Brighter Future For Graphic Designers

If you’re considering taking a graphic design diploma you will already be aware of how crucial this sector is in the world of business. People need visual representations of things to help them to make buying decisions. Graphic designers bring out the best features of products and services on packaging, digital media and within literature. But graphic design cuts across a lot more business communications these days too. Graphic designers are changing the social media playing field for companies – as no campaign is complete without a constant supply of fresh infographics.

So lets have an idea on what ways design work and its future.

Brighter Graphic Design choices

In order to cut through the huge amount of advertising and communication material bombarding everyone, there is a strong move towards bold, braver colour schemes and strong typography choices.Graphic design has a great future in the next couple of decades.

Mobile applications come first

Graphic designers are focusing on the increasing amounts of mobile-based marketing that companies need to do. Mobile-first design is coming – when traditional mediums for communication come second to making sure something works well with handheld technology.

Picture perfect

Incorporating photography into all design work is also a strong trend. The growth in online opportunities to post and share images is now evolving into the “story” age. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook’s mobile app all offer users the ability to create stories of their daily lives. Companies are already finding ways to exploit this to promote products. This may well include more use of cinemagraphs – still images with one moving element in them.

Authentic and green

Ironically, despite all this technological advancement, there is also a swing towards ethnic and authentic-looking graphics and icons. Graphics that look hand-drawn are increasingly common. Also, there is still a push towards showing off a brand’s affinity to its home planet too, with inspiration from nature featuring in many ad campaigns.

Unicorns and sprinkles

Have you noticed the current public obsession with all things related to unicorns? The public needs escapism from austere and worrying financial and political changes. So, pastel candy colours are popular, and anything with “sprinkles” too.To be sure of a graphic design qualification that keeps pace with the exciting developments in this sector, why not find out about our diploma in graphic design online course.

An excellent, interactive and personalised programme of study awaits – affordable and accessible to all (though no unicorns allowed sadly).

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December 23, 2020

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