Benefit of Learning Sports Exercise and Nutrition Course

You may find it hard to believe, but even some elite-level athletes don’t fully grasp the central role that food can play in their performance or training levels. A well-planned meal based on a deep understanding of the importance of sports and exercise nutrition can be vital for pre-competition preparation, recuperation or general fitness. The  Sports Exercise and Nutrition Course  is designed to give you the information you need to develop an understanding of the importance of nutrition for sports and exercise. Made up of eight lessons over a four-week period, it will give you a complete evidence-based analysis of the key concepts in sports nutrition.

Benefit of Learning Sports Exercise

The first lesson of the course lays the foundation of knowledge by looking at the importance of micronutrients and taking an overview of how energy and metabolism interrelate with nutrition in influencing levels of fitness. The following two lessons examine the influence of carbohydrates – the primary source of exercise fuel – protein and fats. These lessons will cover subjects ranging from recommended carbohydrate intakes to the role of essential amino acids.

Hydration is a vital component of proper sports nutrition and the fourth lesson of the course looks in detail at how hydration interacts with performance and considers various recommendations for the appropriate levels of hydration before and after workouts.

Lessons five and six address the important subjects of how much to eat and when to eat, focusing on the impact of eating schedules on recovery time and the immune system, as well as investigating the value of vitamins, minerals and sports supplements.

The final two lessons of the course deals with how to apply the knowledge you have gained. Lesson seven teaches you how to calculate your correct calorie intake based on your Resting Metabolic Rate while lesson eight deals with body composition and weight control, showing you how to gain muscle and lose weight over the long term.

Training in Sports and Exercise Nutrition is just one of the sought-after health courses offered by Alpha Academy all of which can help you to boost your career prospects, add to your professional qualifications and help you to develop a deeper understanding of personal health and fitness.  


May 16, 2022

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