The Benefits of Mindfulness Training

Benefits of Mindfulness Training you may have heard about mindfulness, it’s a bit of a trend recently and it’s becoming more and more popular.

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But what is it? And why would it help you?

Definition of mindfulness

Mindfulness is about living in the present, non judgmentally. So it’s about letting go of disruptive thoughts, slowing down, and just being in the moment. It’s often combined with meditation, breathing and movement exercises.

Sounds easy right? But it’s actually a lot harder than you think. As human beings living in this modern age we’re constantly connected to the world, and being bombarded with images and media. Our brains are busy constantly, and we never take time out to just ‘be’. We have to change the way we react to our thoughts, and that takes time and practice.

How can it help me?

Studies have shown that mindfulness helps reduce and even eliminate depression and anxiety. It’s also been proven to boost your immune system and your physical health.Practicing mindfulness brings a sense of calm and is also really good for building resilience at work or home, for example, if you’re going through a difficult time or a busy period.

Benefits of Mindfulness Training

How can I find out more?

Taking a health and wellness course is a really great place to start. This Mindfulness and Wellbeing course will give you an overview on what is mindfulness, and talks you through meditation and mindful practices. It also covers other aspects of well-being such as metabolism, wellness for mind, body and spirit and how where you live affects your wellness. If you’d rather do something specific on mindfulness, this Power of Mindfulness course covers how to rewire your brain, and helps you understand the benefits of meditation.

If you’re a yoga fan, or you’d like to try it, you might prefer to try a combined yoga and mindfulness course. This online course blends together learning about yoga, why it’s beneficial and some beginner positions, with more on mindfulness including a step by step to meditation section and the benefits of mindfulness meditation.


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February 15, 2023

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