative and willing by studying your career of choice. 

For example, if you are interested in a career in project management, you might consider the Prince Two Training – an essential skill that will catch the eyes of the recruiters. Similar types of skills can be office and administration diplomas or even a certificate in interior plant care if you want a gardening or horticulture-related role. 

Taking courses in your topic of interest before you pick up your first job in this field will show your intention and dedication to your chosen career. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

2. Microsoft Office Skills

For many entry-level positions, you need to be familiar with Microsoft Office, it’s usually a basic requirement for many roles. 

If you don’t know Microsoft Office is a suite of word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, database and email software.  It’s not something you can easily learn proficiently, it can take time and know how. 

Ideally, learning how to be proficient in Microsoft office means that you’ll be competent at creating text files, spreadsheets, presentations, and handling emails which can all be entry-level tasks.

3. Health and Safety

If you are going to be employed in the UK, you’ll have to participate in health and safety training. It’s a legal requirement. All businesses must provide health and safety training by law. 

So while Health and Safety training will not add to your role because you’ll be attending this training anyway, it does show to your potential employer and demonstrates that you are responsible, eager to do well and resourceful.

All of which are highly desirable qualities for any entry-level worker.

4. Writing

Not every entry-level job will need you to be great at writing, especially not if you won’t be doing too much of it in your role but there are some positions where it is very beneficial and in some cases necessary. Particularly if you work in the sales, marketing, administration or the HR department of a business and if you will be sending emails. 

Good writing skills make you look professional, responsible and educated. In some situations these skills could lead to a lucrative position in the future, such as becoming a Junior Editor, or Copywriter. 

This proofreading and copy editing course will help you demonstrate your writing prowess and give you a leg up if there are ever any related roles open to you in the future.

5. Sales & Marketing

If you know how to sell, or understand the process of inbound marketing, and social media, you will give yourself a better chance at scoring an excellent entry-level position that could turn into a profitable career in the future. 

Even if you study sales and marketing and don’t gain the experience before you apply for a job the fact that you’ve shown enough interest to commit to studying sales and marketing will help you rise above other candidates.

6. Emotional Intelligence

You may have the potential to be the best at your job, but if you don’t have emotional intelligence, you could compromise your career. 

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand any situation objectively no matter what emotion it might trigger in you and to be then able to act responsibly even in moments of high emotion. It aids communication, conveys trust and integrity and makes you a great teammate. 

A Diploma in emotional intelligence and mindfulness is the perfect course for expressing your ability to handle emotions.

7. Web Development

If you know how to develop websites, and can code or are technically minded and can prove it, these skills will surely open doors for you! 

A Level 2 Certificate in Junior Web Developer Course will help you express your competence in web development.

8. Analytics

The ability to analyse information and come through with some valuable insight that will help a business is gold right now. 

Learning Google Analytics, and other analytical software, and being able to hold a conversation about these topics will help you to demonstrate that you have the potential to be a great asset to your prospective employer’s team. And also that you may be a good fit for any future roles as an Analyst.

9. Ability To Learn Quickly

Most businesses need their recruits to learn their role quickly. This is because they need you to step into your new role and relieve the rest of your team. If you can keep up to date with technology or other relevant fast-moving information in your industry, this is also a valued skill. 

In many situations, the ability to learn quickly is something that will help you stand out as a great employee who is a vital part of any team they are in.

10. Customer Service

It’s vital for any business to ensure that they offer excellent customer service to their customers.  But customer service reaches further than customers, it also enables you to serve your colleagues and work well as a part of a team.  Taking a customer service training will reassure your prospective employer that you can take care of their customers but it will also give you the confidence to deal with an array of customer enquiries and complaints.

Sometimes, it’s not what experience you have that can get you the job, but rather it’s the intention behind your application and how you demonstrate a willingness and ability to learn. When you take a course to better yourself, regardless of whether it’s an entry-level course or not it will show your prospective employer that you are serious, responsible and resourceful. Which can go a long way in helping you get your foot through the door in any career you choose to begin.

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February 15, 2023

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