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The Ultimate Job Interview Preparation Guide

Job interview!! The one thing that everyone fears and the thing that makes everyone lose their sleep the night before. Yet interviews are something that everyone, and I mean everyone has to experience at least once in their life. 

Let’s face the harsh reality, we do not live in a candy land where everyone gets free candy for their entire lives. 

In order to survive in this world, we need money, and in order to get money we need a job, and in order to get a job, we need to sit for interviews, see the connection? 

Now that we know that we have to sit for interviews, doesn’t it make sense that we prepare for it? Doesn’t it make sense that we get good at it? I mean isn’t that obvious

Interview is the thing that will decide whether you’ll get that dream job that you wanted, the job that you’ve been looking for all your life. 

Interviews give a company or an employer or anyone who’s looking for someone to hire a chance to get to know a potential candidate i.e. you, it gives them a clear idea and helps them decide whether you will be right for the position and whether they should hire you or not.

How to Prepare for Job Interview

Now you know the importance of interviews (but you probably already knew that). But how do you actually prepare for it? I mean you get why it’s important and you feel like you should do your very best to nail that interview……but……how do you actually nail it? How do you actually give that perfect interview?

Well for starters there’s no such thing as a perfect interview, yeah pshhh, what a revelation, but it’s actually true, no matter what you do in an interview it is impossible for anyone to be perfect, to be absolutely without a shadow of a doubt the perfect candidate. So keep that in mind and be calm.

But what is possible is you becoming the best candidate.

Best Job Interview Tips

  1. Know about the interview
  2. Pick out your clothes
  3. Research
  4. Know your craft
  5. Practice, practice, practice
  6. Your grooming
  7. Don’t be late

Know about the interview

Make sure you know enough about the interview. What sort of interview will it be? Will it be face to face or over the internet? When will it be held? You should know the answers to the basic questions. When you are informed that you will be sitting for an interview immediately create a reminder, I would recommend you use your phone for this as your phone will always be with you and it will be able to remind you. You certainly don’t want to forget that you have an interview coming up.

Pick out your clothes

It is a good idea to pick out what you are going to wear for your job interview. I  recommend you pick something that isn’t too bold, try to wear neutral colours and don’t wear casual clothes (shorts, t-shirts etc) to your job interview. Make sure the clothes you’ll be wearing are clean and ironed properly. It is also a good idea to try on the clothes before to make sure everything fits properly. Then put the clothes aside for the day of the interview.


Learn everything you can about the company, use the internet, simply googling the name of the company will provide you with enough information to give you a general idea of the company. Trust me, you don’t want to be that guy who comes in for an interview without having any idea about the company he’s trying to get a job in. Your chances of getting the job will be much higher if you do this simple thing.

Know your craft

Simply knowing about the company isn’t enough. If you know everything about the company and nothing about your own job then it will all have been for nought. Try to research about the position you’re applying for. What your duties and responsibilities will be. If you are a fresher and you are thinking to yourself, “This is an entry-level job, I don’t need to know everything about it, I will learn once I get the job.” then you are gravely mistaken. Just because it’s an entry-level job doesn’t mean there’s nothing to know about it. If you have done your research then the person conducting the interview will be able to tell that you are indeed serious about getting the job. So do your research, who knows this entry-level job may lead to something better later on.

Practice, practice and practice

There’s an old saying, “practice makes perfect” so practice your interview. Use a mirror, stand in front of it and see yourself talking, keep practising until you get it right, ask yourself would you hire this person in the mirror if you were the one conducting the interview. Know the common questions that are asked in almost every job interview and have the answers ready. If you struggle to answer these basic questions then be prepared to get rejected.   

There are many great online courses available that will help you in this regard.

Your grooming

Many people skip this step, but it is essential. Always remember, the first impression is the last impression.  We humans  tend to make a judgement about a person in the blink of an eye. It makes sense, an interviewer has no way of knowing what kind of a person you are, so he/she has to rely on your appearance. Just think, what would a person think if you came to an interview looking like a homeless person, if you have uncut nails, ungroomed beard, long hair that looks like it hasn’t seen a hairbrush in decades, do you think the interviewer will take you seriously? So go to the barber if you need a haircut if you have a beard make sure it’s groomed properly, make sure you don’t have long nails. You don’t have to look like a model, just make sure you appear decent and respectable.

Don’t be late

Don’t, I repeat, don’t be late. Print out the directions to the interview if necessary. If necessary make a practice run to the interview route, get an idea of the traffic, get an idea of how long would it take to get to the interview from your home. If your interview is over the internet then make sure your internet connection is working properly. Be ready at least 15 minutes before the interview.  Plan ahead. Believe me, your chances of getting the job is as good as gone if you’re late to the interview. I cannot emphasize this enough, do not be late for your job interview.

July 7, 2020

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