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Top Four Courses to Take That will Improve Your Parenting Skills

Children don’t come with a manual.

Nobody starts as an experienced parent. It’s something that you learn along the way. And yet, with no training or experience, most parents do fairly well. Boosting your confidence as a parent can have benefits for you and your child. And, it might even lead to a career working with children.

Here are 4 courses worth taking as a parent, even if you’re not looking to boost your CV:

Paediatric First Aid

Accidents can happen.Whilst children are surprisingly sturdy, they also have an amazing ability to get into everyday scrapes. And, occasionally, even the most harmless household objects can be a hazard to children and teens. A course in Paediatric First Aid will give you the knowledge and confidence to act in an emergency. These are skills that all parents hope never to use, though many will have to at some point.

Diploma in Home Schooling and Online Education

The number of parents choosing to home school their children is growing at a rate of knots. In fact, between 2014 and 2017 it grew by 40%.

There are many reasons that parents are choosing to home school, rather than sending their children to state-funded or private institutions. Whatever your reasons, a Diploma in Home Schooling could help you to get started. You’ll learn why homeschooling is such a big decision and how to make that choice for yourself. You’ll also learn how to schedule your homeschooling day, and what records to keep for admin purposes.

Diploma in Autism

With an estimated 1 in 100 people being diagnosed as autistic, this is no rare condition. If you’re raising a child with additional needs, then the Diploma in Autism could be a valuable tool. Complete this course to learn about the autism spectrum and other associated conditions. Discover more about autistic behaviour, supporting your child, and even finding the best school to meet their needs.

Certified Baby Sleeping Guideline

Parenting doesn’t stop after sunset. In fact, those hours when your baby is asleep can be some of the most tense and stressful. Children can take hours to settle. Then, once they’re asleep, you worry about every breath.

The Certified Baby Sleeping Guideline course will help you to make your home safe and stress-free. Learn about baby sleeping bags and linens, how to get your baby to sleep using a variety of techniques, and how to reduce their risk of SIDS. This could be essential learning for any sleep-deprived parent!

October 15, 2019

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