How To Get Into Beauty Marketing – A Definitive Guide

Do you feel naturally drawn towards the glamorous and sparkling world of beauty? Many people think that an interest in looks is an inherently personal thing. Even more people think of it as more of a hobby. But the search and love for beauty has intrigued humanity for ages. Therefore, a willingness to build a profession around it can actually be a very fruitful idea. So if you are on your way to finding out how to get into beauty marketing, then stay with us. We are going to have a really fun glam talk on this!

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What Is Beauty Marketing?

Beauty Marketing is what a marketer does to promote a beauty product or brand. In other words, it’s a combination of marketing efforts. These efforts are aimed at customers/prospects for presenting a beauty product/brand. For example, doing a marketing campaign for bringing a product to the market, is something a beauty marketer might do. 

What Is Beauty Marketing

Alongside, this work also comes with a lot of interactive and communicative works. For instance, managing customer relationships is a key part of this job. Moreover, making your brand and product stand out from the crowd takes work. Not to mention, it certainly demands strong creative intelligence. And that is a challenge that beauty marketing tackles. You are trying to figure how to get into beauty marketing, right? Then start with keeping these marketing goals in mind.

Who Is A Beauty Marketer? 

As the name suggests, beauty marketers come with two sets of specialities. On the one hand, they are well versed in marketing skills and strategies. And on the other hand, they have sharp acumen in fashion and beauty. 

Beauty Marketer

The first step here is to understand the beauty industry and customers. That’s why they need to understand how trendy fashionistas and beauty enthusiasts think. So, beauty marketers themselves are likely to take an interest in fashion, makeup and cosmetics. However, having a personal interest in beauty products is not an exact requirement. Understanding the beauty market, trends, prospects and customers is what matters. Eventually, they can opt for becoming beauty marketers.

But just having an eye for beauty trends doesn’t distinguish someone as a beauty marketer. Having skills and credentials to market beauty products effectively does. So if you are wondering how to get into beauty marketing, then focus on both sets of understanding.

What Does A Beauty Marketer Do?

To help you learn more about how to get into beauty marketing, here is a shortlist for you. This will hopefully give you a basic outline of what to do for creating a solid beauty brand strategy:


  • Studying the market and the competition
  • Keeping tabs on the latest products, brands and suppliers
  • Collaborating with factories and manufacturers
  • Promoting new products
  • Doing product outreach programs by distributing samples
  • Finding out new product ideas 
  • Taking customer feedback and working accordingly
  • Planning and executing marketing campaigns for beauty products
  • Setting product prices
  • Generating profit and loss statements
  • Managing stock keeping units (SKU), Universal product codes (UPC), etc.  

What Does A Beauty Marketer

This list is definitely not exhaustive. As a beauty marketer, you might do more or less than these. That will depend on what your exact job description is. Speaking of which, there is a platter of different career options for you in beauty marketing. So, before learning how to get started with beauty marketing, let’s talk a little about that. 

What Are My Career Possibilities As A Beauty Marketer? 

The beauty of getting into beauty marketing is that you can start easy and simple. If you are already a beauty enthusiast, you can earn a certificate and get started as a beauty adviser. For reference, the ‘Beauty Expert and Personal Image Training Course’ by Alpha Academy has been designed for this. By getting certified, you won’t be starting off as someone who just randomly hands out beauty advice. This way, you can combine your existing passion with formal training. And that will make you the perfect fit as a Beauty Advisor. 

beauty marketing careers

For scaling up a little, you can start working with different brands, SME-s and individuals. If you are a beauty product enthusiast, then you probably already do what’s needed for this. Keep your ears and eyes open to learning about trending products. By knowing that, you can affiliate with owners of the most promising beauty products. In other words, you can become an Affiliate Beauty Marketer. 

To promote and market others’ products, you can work as their Sales Associate. Later, you can take up a full-time position in a larger beauty enterprise. You can also start at larger enterprises with entry-level positions. For example, getting in as a Marketing Assistant can be a great early start for you. Later in your career, you can become a Marketing Manager or eventually a Product Manager. 

Career Beauty Marketer

Are you now wondering if there are alternatives to how to get started with beauty marketing? Well, yes, those are there too. You can work at your own pace and time contractually or on outsourced works. For example, you can do market researches, reports, etc., on your own for the more giant corporations. 

