Bring a Positive Change This New Year

New Year is that time of the year where the shops are full of colorful decorations and everybody is in a festive mood. Be it the most eye catching “lose weight” commercial or the trendy diet charts flowing around our heads, new year surely makes us think about bringing new changes to us and our surroundings. It’s a great time of the year. There are parties going on everywhere, jolly good music, wonderful food and warm wishes from the lovely people in the street.

Everyone is lively amongst New Year’s vibe; the collective understanding is filled with new ideas and a reflection about ourselves. Global Edulink is all about accepting change. We want you to be able to make an effective change in your life, which will help you accept and enjoy the New Year.

It is quite common amongst everyone to opt for achieving fitness as a new year resolution. In this guide, we have laid out few basic courses to help you give an idea as to how to proceed with new year resolutions.

Bring a positive change this New Year 2

How about a new look?

To stand out from the rest while attending workplace or a social gathering, or simply in general, one would need to dress significantly well. Many don’t realize the effect of dressing well. Not many gives it a thought. But there lies so much importance in a good dress up. The way you present yourself has a significant effect on all areas of your life. It works for confidence, strength, and the energy within. If this new year, you are thinking of overhauling your wardrobe, then you should look at our Fashion and Styling course. With the help of this fashion course, you will be able to enhance your style, and learn to work with various colours and prints. Always think of this course as your own personal guide to getting properly attired.

Looking for ways to be stress free?

Been done with last year’s problems? Want to start of the new year stress free? Yoga is one of the most advised way to kick-start a resolution. Our course focuses on mindfulness and yoga, both of which are practiced to lower stress and anxiety. You’ll learn it’s not just diet and exercise that keep us healthy, our mental health needs to be taken care of as well, and this course focuses on these two practices which significantly reduces anxiety as well as stress. Having able to relax by doing yoga has yielded sufficient mindfulness. Yoga helps you to take a path toward finding peace amongst a busy world. Yoga strengthens the body, reduces pain, and increases movement. There is no harm in trying.

Bring a positive change this New Year 3

Wanna deal with the extras?

Nobody likes to keep or gain extra fat in the body. As described in our courses, the key to losing weight is diet, and knowing how much or how often to eat. The course will begin with an introduction to the fundamental concepts behind nutrition, and then moves on to cover subjects such as diet and detox tips, how food can affect skin and hair health, how to plan a healthy meal plan, and which ingredients to use. If you want to get yourself in proper shape, losing weight is probably the best way to do it. And with this course as your personal guide, join the course now!

May 27, 2024

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