The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Professional Makeup Artist

If you love making people beautiful and thinking about becoming a professional makeup artist so you can have a fun and exciting career. I just want to tell you one thing, Good Choice!

Also, I want to give you a heads up. Though it’s extremely fun and rewarding, it does take hard work to be successful in this field like any other field.

If you want to go from lipstick junkie to a professional makeup artist, taking some of the same advice that industry insiders follow could really help you.

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6 Steps to Become a Professional Makeup Artist

In order to become a professional makeup artist, you have to follow the following steps. So, let’s dive into the deep and explore the pathways of becoming a professional makeup artist.

1. Choose Your Niche

At the very first you have to do your homework and ask yourself some questions. As there are different types of training and educational opportunities for makeup artists, you need to decide what exactly you are going to do after you receive your makeup training.


Do you want to work in a salon or a beauty parlor for a recognized company? Or do you want to work for yourself? Do you want to apply makeup to celebrities or do you want to work in the theater?

2. Practice Hard

As we all know practice makes perfect makeup artistry is no exception here. You can try different looks on yourself or your friends and family. The more you do the better you’ll be.

Experts suggest hands-on experience by working at a makeup counter at your local beauty salon. Try to find a mentor in your area who doesn’t mind showing and giving you tips.


Your mentor will tell you to practice as much as you can. The more you practice with makeup the more comfortable you’ll become. Also, you need to know about the products you are about to use on your clients.

You can watch tutorials and videos to enrich your skills. Moreover, you need to practice every day and become confident to get your desired job.

3. Get Formal Education

As you are serious about becoming a professional makeup artist, formal education is a crying need.

First of all, you should choose a school that covers all aspects of applying professional cosmetics, including instructions on how to apply makeup for television and film, also fashion and beauty photoshoots, and magazine spreads.

Choosing a school is very essential as it will help you with intense training and make you feel comfortable with receiving certification. Talk to your instructors about the best way to reach out to modeling agencies or television studios and make your network grow in this field.


Online learning also will be a great asset as they offer quality training with professional instructors. You have to invest your hours to gain such skills which will lead you to your dream and these certifications will certainly play a vital role.

4. Create a Portfolio

You can find models to showcase your work. You necessarily don’t need professional models, find the right people whose makeup you enjoy doing and whose faces are compatible with your style. Consider some Before and After photos of your models to include in your portfolio.

Collaborations with other people will help to make your portfolio more attractive. Ask your friends and coworkers if she could use your makeup artistry services or offer to do wedding makeup.

Meantime you’ll hone your skills as well as start making a name for yourself. Don’t hesitate to do some volunteer works at the beginning of your career. In the long run, you will be the ultimate winner.

Taking some high-quality pictures of your work would definitely boost up your impression. Invest in a high-end camera or hire a photographer to take some picturesque pictures which will take your portfolio to another level.

Visualization is very important in the makeup artistry industry. If you’re looking to make a serious career you need to take these steps seriously.


Your portfolio should reflect the brand you’re creating. Your most creative and unique work should be showcased at the front so the clients should get an instant impression of your amazing talent. Include a range of specialties, from trendy fashion to old school, from special effects to television.

5. Market Yourself

After finishing your official training and creating a portfolio, you need to market your skills and services as much as you can. The internet is the best place to promote yourself as a professional makeup artist.

You need to take advantage of the impact social media has on business marketing. You can start your social page and upload helpful short videos of performing specific makeup tasks.

Also, you can suggest products for different skin types and give professional tips to others. Once you have a valid social page of your own, clients are more likely to take you seriously.

And you will reach many people as you will upload content regularly and make it easy for followers to get in touch with you.

You may also want to start a YouTube channel where you can provide tutorials and show your skills to the world. Also, you can share your story of how you learned and improve your makeup skills.

Uploading videos of various techniques such as how to apply lashes, shape the brows with different tools, how to take care of your skin before and after makeup application will help you to get more followers.


Once your channel gets popularity, different cosmetic and beauty brands may reach out to you, asking you to promote their products on your channel. Be sure to choose the right products that fit with the brand you’ve created as a makeup artist.

And try the products yourself before recommending them to your followers. Always remember a bad product could hamper your reputation so quickly. Be honest to your follower and give authentic and informative tips which will help you to get loyal followers.

You can also create an Instagram account and influence people about makeup. Linking your website, Instagram and YouTube channel will help you to grow your network and you can reach a bunch of people to help each other to grow.   

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6. Be Professional


As a makeup artist, your final goal is likely to get celebrity clients. You may be extremely excited to meet someone whose work you admire, remember to keep your coolness and remain professional.

There’s time to talk to your client and tell that you’re a fan but your objective should be to perform your job with precision and passion. As your reputation is on the line showing the highest professionalism would help you to get more star clients.

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Closing Note

Here is a pro tip, as Simone Ciafardani (Makeup Forever’s vice president) says, “Never wear high heels to work.” Working as a makeup artist requires long days spent on your feet. It’s a simple tip but definitely an important one.

Now you know everything to get started with. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride to become a professional makeup artist. All the best. 

Beauty Technician
This Course designed by leading beauty experts to guide you through the fundamentals of makeup and the skills required to rise to the top of your profession
Beauty Technician
This Course designed by leading beauty experts to guide you through the fundamentals of makeup and the skills required to rise to the top of your profession

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