Single Parent? 4 Best Careers To Retrain For

If you’re a single parent, you’ll know that finding the right career can be a challenge. You’ll need a job that fits around your children, when childcare options are limited. You want to be around to raise your child, but also need to earn money for everyday essentials – and hopefully some luxuries, too!

If you’re working, you can’t quit your job and lose all of your income to retrain. And additional childcare, if you want to study through the evening or weekend, can come at a jaw-dropping price. So, if you’re not happy with your current job, how do you best careers to retrain for a new career as a single mum or dad?

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Here are 4 best careers that you could retrain for, with online courses to do from home:

1. Gardening

If you love being outside, then why not become a gardener? Most people want their gardener to visit during daytime hours, which means that you can be there when your kids finish school for the day.

A Level 3 Diploma in Gardening will cover everything that you need to start your own gardening business.

2. Dog Walking

People are working longer hours, spending a lot of time commuting each day. Their dogs are being left at home for longer. Dog owners are willing to pay someone to walk their beloved four-legged friends, and you could be the person to do it.

As a dog-walker, you can mainly work daytime hours whilst the kids are at school. A Dog Care & Grooming qualification will show that you know what you’re doing if you want to start a dog walking business.

3. Web Designer

Websites aren’t going anywhere. People always need a good web designer, which means that these skills are particularly valuable. Whether you want to find a job with another company or start your own, a good web design course will start you on the right foot.


4. Teaching Assistant

Qualifying as a teaching assistant means that you’ll be able to apply for jobs where you’ll only work during school hours. You can be around for weekends and school holidays, and could even work in the school that your children attend. When you learn online, you don’t need to find additional childcare. Study and complete your course whilst the children are in bed, or watching their favorite TV show, and change to a career that you love.

February 15, 2023

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