How To Get Into Beauty Marketing As A Beginner?

Like every other promising career out there, Beauty Marketing also comes with its roadmap. Unfortunately, unless you do your tour right, people will find it hard to rely on your skills. So here comes a step-by-step guide to how to get into beauty marketing, especially when you are a beginner: 

The Educational Requirements 

Marketing is a very skill-dependent discipline. As in, to do it right, you need to know your way around customer outreach. So it can only be expected that employers look for evidence of skill and knowledge for this work. 

1. A Traditional Bachelors Degree

To work as a marketer, the traditional way is to get a bachelor’s in business studies. If you’re sure about pursuing beauty marketing, do a major in marketing. In addition, the other modules might cover accounting, finance, sales, etc. These modules should cover consumer behaviours, market research and analysis, CRM, etc. Eventually, these are the skills that will massively help in your career as a beauty marketer. 

2. Independent Certifications

However, even if your bachelors is in a different background, you can complete some related independent courses. But make sure that the certifications are credible enough. Depending on job requirements, not having a related focus in your education might be waived. Although, you have to compensate for that with extra credentials and promises. 

So while you are looking for certifications, try getting a combination of skills. To explain, you might do a few courses that relate to marketing. Then additionally, you can do some that focus on beauty expertise. You can get more creative with how to design your resume as an aspiring beauty marketer. For example, learning product and packaging design can be your niche too. Therefore, it ultimately boils down to what your preferences are.

Accredited Beauty Expert Training Course
This Course gives learners a solid foundation for building essential practical skills required to become a successful beauty expert.
Accredited Beauty Expert Training Course
This Course gives learners a solid foundation for building essential practical skills required to become a successful beauty expert.

3. Combining Academia and Independent Certifications (Strong):

You might have completed your bachelors in a different discipline. But now, you want to complete your formal education and eventually become a beauty marketer. In that case, pursuing a masters in marketing is the way to go. However, you might still want to make some extra effort to stand out as a strong candidate. To do so, getting some additional certificates in beauty expertise is still a great idea.

The Typical Job Requirements

As mentioned before, this can be highly variable. So we are going to mention a gist of the qualities that employers usually want in a beauty marketer:

  • A general enthusiasm about beauty products, brands and the industry
  • An autonomous spirit in taking up and implementing projects
  • A unique creative flair
  • Likeable and robust communication skills
  • Solid managerial and organisational skills
  • Team management skills
  • Experienced with marketing campaigns
  • Digital Marketing experiences such as SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, B2B and B2C marketing, etc.
  • Good sense of graphic design
  • Multitasking abilities
  • Accounting skills- such as creating profit and loss statements
  • Computer skills


Of course, this list is neither exhaustive nor fully demanding. Your employers might want something out of this list in you. Whereas for some, many of these qualities can be much more than what they want. So staying updated about the job market in general and tending to adapt will always be helpful.


Internships can be tricky about how they make us feel. The long hours of unpaid or low-paid works often evoke difficult feelings. But in the long run, what we learn from these brief episodes can leave long-lasting impacts. So you should consider it more seriously if you are wondering how to get into beauty marketing.

As an intern, you will be handed down a multitude of different tasks. This certainly doesn’t sound like an appealing offer initially. You’ll get so busy with creating content, shooting videos, taking interviews, and more. Writing social media posts, advertising, etc., might overwhelm you now and then.

Evidently, this is the time when you will acquire these skills and learn how the industry works. After that, you might bag a higher job position. But having done the smaller bits will make you competent like nothing else will. Learning the micro-skills and knowing the industry details will ultimately give you better acumen as a future leader.

How To Get Into Beauty Marketing With The Right Skills?

Understanding the beauty market and professionally practising marketing- both needs something special, something extra. So, to make sure that you have that extra flair, dive into the market with the right skills.

How To Get Into Beauty Marketing

To learn how to get into beauty marketing with the right skills, go through the following:

Skill 1: Content Marketing

Any marketer today knows the importance of quality content. After all, ‘Content is King.’ Hence, there is also significant competition around creating winning content.

Occasionally, you might struggle with creating good quality content. In that case, you can keep this short list of ideas handy. This, of course, is neither exhaustive by any means, nor should you solely rely on this. But it can work as a good framework when you need volumes of ideas.

1. Video Retargeting

If any one form of content deserves the maximum attention from you, it should be videos. Do you know that 80% of internet traffic will likely become video-based in the near future? (according to CISCO predictions). So, knowing how to create compelling video content can be an invaluable asset for you.

2. Affiliation And Collaboration

For promoting make-up products, you can collaborate with aspiring talented make-up artists. This will be budget-friendly for you and great exposure for young talents. So win-win!

affiliate marketing beauty

3. Using Visuals Strategically

The beauty industry is a very visual-dominated one. That’s a no-brainer. So invest your brainwork into thinking about how to create the visuals that will speak to your audience.

Beauty Marketing Visuals Strategically

For example, clients typically want to see the effectiveness of your beauty product. So you can create convincing visuals that show the effects of your product. Doing a before-after comparison is a great idea for this. And as mentioned before, leverage Instagram’s extraordinary platform to your campaign’s maximum advantage for this.

Skill 2: Social Media Marketing On The Right Channel

The way you will design your Marketing campaigns as a marketer will vary. This will depend on your unique style, your brand guidelines, and customer demands. So the perfect channel for doing beauty marketing will depend on your requirements.

beauty industry social media marketing

However, if you are looking for a rule of thumb, we do have one. Professionals in the beauty industry today are repeatedly talking about Instagram. This platform seems to have all the making for promoting beauty products brilliantly. And beauty influencers and marketers all over are yielding tremendous results from Instagram.

In addition, the sharp rise in the popularity of videos has been talked about too. So for learning how to get into beauty marketing, be laser-focused on Instagram marketing and video skills.

Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing
Enroll in the Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing course and explore the secrets of Social Media Marketing.
Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing
Enroll in the Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing course and explore the secrets of Social Media Marketing.

Skill 3: Data-Driven Marketing

Marketing efforts become so much more likely to be successful when done the educated way. As in, instead of guesswork, work on the things that are likely to pay off. And how do you get to know that? That’s easy! By reading patterns in data.

For collecting useful data, you can adopt the classic strategies. Such as arranging focus groups, conducting surveys and practising social listening.

Skill 4: Mobile-Marketing

The world today is more appreciative of mobility than ever before. In other words, we all are fans of being mobile-device-empowered. Getting to do things just using our palms and fingers- still feels magical.

So, if you are putting off mobile-friendliness for your business, then you’ll be missing out heavily. Critero has done this eye-opening research on mobile transactions. Business owners, who have a mobile-device friendly online presence, get 70% of their sales via mobile devices. And 44% of their total transactions come via mobile apps on average.

So, if you are on your way to cracking how to get into beauty marketing, try to ace mobile marketing. Invest in creating responsive designs. Most importantly, make sure that your site’s and app’s cart data is well synced across platforms. And the client or prospect should be able to get the store contact details effortlessly.

What Are The Perks And Benefits Of Being A Beauty Marketer?

The advantages of doing beauty marketing are numerous. To begin with, it comes with a secure and flexible lifestyle and a steady salary package.

Beauty Marketing Benefits

The job description of a beauty marketer can vary widely from employer to employer. As a result, pinpointing one standard bar for pay in this exact job is hard. However, marketing managers, in general, make a very handsome earning in the UK. On average, marketing managers make £34,119 a year.

Beauty Marketers get to have their way around glamour and creativity. It is also a profession where you get to work with people closely. All in all, that makes this profession very fun and exciting with genuine intrinsic values.

The best part? This job is no less rewarded on the extrinsic front, either. The beauty industry always has and will continue to have a certain appeal. And that means jobs for beauty marketers will be abundant and secure too. And with the rise in the career ladder, the pay gets exciting if you’re good at your job. So, to sum up, beauty marketing is a field where you can truly have it all!

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Closing Note

Appreciation of beauty is an inherently humane thing. So trying to build a career around it can be incredibly rewarding for you. We really hope that this guide helped you find the initial answers to how to get into beauty marketing. To further advance your career, don’t stop hustling and upgrading your skills consistently. And like always, Alpha Academy is always here to help you with that!

Beauty Expert and Personal Image Training Course
This Course will show you the way for the position of a personal stylist, image consultant or personal shopper.
Beauty Expert and Personal Image Training Course
This Course will show you the way for the position of a personal stylist, image consultant or personal shopper.
April 20, 2022

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